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Updated October 2, 2011 - 11:13 PM EDT
Was Obama's 'Kill Order' an Assassination?
  FBI, Security Officials Warn of Possible Retaliation Over Awlaki Killing
  US Drone Killing of Americans Prompts Legal, Moral Debate
Yemeni Jets Bomb Their Own Army Post, Kill 30
  Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh Refuses to Step Down
  Yemen Says 1,480 Protesters, Police Killed Since February
Anti-Gadhafi Tribes Clash in Two Libyan Locales
  Rebels Fearful of Islamist Takeover in Libya
  US General Sees End to Libya Mission
Afghan Haqqani Militant Haji Mali Khan Captured
  US Missiles Kill Pakistani Militant Commander
  Karzai Seeks Peace Talks With Pakistan, Not Taliban
More Than 700 Arrested in Wall Street Protest
Rick Perry: Drug War 'May Require Our Military in Mexico'
Due-Process-Free Assassination of US Citizens Is Now Reality  by Glenn Greenwald
America's Asymmetrically Politicized Military  by Justin Logan
Pentagon Aims at Target Pakistan  by Pepe Escobar
Am I a Threat to National Security?  by Justin Raimondo
Confronting American Empire  by Jack Hunter
The Absence of Evidence  by Chris Floyd

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Report: Obama Weighed Clemency for Pollard, but Biden Opposed Move
Anti-Terrorism Success May Not Help Obama in 2012
Yemen's al-Qaeda Remains Threat After Drone Strike
Summit Aims to Renew Push for Democracy East of EU
Report: Anthrax Antibiotics Pre-Position Plan Needed
US Soldier Found Not Guilty in Contractor Death
Libyan Family Killed Fleeing Gadhafi Hometown
Libya's NTC Says Will Call Two-Day Truce at Sirte
Libyan Fighters Say They've Surrounded Gadhafi's Hometown as Fighting Rages Inside Sirte
Rocket Kills Two Kids in Battle for Sirte
Red Cross Inside Sirte as Bombardment Continues
Landmark Turkish Passenger Flight Lands in Tripoli
Gunmen Escape With French Hostage Into Somalia
High Taxes May Have Worsened Famine and Hastened Al-Shabab Retreat From Mogadishu
Witness: Nigeria Sect Kills 2 at Wedding With Bomb
Nigeria Celebrates a Low-Key Independence Anniversary Amid Bombings and Sect Threats
Western Sahara Clash Exposes Tensions With Moroccans
Niger Frees 59 Youths Caught in al-Qaeda Crossfire
Cameroon: 50 Arrested in Independence March
Campaign for Tunisia's Landmark Elections for Assembly Kick Off
Zambia's President Replaces Anti-Corruption Chief
Afghan Intel Accuses Pakistan of Rabbani Murder
Gilani Urges Kabul to Stop Blame Game Over Rabbani's Murder
Stories From a Decade of Conflict
Afghans Rock at First Music Festival in 3 Decades
Bomb Hits Police Van in Khyber, Kills Three
Pakistan Unlikely to Replace Its Ally US With China, Analysts Say
Firing at Quetta Express Injures 6
Taliban Foiled in Osama Wife Plot
Musharraf Says He Will Return Next Year
Court Sentences Policeman to Death for Killing Liberal Governor
Pakistan Protests at Assassin's Death Sentence
China Wants Talks After Myanmar Halts Dam Project
Chinese Dissident Establishes Web School
Competing Confucius Award Bares Discord in China
North Korea Accuses South Over Propaganda Broadcasts
3 Killed in Philippine Military Helicopter Crash
Americans Still Dying
Longwood (FL) Soldier Killed in Iraq Leaves Wife, Infant Daughter
Family Remembers Madisonville (TN) Police Officer Killed in Afghanistan
Reno (NV) Army Sergeant Leaves Young Son, Expectant Wife
Valrico (FL) Army Lieutenant Leaves Behind Wife and Week-Old Daughter
Mother of Slain Idaho Soldier: 'He Is Going to Be Missed, So Missed'
Darlington (WI) Soldier Remembered as 'Fearless, Fun-Loving'
Cousins Describe Oklahoma City (OK) Guardsman as 'Always Smiling'
Fort Walton Beach (FL) Soldier Remembered by Friends
American Canyon (CA) Soldier Had Hoped for a Teaching Career
San Bernardino (CA) Fiancée, Family Mourns Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Weapon Malfunction Apparently Killed Edcouth (TX) Sergeant in Iraq, Wife Says
Scio (OH) Marine Described as 'A Little Guy, but His Heart Was Huge'
Marine From Clarksboro (NJ) Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Lawndale (CA) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
The Killing of Al-Awlaki
Was Killing al-Qaeda's YouTube Preacher Illegal?
Underwear-Bomb Maker Dead in Yemen Strike?
As the West Celebrates Awlaki's Death, the Mideast Shrugs
Obama: Anwar Al-Awlaki Death Is Major Blow for al-Qaeda
Yemen Strike Leaves Misfit Metalhead as al-Qaeda's Last American Voice
Yemen's President Claims Victory in Terrorism Fight
Yemen Official Decries US Call for Saleh to Quit
Three Soldiers Killed in Ongoing Battles With Al-Qaeda Militants in South Yemen
Yemeni Women's Rights Campaigner Warns of Islamists Behind the Uprising
Palestinians Intensify Steps for Statehood Bid in UN
Fatah Official Rejects Lengthy Peace Negotiations
Iran's Supreme Leader Lambasts Two-State Solution for Palestinians and Israel
Hamas: 'Resistance' Against Israel Is Only Option Left for Palestinians
Palestinian Authority Risks Funding Squeeze
Israeli Air Strike Wounds Three Palestinians in Gaza
Settlers Set Fire to West Bank Olive Groves: Witnesses
Netanyahu: Iran's Anti-Israel Stance Proves Our Need to Be Recognized as Jewish State
Palestinian Official: Mideast Quartet Envoy Tony Blair 'Useless'
Thousands of Israeli Arabs March to Commemorate October 2000 Riots
Leftists, Settlers Clash Near Jerusalem
Syria: Troops 'Retake Most of Rastan'
Homs Spirals Down Toward Civil War
Hamas Is 'Backing Protesters' Says Syria
Syrian Dissidents Meet in Istanbul
Egypt Military Proposes Schedule for Leaving Power
Tahrir Square Protests Aimed at Egypt's Military Leadership
Egypt Police Clear Tahrir Square of Protesters
Report: Egypt May Release Alleged Israel Spy Ilan Grapel
Eleven Iraqis Killed as Violence Centers on Diyala Province
Iraq Is Likely to Buy More F-16s After the First 18
Iraq Female Judge, a Pioneer Under Hussein, Still Presides
Middle East
Three Injured in Hand Grenade Blast in Lebanon
Convicted Bahraini Doctors, Nurses Urge UN Probe of Their Protest-Linked Prison Sentences
Report: Civic Support Group for Basque ETA Separatists Disbands in Spain
Cyprus President Says Offshore Gas Search to Carry on Despite Turkey's Protests
British Army Explosives Experts Defuse Live Bomb in Busy Area of Central Belfast
Mexico Navy Nabs Alleged Cartel Hit Man
2 Powerful Cartels Dominate in Mexico Drug War
Weekend Reviews
How the 'Great War' Began
Middle East Empire: The Prequel
The Longest War: the Enduring Conflict Between America and al-Qaeda
The Survival of North Korea
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