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Updated December 2, 2011 - 11:23 PM EST
White House: We Can Decide to Target Americans
  Senate Rejects Limits on Domestic Military Detention
  The Spy Files: WikiLeaks Releases Surveillance Docs
  The State of Surveillance
  Congress Tries to Avoid Mandated Budget Cuts, Especially for Pentagon
Obama: No Condolences for Pakistan Killings
  NATO Kills Two Pakistanis, Wounds Others in Helmand Attack
  Russia Considers Blocking NATO Supply Routes
Israel: Will Not Attack Iran, For Now
  Poll: Israelis Supportive of 'Nuclear-Free Mideast'
  EU Foreign Ministers Fail to Agree on Iran Oil Ban
  Biden: No Sign Embassy Attack Was Orchestrated by Iranian Govt
UN: 4,000 Killed in Syria, Civil War in Progress
  Report: Russia Delivers Cruise Missiles to Syria
Mixed Messages on US Re-Occupying Iraq
  Violence Leaves 26 Killed in Iraq, as Country Ponders Maliki 3rd Term
Scores of Casualties by Afghan NATO Base Bomb
Islamists Claim Win as Egypt Delays Vote Results
Eritrea Rebels Say Killed 17 Soldiers in Raid
East Jerusalem Palestinians Being Evicted From Homes
Congressional Report Urges Action Against Boko Haram
NATO 'Deeply Concerned' as Kosovo Serbs Keep Roadblocks
War on Terror Doesn't Justify Retreat on Rights  by Sen. Rand Paul
He Was 22... She Was 12...  by Tom Engelhardt
Once Again, War is Prime Time and Journalism's Role is Taboo  by John Pilger
Proxy War With Iran  by Philip Giraldi
The Shadow War in Syria  by Pepe Escobar
Netanyahu Tries to Hide the Occupation  by Jonathan Cook

More Viewpoints

FDR Warned of Pearl Harbor Attack Days in Advance
WikiLeaks Spyfiles – the Map
Lebanon's Intelligence War
Extreme Secrecy on Bush and Cheney Records
Egypt's 12,001 Missing Votes: Political Prisoners
ACLU: FBI Used Outreach to Collect Info on Muslims
Rights Group Urges Bush's Arrest During Africa Tour
Slain Pakistani Soldiers' Relatives Want Justice
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Kidnapping US Aid Worker
Pakistan: Four TTP Men Arrested
Pakistani Court Bars Former Envoy to US From Travel Abroad
Pakistan Ruling Party: Opposition Leader 'Subverting Democracy' in Criticism of President
Afghanistan Faces $4bn Defense Funding Shortfall
Afghanistan Starts Second Phase of NATO Security Handover
Afghan Woman Freed From Jail After Agreeing to Marry Rapist
3 Afghan Policemen Die in Roadside Bombing
Clinton Pledges Improved Myanmar Ties if Reforms Continue
Myanmar Govt Officials Meet With Kachin Rebels
Suu Kyi Briefs US Think Tank as Clinton Visits Myanmar
Clinton Seeks to Embolden Reformers in Myanmar Talks
As US-Myanmar Ties Warm, China Stands Conflicted
1 Killed in Explosion Outside Central China Bank
US Envoy Criticizes China's Controls on Economy
Deal by Deal, US Ambassador Turns Salesman in China
Indonesia Opens Fire as Papuans Raise Flag During Protest
Official Says US Needs Time to Assess Aid to North Korea
New Kyrgyz President Atambayev Pledges 'New Page'
Nepal Leaders Dispute Over Maoists' Army Integration
EU, NATO Condemn Attacks by Serb Militants
EU at Odds on Whether to Punish Serbia for Protests by Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo
Britain Turns More Wary of European Unity
Sarkozy Outlines Proposal for European 'Refounding' Treaty
In Russia, Nationalists Turn on Putin
Independent Russian Election Watchdog Faces Probe
Bulgarian Farmers Block Border Crossings
Extradition Laws Are 'Fair', US Ambassador Tells MPs
Russia to Build Kalashnikov Bullet Factory in Cuba
US Cleric: American Jailed in Cuba in Good Spirits
The War at Home
More Military Dogs Show Signs of Combat Stress
Hearing for Man Accused of Shooting at Pentagon
After Losing Fed Loan, Military Solar Project a Go
A Final Request From Iraq Vet Who Took Own Life
US, Iraq Warn Iran as Troops Depart
Iraq 'Withdrawal' Gets Rebranded and a Vintage Clinton Moment
Violence Leaves 26 Killed in Iraq, as Country Ponders Maliki Third Term
Talks on Iraq NATO Mission Stall Over Issue of Immunity for Troops
Iraq Mulling US Bid to Keep Custody of Detainee
Baghdad Government Seeks to Deport MEK Elements From Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan President Says in Touch With PKK, to Exercise Maximum Pressure
For Some Families, the War in Iraq Isn't Over Yet
Mother Retraces KIA Son's Footsteps in Iraq
Former Mossad Chief: Israeli Attack on Iran Must Be Stopped to Avert Catastrophe
Israeli Minister Calls on West to 'Paralyze' Iran's Economy
Europeans Stiffen Sanctions on Iran After Embassy Attack
Iran Releases Students Who Stormed British Embassy
Germany Uncovers Alleged Iranian Sabotage Plot
Iran Set to Dominate EU Foreign Ministers Talks
Palestinians to Wean Themselves Off Foreign Aid
Israeli Politicians Trying to Delegitimize the Supreme Court, Says Chief Justice
Released Palestinians Build Houses, Marry, Study
US Jewish Groups Furious Over Campaign to Bring Expat Israelis Back Home
Egypt's Islamists Poised to Dominate Parliament, May Clash With Army Over Control
No Alliance With Ultraconservatives, Islamist Party Says
In Egypt, Islamist Gains Spark Unease
Egypt's Liberals Regroup as Islamists Gain in Election
Egypt's Christians Prepare for New Political Climate
Egypt's Islamists: Too Early to Talk About Government
Middle East
EU Expands Sanctions on Syrian Regime
Egypt's Islamists: Too Early to Talk About Government
UK: Libya Showed Britain Needs More NATO Influence
Teen Wounded by Grenade Returning to Libya
Sudan Says It Will Seize South Sudanese Oil as Talks Fail
Sudan 'Stealing Oil' From South: Negotiator
Official: 5,000 Flee Central Nigeria Violence
Somalia: Yemen Returnee Numbers Soar
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