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Updated October 6, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
Secret Panel Can Order Americans Assassinated
  Partisan Dispute on Gitmo Hides Consensus on Detention Policy
10 Years In: Will Afghan War Ever End?
  'Al-Qaeda' Terror Cell in Kabul Broken Up, Afghan Officials Say
  Afghan Civilians Bear the Brunt of Failing 10-Year War
  Pakistan Fumes as Karzai Improves Ties With India
Panetta: Libya Shows Need for More Military Money
  Benghazi Hopes to Trade Military Victory for Power
  Italy DM: NATO 'Practically' Done Bombing Libya
Protesters Gather at Freedom Plaza, March on DC
Poll: Vets Say Iraq, Afghan Wars Weren't Worth It

Obama OKs Aid to Militaries Using Child Soldiers

Iranian Pilgrims Among Latest Casualties in Iraq
Bahrain Allows Retrial for Convicted Medics
America's War in the Philippines Continues
The Dangerous Allure of Washington Hero Worship  by Fred Branfman
Raymond Davis: The World Is His War Zone  by Amy Davidson
Four Thoughts on the Anwar Al-Awlaki Assassination  by Julian Sanchez
Empire and the Destruction of America  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Once Upon a Time in Westphalia  by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Trapped in Guantanamo  by Joseph Margulies

More Viewpoints

Did Ahmadinejad Really Say Israel Should Be 'Wiped Off the Map'? No.
Justice Dept. Official: Muslim 'Juries' Threaten 'Our Values'

Arab Art as an Early Indicator of Revolution

Judge OKs Secret Evidence for CIA Leak Trial

Video: NYPD Officer Uses Baton to Beat Protesters

Ron Paul: US Could Target Journalists for Killing


Karzai Reaches Out to Pakistan Over India Pact

Afghans Say Karzai Assassination Plot Foiled

Pakistani Panel Quizzes bin Laden's Family


Turkey Vote OKs Strikes on Kurds in Iraq

3 US Soldiers Indicted in Death of Spanish Journalist

Israeli Politician Tzipi Livni to Finally Visit Britain After Change in War Crimes Law
US Urges UNESCO Members to Vote Against Full Palestinian Membership
Lebanese Minister Says Israel Killed Its Own Soldiers in 2006 Raid

Turkey PM: Israeli Nukes Pose Threat

British Defense Minister Criticizes Blair Over Mideast Role

Teachers' Protest Closes Gaza's UN Schools

Israel Dismisses Deputy Envoy to US Over Media Leak


Senate Eyes Thursday Vote on China Currency Bill

Norway's Salmon Rot as China Takes Revenge for Dissident's Nobel Prize

US Paratroops Stage Massive Jump in Germany

Spain Will Host US Ships for Missile Defense Plan

Germany Reopens Hundreds of Nazi Probes


Mexico Says a Leader of Fading Cartel Caught

Terms of Cuban Spy Release Irritate US-Cuba Ties


Once Allies Against Gadhafi, Now Fight in New Libya

Libya Seeks $6 Billion in Sanctions Debts

Volunteers Care for Sick Animals at Gadhafi's Menagerie

Geographic Divide Shows in Libya Fighters as Some Try to Prevent Looting of Gadhafi Tribe

On the Run, Gadhafi Leaves Few Footprints

Gadhafi's Legacy in Africa: 'Madman or God?'


Don't Meddle: Russia's Warning in Syria Veto

Syrian Woman Thought Dead Appears to Be Alive

Troops Sweep Into Town, as Syria Hails UN Veto

Middle East

Saudi Forces Pull Out of Shia Trouble Spots

Tunisian Leader to the West: Do Not Fear Islamists

Two Killed in Yemen Bombing

Despite Death of Awlaki, US-Yemen Relations Strained

Ex-UN Inspector Dismisses Worry of Iranian Nuclear Weapon

Egypt Army Says Won't Propose Presidential Candidate

Egyptian Columnists Protest Military Censorship

United States

Judge: Terrorist Can Sue Over Prison Restrictions

FBI Training Document Links Muslims to Nazism

Fishing Crew Details Mistaken Attack by US Navy Destroyer Off North Carolina

Somalia Bombing a 'Wake-Up Call,' Say Experts

Somali Militants Vow to Up Attacks After Bombing

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