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Updated October 11, 2011 - 11:09 PM EDT

US: Iran Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy - With Mexican Cartel

UN Report: Torture Is Systemic in Afghan Prisons
Iraq May End US Military Ties in December
  Bombs Leave Dozens Killed or Wounded in Baghdad

Yemeni al-Qaeda Confirms Deaths of US Citizens

At Least 17 NTC Troops Killed in Attack on Libya City
US, UN to 'Voice Support' for Saleh to Step Down
NATO Slams Pakistan on Border Control
African Union Says Shabaab Ousted From Mogadishu
Kosovo MP Statement Condemns Ethnic Serbs
Egypt Copts Condemn Junta After Weekend Killings

Israel, Hamas Reach Shalit Prisoner Exchange Deal


Israeli Settlers Continue 'Price-Tag' Rampage

US to Google: Hand Over WikiLeaks Supporters' Email
Huntsman Would Consider Preemptive Iran Strike

Cain Tells Ahmadinejad 'Make My Day,' Perry Threatens Mexico

Could Congress's Anti-Palestinian Turn Be Good News for Palestine?  by Daniel Levy
The Real Story of How Israel Was Created  by Alison Weir
Afghanistan: Ten Years of Aimless War  by Eric Margolis
A Dangerous Precedent  by Rep. Ron Paul
A Strike Against Govt. Tracking You  by Nat Hentoff
The Israeli Govt. Is Fooling You  by Akiva Eldar

More Viewpoints

Afghan War at 10: Unhappy Anniversary
by Neta C. Crawford & Catherine Lutz

Brown University Study Examines Cost of War on Terror

Was Man Accused of Post-9/11 Anthrax Attacks Innocent?

US Crime Predicting Technology Tests Draw Minority Report Comparisons

What Happens When Everyone Else Starts Using Drones?

Rasmussen: NATO Must Learn to Do More With Less


NATO Criticizes Pakistan on Terror Fight

Special Ops, CIA First In, Last Out of Afghanistan

Execution Video Shows Afghan Tribal Justice Still Enforced

Czech Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan in July Dies


Iran Frees Two Held Over Alleged BBC Ties

Iran Gives Opposition Chief Break From House Arrest

Iran Nuclear Site Draws Defiant Aura From Namesake


Hamas Sets Gaza Entry Restrictions for Foreigners

Israel Permits More Egyptian Soldiers Into Sinai

Palestinian Killed in Gaza Blast


Taiwan Urges China to Respect Freedom on Centenary

Myanmar Likely to Free Political Prisoners

North Korea Notches Up Cult Around 'Illustrious' Son

Americas/Drug War

Mexico: Marines Kill 11, Nab 36, Find 4 Tons of Marijuana

Mexico Town's Police Force Held for Investigation

Cuba Won't Unilaterally Free American

Florida's Key West Authorized to Offer Cuba Flights

Combat Between Colombian Military and FARC Kills 18


NATO Officer Says Gadhafi Loyalists' Resilience Surprising

Gadhafi Loyalists Find No Room for Dissent

Libyan Official: Gadhafi May Be Hiding in Desert

Gunmen Attack Mosque in Tripoli

Militia Hands Over Tripoli Airport to Government


Clashes Kill 31 in Syria, EU Hails Opposition Body

Syria: UN Veto Not a 'Blank Check,' Russian Official Says

Top Syria Cleric Threatens Attacks on US, EU if They Intervene

Syrian Activist's Son Urges Protest

Assad's Alawites: The Guardians of the Throne

Middle East

Cairo Violence Tests Military Leadership

Bahrain Begins Reform Steps Snubbed by Opposition

Who Are Tunisia's Political Parties?

Arab Bloggers Meet in Post-Revolution Tunisia

Yemen: Thousands of Women Demonstrate, Dozens Injured


Darfur Camps Targeted by Random Attacks

Somalia Launches Offensive Against Al-Shabaab Forces in North Mogadishu

Blasts Kill 2 in Restive Northeast Nigeria City


EU Tightens Belarus Sanctions After Warsaw Summit Walkout

Electronic Surveillance Scandal Hits Germany

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