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Updated October 28, 2011 - 11:26 PM EDT
Dire Warnings on Defense Cuts Don't Pass Muster
  Congress Trying to Scuttle Panel's Legal Obligation to Cut Defense
  US Maintains Major Lead Over Russia in Nuclear Capacity
40 Killed as Anti-Govt Syrians Seek No-Fly Zone
  Syria Defectors Wage Attacks With Cover From Turkey
24 Pakistanis Killed in Multiple US Drone Strikes
  Afghan Insurgents Launch Attacks on US Bases
  US General: Pakistani Troops Aiding Militants in Afghan Attacks
New US Drone Base in Ethiopia is Operational
  Drones, Cash, and Advisers: US Escalates Military Role in Africa
NATO, UN End Mission in Libya
  Gadhafi Killer Faces Prosecution: Libyan Interim Government
  Israeli Officials Fear Libya Weapons Winding Up in Gaza
White House Denies Being 'Aloof' in Iraq Talks
  Iraqi Province Declares Autonomy as Dozens Killed, Hurt in Baghdad
Gunman Fires at US Embassy in Bosnia
Top Romney Adviser Tied to Militant Atrocities
Congress Hears Calls to Escalate Covert War Against Iran
Post-Election Violence in Central Tunisia After Islamist Win
US Considering Afghan Ceasefire?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Real Wimps Go to Tehran Via Baghdad  by Pepe Escobar
Pentagon Game to Divide Iranians and Arabs  by Sharmine Narwani
Stoking Nationalism in Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
Understanding the US Torture State  by Anthony Gregory
Assassinating Children  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Occupy Oakland Protester to Undergo Brain Surgery After Police Attack
Janet Napolitano: Hackers Have 'Come Close' to Major Cyberattack
Assange to Learn Fate of Extradition Fight Next Week
Assange Lawyers Admit Sex 'May Have Been Disturbing'
Gadhafi's Family Reportedly Will Sue NATO for War Crimes
Gadhafi's Hometown of Sirte Now Largely Uninhabitable by War's Final Battle
Libya Rebels Said to Find Gadhafi Tie in Plot Against Iraq
Sudan Armed Libyan Rebels, Says President Bashir
Video Suggests Gadhafi Sexually Assaulted Before Death
Brutalized With a Knife: Attack on Gadhafi's Anus Casts Dark Shadow on Libya's Rebirth
Gadhafi Loyalist Injured in Custody of Revolutionaries
Injured Libyan Fighters to Receive Medical Care in the US
Gadhafi Son Surrender Would Pose Challenges to ICC
Official: Gadhafi's Spy Chief in Mali, Son on Way
Militant Attack Near Kenya-Somalia Border Kills 4

Islamist Militants Rally Against Kenya

Official: Al-Shabab Leaders Contact Kenyan Government to Negotiate
Tunisia Frees Former Libyan Prime Minister: Lawyer
Defense Lawyers in Morocco Bombing Trial Say Prosecution's Case Lacks Evidence
Pakistan Military Denies BBC Report on Taliban Links
Militants Not Only Ones Killed in US Drone Attacks: Imran
In House Testimony, Clinton Asks for Patience on Afghanistan, Pakistan
Rare Taliban Praise for Pakistan's Maulana Abdul Ghani
Pakistan 'Out of Loop' on Afghan Peace Process
Journalist Daniel Smith Released by PM Maliki
Pak-China Joint Military Exercise Next Month
Embassy: McChrystal to Visit Afghanistan
Pentagon Chief Doubts North Korea Will Give Up Nukes
Leftist Wins Seoul Mayoral Race: How It Could Alter South Korea's Ties With North Korea
China Welcomes Taiwan President's Peace Proposal
Philippine Troops Seize Rebel Camp in Fierce Attack
Indonesia Cuts Jail Term of Cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir
US Military
Defense Companies Post Profits Despite Sales Pressure
Air Force Gives Lockheed Martin Millions to Fix Busted Lockheed Martin Plane
New Army Trucks May Cost $350,000 Each: GAO
Gay and Lesbian Service Members Sue Government
Army Corps Wants $1 Billion to Repair Flood Damage
Three Marines Court-Martialed for Hazing Marine Who Killed Himself
Last of Chemical Weapons Stored in Oregon Depot Burned
Syrian Troops Plant Mines Along Border With Lebanon: MP
Amnesty Slams 'Repression' at Syrian Hospitals
Death of 8 Syrians in Yemen Military Plane Crash Sparks Controversy
Israeli MP, Protesters Demand Pardons for Anyone Who Killed an Arab
Israel, Palestinians Agree on Step Toward New Talks
Wiesenthal Museum Not So Tolerant, Archaeologists Say
Palestinian Reconciliation Back on the Table
Suspected Right-Wing Extremists Uproot 20 Olive Trees Belonging to Jerusalem Arab Family
Intelligence Officers Meet With Shalit's Parents
In the Holy Land, a Changed Christian World
Quartet on Mission Impossible in Mideast Logjam
Iraqi Province Declares Autonomy as Dozens Killed, Wounded in Baghdad
Iraqi Government Finally Accounts for $6 Billion Worth of Lost Cash
UN Pays Out Another $1 Billion From Iraqi Oil Fund
Two Journalists, One American, Arrested in Basra
Mutlaq Shoulders Maliki Responsibility of Announcing New Federal Regions
Date Set for Military Post Office Closures in Iraq
Middle East
Yemeni Forces Kill 5 Fighters in Militant Controlled Towns in Rebellious South
Clinton: US Confused by 'Power Struggle' in Iran
American-Israeli Citizen Freed by Egypt in Prisoner Swap
Bahrain Shura Council Member's Home Attacked
Prince Naif Named Saudi Crown Prince
Arab Spring Activists Awarded Europe's Sakharov Prize
Kosovo Serbs Lift Some Roadblocks, NATO Wants All Gone
Czech Soldiers End Kosovo Mission in Next Week
Georgia OKs Swiss Plan in WTO Talks With Russia Over Breakaway Republics
Lawyers for al-Qaeda Suspect File Suit in European Human Rights Court
Mexico Nabs Drug Cartel Finance Operator, 2 Americans With $950,000
Wanted Drug Lord, Grows Stronger in Mexico's Sierra Madre
Uruguay Lawmakers Revoke Dirty War Amnesty
The War at Home
Republicans Push Military Trials for Terrorism Suspects
ACLU in Court to Hold Officials Accountable for Torture of Padilla
Romney Taps Foreign Policy, National Security Advisers
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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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