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Updated October 24, 2011 - 11:16 PM EDT
Iraqis Eager to See US Troops Leave
  Panetta: US Will Keep Large Numbers of Troops Around Iraq
  US Candidates, Officials Line Up to Condemn Leaving Iraq
Libya’s NTC Announces Islamic 'Liberation'
  Calls for Probe as Gadhafi Autopsy Completed
Panetta Vows Stronger US Presence in Pacific
US Drones Join Kenya, AU Attacks on Somalia
UN Torture Investigator Says Access to Manning Denied

WikiLeaks Suspends Publishing to Fight Financial Blockade

US Ambassador to Syria Flees Amid Threats to Safety

The War in Libya Is Still a Failure  by Daniel Larison
Supporting Torturers Against Torturers  by Nicholas Kramer
Switching Focus from Iraq to Iran  by Ray McGovern
Welcome to the New America  by Dr. Brian Phillips
Everybody's Son  by Uri Avnery
The Neocons Never Left  by Justin Logan

More Viewpoints

CIA Kidnapped, Tortured 'The Wrong Guy,' Says Former Agency Operative
FBI: Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch of the Military
Panetta's Pentagon, Without the Blank Check
Ex-Blackwater Guards Appeal to Supreme Court
Graham: Obama's Iraq, Afghan Policies 'Being Run Out of Chicago'
Republicans on the Mideast
Bachmann to Iraq: Reimburse US
John McCain: Could It Be Time to Intervene in Syria?
Bachmann: US Got 'Kicked Out' of Iraq
Paul: US Likely to Keep Presence in Iraq
Clinton Warns Iran, Iraq Arrests Ba'ath Party Members, but Attacks Continue Across Iraq
Iraq Can Deal With Iran-Backed Militants: Panetta
Six Countries Picked to Supply Iraq With Arms, Says Lawmaker
16 Members of Iraq's Former Ruling Ba'ath Party Detained
Iraq Homecomings Take on New Meaning
Syria's Al-Assad Replaces Governors in Two Flashpoint Provinces
Syria Crisis: Iran's Ahmadinejad Criticizes Killings
EU Leaders Threaten Iran and Syria With More Sanctions
Iran Lawmakers Target Two Ahmadinejad Ministers
Syria Urged to Meet Arab League Efforts 'Positively'
Syria's President Seeks AU Support Amid Protests
Middle East
Israeli Opposition Criticizes Prisoner Swap Deal
Three Killed in Yemen Violence
Bahrain Retrial for Medics Moves to Civilian Court
Potential New Saudi Crown Prince Seen as Hard-Line but Pragmatic
Jordan Islamists Turn Down Offer to Join Cabinet
11 Israeli Planes Violate Lebanese Airspace in 2 Days
Blair: Arab Spring May Endanger Mideast Peace Process
Activists Seek International Charges Against Mexico's President
Argentine President Wins Landslide Re-Election
The War at Home
ROTC Programs Return to Ivy League Universities
Science Fiction-Style Sabotage a Fear in New Hacks
How the US Navy Is Making Its Virginia-Class Subs Even More Deadly
US Backs Probe Into Circumstances of Gadhafi Death
Fighters Encircle Gadhafi Son's Presumed Refuge: NTC
Libya's Image 'Stained' by Gadhafi Death: UK Defense Secretary
Moussa Koussa Allegedly Oversaw Torture
Al Shabaab Leader Welcomes the Killing of Gadhafi
Tunisia's Landmark Election Draws High Turnout
Top Contenders in Tunisia's Election
Tunisia Vote Could Shape Religion in Public Life
Somalia: Suicide Bomber Wounds 2 AU Peacekeepers
Suspected Grenade Blast in Nairobi Wounds 13
Moroccans Protest Polls, Violence in the Capital
Spanish, Italian Aid Workers Abducted in Algeria
Indian Military Helicopter Breaches Pakistan Airspace, Forced Down
Clinton Confirms US Contact With Haqqani Network
Fair Elections Not Possible Under Zardari: Shahbaz
Afghan Interior Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt
Unmanned Cargo Helos Ready for War Zone
Kabul Street Children Struggle to Survive
Panetta Praises China on Taiwan Arms Reaction
Chinese Leader Urges Ally North Korea to Improve Ties With US, South Korea
Tibetan Monk's Suicide Try Seen in Leaked Video
US, Filipino Marines Hold Drill Near Disputed Area
US-North Korea Talks Gear Up in Geneva
Panetta to Focus on Military Ties With Indonesia
Military Data Possibly Stolen in Mitsubishi Heavy Hacking: Asahi
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland: Three Held Over Campsie, Omagh Petrol Bomb Murder Bid
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