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Updated November 15, 2011 - 11:27 PM EST
US Shifts Drones From Iraq to Turkey

Iraq Attacks Kill Four as Turkmen Call for New Provinces

Karzai Seeks Support for US Occupation Until 2024

Pakistan Bombed Tribal Areas 5,500 Times Since 2008

US Official Insists Stolen Missiles Still Inside Libya
Reports Tie Mossad, MeK to Deadly Iran Military Blast
Bahrain Says Iran-Backed Terror Attack Foiled
At Least 75 Killed in Violence Across Syria
Court: Mubarak Loyalists Can Run for Parliament
Saleh Promises to Step Down in 90 Days
Civilians Flee After Missiles Pound South Somali Town

Bradley Manning in Jail for 560 Days, No Trial Date

Progressives, Neocons Find Common Ground on Foreign Policy  by Glenn Greenwald
Republicans Vie to Expand Obama's Expansion of Bush's Policies  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Lessons of War Are Too Easily Forgotten  by Peter Preston
Return of the War Party?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Iran's Objections to the IAEA Report Deserve Consideration  by V. Noah Gimbel
Old Lies in New Bottles  by Eric Margolis

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Troops Feel More Pity Than Respect

Angry Over Spying, Muslims Say: 'Don't Call NYPD'

War Savings and Debt Reduction: Take Two

Panetta Warns Lawmakers of Huge Military Cutbacks if Supercommittee Fails

Lawsuit Alleges Tolerance for Rape, Sex Abuse in Military


Afghan Forces Kill Suicide Attacker Near Jirga Venue

Afghan Taliban 'Have Loya Jirga Security Plan'

Coalition Says Taliban 'Security Plan' Is Forgery

Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban Spokesman, Denies He Was Arrested

'Father of Taliban' Urges US Concessions

French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan


US Hiring Mercenary Air Force for Iraq Rescues

Iraqi Lawmakers Want US Contractors Counted

Iraq's Chalabi Takes Up New Cause


Did Israel Assassinate Iran's 'Missile King'?

Russia Urges IAEA to Name 'Content Provider' for Iran Report

EU Ministers Postpone Decision on Further Iran Sanctions

Iran Detains Journalist Over BBC Broadcast on Blast

Iran Increases Prison Term for Traveling to Israel


Israeli Jets Strike Gaza, 1 Killed, 4 Wounded

Israel Maintains Hold on Taxes Owed Palestinians

Injured US Activist Takes Israel to Court

Top Palestinian Official: Settlements and Two-State Solution 'Mutually Exclusive'
Myanmar Moving in Right Direction, Freed Democracy Activist Says

Philippines Rejects New Chinese Territorial Claim

S. Korea to Build Barracks on Island Near North Border for US Troops
N. Korea Makes Fast Progress on Construction of Nuclear Plant
United Kingdom

UK Nuclear Test Veterans in New Court Bid

UK Ponders Missile Defense for 2012 Olympics


Syria Faces Growing World Pressure to Halt Bloodshed

Syrian FM: Arab League Suspension Was Illegitimate

Iraqi FM Insists Iraq Was Not Pressured Over Vote on Syria's Suspension From Arab League
Senators Press for Answers on Syria's Use of American-Made Internet Technology

Jordan's King Says Assad Should Step Down in Syria

Russia Opposes Arab League Decision to Suspend Syria

Refugees From Syria Settle in for Long Wait in Turkey


Forerunner of Libyan Army Deployed in Militia Feud

US Senators Want Barbary War Soldiers Buried in Libya Returned
Middle East-North Africa
Tunisia's Final Election Results Confirm Victory of Islamist Party

Morocco Islamists Seek to Follow Tunisia's Example

Gloves Off as Egypt's Election Race Heats Up

Qatar Presses Decisive Shift in Arab Politics

Israel-Kenya Deal to Help Fight Somalia's Al-Shabab

Predictions of War Haunt Sudan's Southern Border

Sudan Candidate for Next Arab Revolution: Opposition

Opposition Rejects Equatorial Guinea 'Sham' Referendum

Algeria Says Nigeria's Boko Haram Tied to al-Qaeda

In Nigeria's Northeast, Some Sympathy for Islamists

Swazi King Must Give Up Power, Says Bishop

Mexico/Drug War

Ex-Ruling Party Wins Violence-Scarred Mexican Race

6 Bricklayers Building a School Killed in Northern Mexico, 2 of Them Mutilated

Norteño Singer, 2 Others Killed in Mexico Attack


Using Courts to Harass Ecuador's Dissidents

Canadian Forces May Need US Help Militarizing Arctic

Judge in Handcuffs Is Symbol for Anti-Chavez Camp

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Hawks Lose It Over Supercommittee

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Washington Loses on Own-Goal Hat Trick

Ivan Eland
Spending Other People's Money Usually Leads to Bad Results

Nebojsa Malic
Identity And Other Politics

Ran HaCohen
Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

Charles V. Peņa
Doomsday Defense Cuts?

David R. Henderson
The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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