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Updated October 10, 2011 - 11:29 PM EDT
General: Britain Won't Leave Afghanistan in 2015
  NATO: 2 More Service Members Die in Afghanistan
23 Killed as Egyptian Troops Attack Christians

US to Google: Hand Over WikiLeaks Supporters' Email

Antiwar Protesters to Overstay Permit in DC's Freedom Plaza
  Assange, Jemima Khan Lead Afghanistan Protest in London

String of Blasts in Iraq Capital Kills at Least 10

Israeli Military Warns Against Budget Cuts
  Israeli Officials Condemn Attacks on Christian, Muslim Graves
Libya: Fighting in Sirte Reaches City's Center
  Libyan Islamist Demands Role for 'Moderate' Islam
Syria Warns Nations Not to Recognize Opposition Council
Yemen's Saleh Aims to Remain in Power Until Next Year
Scientists' Analysis Disputes FBI Closing of Anthrax Case
Death From Afar: The Unaccountable Killing of Al-Awlaqi  by Andy Worthington
Journalism 101: If a US Official Says It, Report It  by Charles Davis
Secrecy: Making America Dumber and Less Democratic?  by Scott Horton
Obama's Death Panel  by Bruce Ackerman
The More Enemies, the More Honor  by Uri Avnery
US Force Can't End Oppression of Afghan Women  by Malou Innocent

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Fast and Furious Weapons Were Found in Mexico Cartel Enforcer's Home
Marine Recruiters Reach Out at CA Gay Pride Event
Bomb Hoaxes Delay Voting in Polish Elections
Underwear-Bomber Trial Set to Begin With Abdulmutallab Representing Himself
Iran Issues Warning to Turkey on Its Pro-US Position
Libya Oil Chief Sees Prewar Output in 15 Months
Report: Gadhafi Nephew Arrested in Sirte
Tunisia Police Use Tear Gas on Islamist Protesters
Tunisian Police Stop Hardliner Attack on TV Station
Tunisia's Islamists Back Moderate Form of Sharia Law
Sudans Set Deadlines to Resolve Outstanding Disputes
In Rare Rally, Somalis Aim at Militants
Two Fuel Tankers Torched on Pakistan-Afghanistan Border
Ousted Afghan Lawmaker's Hunger Strike Extends Parliamentary Paralysis
China's Hu Urges Unification With Rival Taiwan
China Marks Century-Old Revolution Amid Controversy
Putin's China Visit Watched for Strategic Signals
13 Tibetan Anti-China Protesters Detained in Indian Capital

Dalai Lama: China Is Built on Lies, Run by Hypocrites

2 Blasts Wound at Least 11 in Southern Philippines
Mao-Cap-Wearing Philippine Communist Rebel Is Dead
Three Killed in Sri Lanka Election Violence
At India-Bangladesh Border, Living in Both, and Neither
PM Urges Self-Restraint After Egypt Clashes
Egypt Generals Ban Using Religious Slogans in Vote
Protesters Storm 3 of Syria's Diplomatic Missions
Syrian Activist's Son Urges Protest
Jewish Settlers Clash With Palestinian Farmers
In Israel, Jewish Extremists Suspected in Spreading Wave of Violence Against Religious Sites
Gazans Rally for Palestinian Prisoners
Despite Tensions, Israel Sends Condolences to Erdogan Over Death of Mother
Iraq Postpones Demilitarizing Cities
2 Assassination Attempts in Baghdad
Iraq Rumaila Oilfield to Resume Output 2 Days After Repair
Iraq Calls on Sweden Not to Deport Iraqis by Force
Middle East
Iran Calls Wall Street Protests 'American Spring'
Bahrain King Stresses National Unity, GCC Integration
The War at Home
FBI to Launch Nationwide Facial Recognition Service
TSA Announces Advanced Imaging Technology Deployments at 29 US Airports
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