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Updated October 18, 2011 - 11:19 PM EDT
Israeli Soldier Shalit, Palestinians Freed in Swap

Foreign Service Officer Disciplined Over WikiLeaks

US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama Doubles Bush Total
  Karzai Seeks Answers for Deadly NATO Raid on Afghan Home
Impasse: US Says No Breakthrough in Iraq Talks

Baghdad Blast Kills 7 Iraqis

Uganda Latest in Long-Standing Policy of Escalation

US Officials Peddle False Intel to Back Iran Plot Claims
Libya's NTC Forces Capture Bani Walid
At Least 18 Killed, 30 Wounded in Yemen Fighting
9 Pakistani Soldiers, 14 Taliban Killed in Clashes
At Least 41 Killed as Clashes Escalate in Syria

US Army to Fly Tiny 'Kamikaze' Assassination Drones

Alleged Plot Weakens Claims of Iran's Sway in Latin America  by Charles Davis
Obama Shrinks Martin Luther King at Memorial Dedication  by Matthew Rothschild
Panetta's Frenzied Rhetoric Is Not Stopping the Decay of US Forces  by Winslow T. Wheeler
America's Foreign Dictatorship  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Herman Cain Thinks You're the Enemy Within  by Conor Friedersdorf
Neither Security nor Democracy Comes From a Gun  by Coleen Rowley

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Anwar Al-Awlaki's Family Speaks Out Against His Son's Death

FBI's DNA Database Upgrade Plans Come Under Fire

Soldiers Say It's Hard to Return to Civilian Life

Does Constitution Allow Lying About Military Heroism?

Slide Show: The 8 Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists


Taliban Cracks Afghanistan's Fortress

Failed Peace Council Dashes Hopes Afghans Can Achieve Reconciliation

Afghan Provincial Intel Chief Targeted in Bombing

Military Fielding Small Robots in Afghanistan to Protect Troops

US: Taliban Showing Weakness in South Afghanistan

Investigation: Army Platoon Was 'Out of Control' in Afghanistan

Restored Citadel Is Symbol of Hope in Afghanistan

Pakistan Wants Afghan Action on Taliban Cleric

Pakistani Boy Describes Escape From the Taliban

Gurkha Who Beheaded Taliban Soldier in Afghanistan Battle Cleared to Return to Duty

Mosul Celebrates US Forces Withdrawal

Sadr Returns From Iran


Prominent Palestinian Prisoners to Be Freed

Hamas Success May Push Abbas Further Down UN Path

Gazans Prepare for Return of Prisoners

Rabbi: Israeli Troops Should Kill, Not Capture, After Prisoner Swap
Plan for Settling Thousands More Jews in Israeli-Annexed Part of Jerusalem Clears Key Hurdle

US, Philippine Marines Begin Drills Near Disputed Spratlys

Chinese Succession Highlights Military's Role

China Police Fire on Tibetans, Nun Burns to Death: Group

South Korean Youth Grow Wary of Unification


Mexico Army Frees 61 Kidnap Victims in Coahuila

Chile Military Drafts Thousands, Blames Students


US Warship Visits Georgia Despite Russia Anger

Russia Denies New Facility in Serbia Is for Spying


Hospital Is a Casualty of Libyan War

UK Embassy Reopens in Tripoli

US Debated Cyberwarfare Against Libya

Ex-Gadhafi Tuareg Fighters Boost Mali Rebels

Libyans Struggle to Control Flow of Information, Reflecting Disorganization Among the Ranks

Analysis: Libya Oil Fields Face Guerrilla War Threat

Middle East

Family: Jailed Bahrain Shi'ite Leader Gravely Ill

Mubarak Sons Have $340m in Swiss Banks, Officials Say

In Crowded Cairo Quarter, Islamists Try to Seize Mantle of Revolution

Lebanon Tribunal Asks for Hariri Trial in Absentia

Jordan's King Abdullah Sacks Cabinet, Replaces Prime Minister


Iran: US Plot Allegations Resemble Iraq WMD Claims

Iran Ready to 'Investigate' Assassination Charges

Iran's Nuclear Program Suffering New Setbacks

UN: Reports of Human Rights Abuses in Iran on Rise


Nigeria's Boko Haram Accused of Killing MP Modu Bintube

Somali Militants Threaten Suicide Attacks in Kenya

United States

Iran Hikers Show Support for Occupy Movement

Assange: WikiLeaks Defection Reports False, Group Helped Inspire Occupy Wall Street

Campaign China-Bashing Obscures Real Problems

Gingrich Says Iran and North Korea Regimes Must Be Destroyed

Cain: Only Preemptive Strike Can Stop Iran

Policy on KIA Bracelets Stokes Marines' Fury

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