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Updated October 20, 2011 - 11:27 PM EDT
Moammar Gadhafi Slain, but How?

Gadhafi's Killing Spares West 'Awkward' Trial


Video Shows Libya's Gadhafi Was Captured Alive


Gadhafi Body Being Taken to Secret Location: NTC Official

NATO Says 115 Militants Killed in E. Afghanistan

2 NATO Soldiers Among 10 Killed in Afghanistan

37 Killed as Pakistan Reports Fight With Militants

US Officials Flock to Pakistan for More Haqqani Talks


Pakistan Army Chief Tells US: Focus on Afghanistan

Pentagon: IED Use Soaring Worldwide
New Drone Can Be Stored in Soldiers' Backpacks
Philippines Won't Retaliate After Rebels Kill 19
Yemen's Saleh Slams Calls to Resign
Syrian Troops Kill 8 Defectors on Lebanon Border
Turkey Enters Iraq After Kurds Kill 26 Soldiers
  Four Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded in New Violence
Americans Pay Dearly to Maintain Israel's Nuclear Secrets  by Grant F. Smith
Obama Drones Kill Citizens: Where's the Law?  by Nat Hentoff
Family Values: The Roman Rigor of Obama's Death Squad  by Chris Floyd
How Liberals Buy Into Stupid Wars  by Paul R. Pillar
An American Teenager in Yemen  by Amy Davidson
A Saudi-Iranian Cold War Takes Shape  by Rami G. Khouri

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Senators Want Commission to Consider Overseas Base Closings

China-Bashing Nothing New

What's the CIA Doing at NYPD? Depends Whom You Ask

White House Won't Add Any More Detainees to Guantánamo, Lawyer Says

Russia Talks Tough in Missile Shield Dispute


Clinton Arrives in Afghanistan

Afghan Security to Cost $5 Billion a Year After Pullout

Ousted Afghan Lawmaker Breaks Hunger Strike

American Spy Drones Swarm in Droves Over Afghanistan

British Afghan Campaign 'On Track'

France Begins Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan


Sadr: US Trainers OK After 'Full Withdrawal'

Sadr Called for Stern Stand Against Kuwait

As US Withdraws, Baghdad Eyes Checkpoints

Four Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded in New Violence

Somali, Kenyan Forces Eye Rebel Stronghold as Hostage Dies

Philippines Apologizes to China Over Sea Accident Near Disputed Islands

Taiwan Opposition: China Peace Accord Will Hurt Island

China: Dalai Lama Stance on Suicides Is Terrorism

US Plans Talks, New Envoy to N. Korea

Vietnam Hotel Discovers Jane Fonda Bunker

US Issues Travel Alert for Citizens in India

Myanmar Exiles in India Uneasy as Countries Warm Ties


Army, Muslim Rebels Clash in Philippine South, 19 Dead

Thousands Flee After Troops, Rebels Clash in Philippines

6 More Filipino Soldiers Found Dead After Clash


Day One of Freedom for Mideast Swap Club

Hamas: Israel to Free Old, Sick

UNSC May Vote on Palestinian Statehood in Early November


In Egypt, Corruption Cases Had an American Root

Egypt's Moussa Fears Anarchy if Transition Drags

Egypt's Gray Economy Swells in Post-Mubarak Turmoil

Middle East

Libya Forces Relaunch Sirte Assault After Setback

10 Killed in Syrian Protests; Huge Pro-Assad Rally

On Syrian Frontier, Turks Bemoan Soured Ties

Senior Army Officer, 8 Soldiers Held Hostage by Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Lebanese Imam Charged for Collaborating With Israel

Two Weeks in Bahrain's Military Courts

Iran Prosecutor to Gather Evidence of US 'Crimes'

Analysis: Kurdish Attack on Turkey to Set Off New Cycle of Bloodshed
United States

FBI: Passenger Swearing on Flight Likely Not Terrorism

Army's Housing Budget Busters Include German Mansion Renovation

4 Marine Combat Deaths Under Investigation

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