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Updated October 3, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Anti-Gadhafi Tribes Clash in Two Libyan Locales
  NATO: At Least 10,000 'Lost Missiles' in Libya
  Tripoli Gets New Militia, Apparent Rebuff to Islamists
  Family Members Killed as Civilians Flee Libya's Sirte
Israel’s Great Fear: Iran Might Act Like Them
  Israel to Demand Adjustment of Quartet Mideast Peace Plan
  Panetta Warns of Israeli Isolation
US Commanders: Most IEDs Traced to Pakistan
  Afghanistan Blames Pakistan for Another Failed Peace Process
State Dept. Bullies Congress on Budget Cuts
  GOP Hawks Sow Fear to Defend Military Spending

Uniformed Gunmen Kill 20 at Iraqi Govt Complex

  Sahwa Fighters Targeted in Baghdad Suburbs
  Eleven Iraqis Killed as Violence Centers on Diyala Province
Yemeni Jets Bomb Their Own Army Post, Kill 30
How the American Taxpayer Got Plucked in Iraq  by Peter Van Buren
Obama Wrong to Rub Out Al-Awlaki  by Matthew Rothschild
Obama Searches for Monsters to Destroy; Ron Paul Rejects Assassinating Americans  by John Nichols
From Arab Spring to Fall Revolution?  by Kevin Carson
Guantánamo: Military Commissions and the Illusion of Justice  by Andy Worthington
Is Iran Ready to Compromise?  by Robert Dreyfuss

More Viewpoints

UK Home Secretary: Scrap the Human Rights Act
Al-Awlaki Strike Did Not Kill Bomb Maker
Harman: Release Legal Memo on Drone Strike
Trial of Underpants Bomber Starts Today
CIA Operative Who Killed Pakistanis Charged in Parking Spot Fight
'Invisible Injuries' of War Will Be Felt for Decades
Afghanistan Halts Taliban Peace Initiative
Pakistan Govt. Committed to Making Peace With Taliban
Hundreds of Afghans Hold Anti-Pakistan Protest
Afghanistan, Pakistan Spar Over Peace Council Chief's Killing
Dreaded Militant Hit Squad Goes Rogue in Pakistan
In Kabul Bank Scandal, Little Money Recovered
'Threat' to Afghan Women's Rights, Say UK Charities
In Pakistan, a Pattern of Disappearances
Reports Say Tibetans Protest in Southwest China
Indonesia: Suspect Arrested Over Solo Church Bombing
Police Say Filipino Militants Free US Woman After 2 1/2 Months, Still Hold Son, Relative
In Thailand, a Campaign to Purify Internet of Royal Insults
Japan Eyes Private Firms' Help on Cyber Attacks: Report
Situation in Libya 'Dire': Red Cross
Officials: Cabinet for Emerging Libyan Government Finalized
Shortages 'Killing Patients' in Libya Siege Hospital
Libya to Question Gadhafi's Son, Says Niger Official
Gadhafi Son Denies Interpol Allegations
Outcry at 'Failed' Response to Kenya Kidnappings
UK Foreign Office Changes Kenya Travel Advice
19 Killed in Communal Clashes in North Nigeria
Armed Men Gun Down Puntland Soldiers in Central Somalia
State Media: Morocco Dismantles New Militant Cell
Syrian Army Battles Defectors in Rebel Town as 11 More Protesters Killed
Syria to US Ambassador: Shut Up
Syrian Dissidents Form Council, Hope to Win Greater International Support
Arab League Says Will Fund Palestinians After US Cuts Aid
Abbas Aide Urges Quartet to Press for Israeli Settlement Halt
Knesset Speaker to Biden: Show Clemency, Release Jonathan Pollard at Once
Left-Wing Activists Hurt in Clash With West Bank Settlers
Egypt Parties Retract Boycott Threat After Army Concessions
US Met With Egypt Islamists: US Diplomat
Eleven Iraqis Killed as Violence Centers on Diyala Province
Iraq to Play Its World Cup Qualifying Matches in Qatar Due to Safety Concerns
Middle East
I Was Tortured in Bahrain Police Cell, Says One of the Doctors Jailed for 15 Years
Erdogan Accuses German Foundation of Funding PKK
Saudi Arabia Tries Seven al-Qaeda-Linked Suspects: Report
Kosovo Serb Shot Dead by Albanians, Says Mayor
Spain Judge Frees 5 Suspected of Financing Terror
Germany: 4 Arrested Ahead of Unity Festivities
Belarus Opposition Candidate Freed From Prison
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