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Updated November 14, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Iranian Parliament: Reduce IAEA Cooperation
  Israeli DM Cheers Deadly Iran Blast, Says More Would Be 'Desirable'
  Netanyahu Faults IAEA Report on Iran as Not Accusatory Enough
  China and Russia Refuse to Back US Over Iran
Afghan Loya Jirga to Meet on Long-Term US Deal
  'Hundreds of UK Troops' in Afghanistan After 2015
GOP Candidates Tout War Against Iran
  Ron Paul Dissents From War on Iran and Syria, Assassination, Torture

Bradley Manning in Jail for 560 Days, No Trial Date

Deadly Post-Gadhafi Tripoli Clashes Continue
22 More Slain as Syria Continues Crackdown
Saleh Names 'Unity Govt' Aimed at Ending Yemen Protests
Iran Threat Reduction Act Actually Enhances Threat of War  by Stephen Zunes
Is Canada's Attorney General Illiterate?  by Neil Kitson
'A Pair of Testicles Fell Off the President After Election Day'  by Jason Leopold
The Passing of the Postwar Era  by Andrew J. Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Spilling the Beans About Bibi  by Uri Avnery
The Iraq Liars Target Iran  by M.J. Rosenberg

More Viewpoints

Saturday Night Frights
by Dr. Brian Phillips
Spokesman Denies Sensitive Intelligence Withheld From Israeli FM Lieberman
Iraq War Vet Injured During Occupy Oakland Protests, Released From Hospital
Global Security Trumps Economics at APEC Conference
For Dover Mortuary Whistleblowers, Echoes of Arlington
US 'Sorry' for Frisking of India Ex-President
Obama Says Iran Sanctions Have 'Bite,' but Will Seek Help From China, Russia on New Steps
Israel Lobbies Discreetly for More Sanctions After UN Report on Iran
David Albright, Joby Warrick Stick With Their Ukrainian Scientist Story
Iran Admits to Facing Attack by New 'Duqu' Computer Virus
Suicide Suspected for Son of Iranian Hard-Liner
Iran Detains Journalist Over Live Broadcast on BBC's Farsi-Language Service
Outside Pressure Builds on Syria as Violence Continues
Syria Calls for Arab League Meet to Avert Suspension
US Official in Amman to Seek Support for Syria Sanctions
We Support Changing the Syrian Regime: Kurdish Alliance
Turkey to Evacuate Diplomatic Families in Syria
Israeli Air Strike Kills Hamas Policeman in Gaza
Sarkozy Tries to Appease Netanyahu
Abbas Tells US Envoy Hale: No Talks Without Freeze
Gaza Rocket Lands Near Sderot; No Injuries
Turkish Airstrike Hits Northern Iraq
Iranian Pilgrims Targeted in Baghdad Attack
10 Militants Die in Yemen as UN Pushes Peace Plan
Saleh Announces Yemen Unity Plan
Yemen's Saleh Stalling on Power Handover: Opposition
Egypt's Military Guards Its Own Power
One Killed in Riot in Egyptian Port Town
Thousands of Venezuelans Rally to Support President Chavez and His Re-Election Bid
Republicans Debate Foreign Policy
Romney, Gingrich Would Attack Iran
Bachmann Wants Iraqis to Pay 'Several Million Dollars Per Life' for Every American Who Died in Occupation
Cain, Bachmann Want to Reinstate Waterboarding
GOP Hopefuls Would Keep Guantánamo
Huntsman: Bring US Troops Home From Afghanistan
Santorum Preps Radio Spot on Iran
Arab League Chief Visits Libya, Says Premature to Recognize Syrian Opposition
Libya Oil Output to Return to Pre-War Levels Next Year
Somalia: Nine Militants Killed in Raid as Kenya Seeks UN Support
Somalia: Heavy Rain Holds Up Kenya's Invasion
Rebel Groups Agree to Work Together for Regime Change in Country
Major Humanitarian Group Leaves a South Sudan Region
Afghan President's Rival to Boycott Jirga
Afghan Air Force Grows
Life Better Since Taliban Driven From Kabul, Says NATO
Six Dead in Pakistan Donkey Cart Blast
Military Can't Control Morally Strong Govt: Imran
Release of Myanmar Political Prisoners May Be Soon
South China Villagers Riot Over Land Dispute: Police
South Ossetia Picking First President Since War
Portugal's Soldiers Hold Rare Protest Against Cuts
New Suspect Arrested in Germany Extremist Case
Russian PM Putin Defends Bid for Presidency
Report: 3 Swiss to Avoid Trial in Nuclear Case
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Washington Loses on Own-Goal Hat Trick

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Spending Other People's Money Usually Leads to Bad Results

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Occupy Veterans Day

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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