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Updated November 10, 2011 - 11:16 PM EST
Israeli Officials: ElBaradei Is Secret Iranian Agent
  IAEA's 'Soviet Nuclear Scientist' Never Worked on Weapons 

Israel Postpones Dismantling Illegal Settlements

  White House Downplays G20 Microphone Incident

At Least 33 More Killed in Syria Violence

  US Tells Syrians Not to Accept Amnesty
Dead Troops Dumped in Landfill, Air Force Admits

Millions of Iraqi Widows Endure Daily Struggle

  Turkey Used Chemical Weapons on PKK, Activists Say
70 Taliban Killed in Attack on Afghan NATO Base
Egyptians Anxious About Prolonged Military Rule
NATO Destroys Kosovo Roadblock, But Serbs Rebuild
Zardari Promised US He Would 'Eradicate' Haqqanis
Colonialism in Weapons Inspectors' Clothing  by Patrick Hayes
The IAEA Report on Iran: Alarming or Hyped?  by Muhammad Sahimi
Congress Acts Correctly to Rebuff FOIA Changes  San Antonio Express
A Glimpse Inside Iran's Nukes  by Trita Parsi
Obama to Aid Uzbek Dictatorship  by Stephen Zunes
Why Are 'Others' Always Guilty of Torture?  by Tobias Kelly

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Holder Insists on Flexibility to Use 'All Power' in Terror War

Why the White House Is Not on the War Path Over Iran

Ex-US Attorney Admits Leaking 'Fast and Furious' Document to Smear Whistleblower

Cost to House a Captive at Guantánamo Bay Is $800,000


UN Boosting Cooperation With Afghans

With an Eye on 2014, India Steps Up Afghan Role

Mullah Omar Has Never Been in Pakistan, Says Musharraf


Iraq PM Calls for Baath Party 'Repentance'

Mosul's Mayor Escapes Assassination

In Iraq, US Turns to More Private Contractors

The Daily Struggle of Iraq's Widows of War


Festive Season Highlights Deprivation in Gaza

Palestinians, Resigned to Defeat in UN Bid for Recognition, Turn to Backup Plan

West Bank Palestinian Cars Torched in 'Price Tag' Attack

Hacking Palestine: A Digital Occupation

Hague: UK to Abstain on UN Palestinian Vote

UNESCO Eyes Emergency Fund, Savings to Counter US Cuts

Blast Hits Gas Pipeline Between Egypt, Jordan, Israel

Netanyahu: Hero at Home, Pariah Abroad


US Rails at Venezuela on Drug Trafficking, Warns Dominican Republic

Torture Surges in Mexico's Drug War, Rights Group Says

Mexico Drug Gang Sends Message With Blogger Beheading

7 Bodies Found on Sports Field in Mexican Village Outside Northern City of Durango

Haiti Group Demands UN Pay for Cholera Outbreak

Pro-Army Group in Haiti Accuses President of Breaking Campaign Pledge to Restore Military

Syria Violence May Trigger Libya-Like Civil War, UN Predicts

US: Some Arab Leaders Offered Haven for Assad

Protesters Block Syrian Opposition From Entering Arab League

Twelve Dead in Syria Violence

Lebanese Fear Syria's Violence May Spill Over


ICC Prosecutor May Bring Libya Rape Charges

Niger Military Clashes With Group From Libya

Tense Reconciliation Begins With Libya's Saharan Tribes


France Calls for UN Security Council Action on Iran

Iran 'Will Not Budge an Iota' From Path

United States

National Emergency Alert System Letdown?

Guantánamo Hearing to Be Beamed to US Viewing Sites

Recent Pattern of Embarrassing Air Force Errors

Pentagon Regrowing Soldiers' Muscles From Pig Cells


On South Korean Island, a Call Against Arms

Indian Court Convicts 31 Hindus of Killing Muslims


Unruly Election Campaign Mirrors Congo's Instability

Liberian Election Under Cloud After Boycott

Somali Lawmaker Killed in Mogadishu

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Occupy Veterans Day

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Identity And Other Politics

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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