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Updated November 21, 2011 - 11:25 PM EST

Hezbollah, Iran Outwit Sloppy CIA Spies

35 Killed as Egypt Army Holds Power
  Egyptian Cabinet Resigns After Tahrir Violence
Israeli DM: 'Time Has Come' to Act on Iran
  Ex-Inspector Rejects IAEA Iran Bomb-Test-Chamber Claim
  Iran Army Rejects Claims of Mossad Involvement in Blast
Unemployed Blogger Arrested in NYC 'Bomb Plot'
Assad Misses Arab League Deadline, Vows to Stay
Israel Shuts Radio Station for Criticizing Regime
Protests Flare in E. Afghanistan Against US Deal
  US Generals Vow to Resist Speeding Afghan Drawdown
Witnesses: Ethiopian Troops Invade Somalia Again
Compared to Syria, the Fall of Libya Was a Piece of Cake  by Patrick Cockburn
Will Congress Take Iran Diplomacy Off the Table?  by Kate Gould
Iranian Nuclear Program Not About Israel  by M.J. Rosenberg
Weimar Revisited  by Uri Avnery
No Room for Smugness on Iran  by Elizabeth Murray
Netanyahu Rides the Tiger  by Gideon Levy

More Viewpoints

Ron Paul: Flawed Policies Helped Lead to 9/11
Hundreds Defect From Yemen's Military
Iran May Have Sent Libya Shells for Chemical Weapons
Obama and Asian Leaders Confront China's Premier
White House Shooting Suspect's Path to Extremism
NYC Bomb Plot Suspect Is Called Fan of Qaeda Cleric
Trucks Carrying Fuel for NATO Torched in Pakistan
Pakistani Leader Faces Pressure Over Memo
Pakistan Envoy to US Returns Home Amid Memo Row
Haqqani Meets Zardari; Ready to Hand Over BlackBerry
Opposition Leader: Zardari Selling Out Pakistan's Sovereignty
Megachurch Rises in Pakistani City of Karachi
Australian PM Flags Early End to Afghan Mission
Afghans Want Aussie Gear but Not Diggers
Tibetans in China Seek Fiery Way Out of Despair
In India, Tibet Self-Immolations Test Exiled Leaders
Blast Hits Uzbekistan Railroad Used to Supply US Troops
Calm in Philippines After Ex-President's Arrest
Myanmar, UN Discuss Strengthening Ties
Sri Lankan President Receives Report on War Abuses
'Killing Fields' Victims Await Khmer Rouge Trial
International Court Faces Key Test on Libya Captives
In Libya, Education Without the Green Book
Libyan Militia Hedges on Handover of Gadhafi
Libya Says It Will Try Gadhafi's Son at Home, Announces Capture of Ex-Intelligence Chief
Libya: UK 'Should Not Interfere' in Gadhafi Trial
Libya: Gadhafi Son Saif Al-Islam 'Will Get Fair Trial'
Somalia's Shabab Pledges to Defeat Ethiopian Forces
Somalia: Famine Risk Recedes as Aid Gets Through
Thousands in Morocco Call for Poll Boycott
South Sudan Rebel Leader Says Renewed Fighting Is Likely After Talks With Government Fail
US Military
Costly Osprey Hybrid Craft Symbol of Fight to Cut Pentagon
Military Dropping Dangerous Anti-Malaria Drug
Facing Calls to Give Up Power, Egypt's Military Battles Crowds
Egyptian Military Say Their Tactics Are No Worse Than the Methods Used by US Police Against Occupy Protesters
Egyptians Fear Army Plans to Grab Power
Iran Says It May Use Oil as Political Tool
Israel Urges West to Crack Down on Iran
Iranian Commander Died During Missile Testing, Brother Says
President's Press Adviser Sentenced
Report: Iran Temporarily Bans Pro-Reform Newspaper
New Phase for Syria in Attacks on Capital
Syrian FM Says Arab League Being Used as Tool
Arab League to Meet Thursday as Syria Seeks 'Clarification'
Arab League Rejects Syrian Demand to Change Peace Plan
Sadrist Leader Denounces Any Attempt Against Syrian Demonstrators
Canada Quietly Talking to Syrian Opposition: Report
In Israel, 'Clear and Present Danger to Freedom of the Press'
Israeli PM Reconciles Foreign Minister, Spymaster
Israeli Settlers Attack Shop of Freed Palestinian Prisoner
Security Personnel and Human Rights Worker Killed in Iraq
Four Civilians Killed in Iraq Attack
Turks Could Pay to Avoid Conscription
Turkish President Still Keen on EU as He Arrives in UK
Middle East
Dozens Hurt as Bahrain Police Attack Funeral
Army Colonel Killed in South Yemen Attack
Jordan's King to Visit West Bank on Monday
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Doomsday Defense Cuts?

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The Left's Antiwar Movement in Monterey: Down but Not Out

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