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Updated December 5, 2011 - 11:14 PM EST
US Begins Vacating Pak Airbase After Eviction
  Pakistani Taliban Factions Splintering Further
  Obama: 'Regrettable' Attack on Pakistan 'Not Deliberate'
Iran Military Says It Shot Down US Drone
  Accidents or Attacks: Iran Blasts Raise Talk of Covert US War
  Netanyahu's 1948 Analogy Seen Hinting at Iran Attack
Egypt's ElBaradei: Liberals 'Decimated' in Vote
Russia's Ruling Party Sees Crumbling Majority
Israel's Deadly Drone War in Gaza
Syria Misses Another Arab League Deadline
Yemen Agrees on Military 'Oversight,' Crackdown Continues
Western Leaders Again Aim to 'Solve Afghanistan'
US Pays Iraqi Tribes to Protect Departing Troops as Civilians Under Attack
Framing the 'Great Debate' on World War II  by Wendy McElroy
War on Iran Has Begun, and It Is Madness  by Paul Vallely
Washington's Clumsy China Containment Policy  by Ted Galen Carpenter
America Wins War on Terror  by Robin Koerner
Are Americans in Line for Gitmo?  by Ray McGovern
Choices for Defecting Syrian Soldiers  by Gene Sharp

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Manning Wants Obama, Clinton as Witnesses
New Latin American Body Raps Britain, United States
Biden Tries to Reassure Allies of US Support
TSA Denies 84-Year-Old Was Strip-Searched at JFK
In Kentucky Town, Impact of Wars Runs Deep
Postwar Marines: Smaller, Less Focused on Land War
Hamas Scales Back Its Presence in Syria
Report Says Syria to Endorse Arab League Peace Plan
Israel Abandons 'Insulting' Campaign Calling on Expats to Return From US
Likud MP Cites Joe McCarthy in Pushing Bill Against Human Rights Groups
Ministers Slam Clinton Remarks About Israeli Democracy
Israel Rights Group Attacks Govt. for Curbing Freedom of Speech
Report: Israel Concession on Palestinian Funds Forced by German Submarine Deal
Seven Israeli Women Held Over Right-Wing Violence
Egypt's Vote Puts Emphasis on Split Over Religious Rule
Islamist Success Is Democracy at Work: Egypt's Moussa
'Peace Treaty With Israel Won't Be Revoked'
Media, Twitter Illuminate Islamist Gains in Egypt
Explosion Seen as Big Setback to Iran's Missile Program
Germany Says Iran Sorry for Attack on UK Embassy

US Says 'No Indication' Iran Shot Down Drone

Iran Says Oil Would Go Over $250 if Exports Banned
US Pays Iraqi Tribes to Protect Departing Troops as Iraqi Civilians Are Still Under Attack
US Embassy Limits Movement, Cites Terrorist Threats
Saddam Capture Mystery
Father, Son Making Bomb Among Dead in Iraq Blasts
28 Killed in 3 Days of Fighting in Taiz
Fighting in City Threatens Yemen Power Transfer
Yemen Sets Up Military Oversight, Fighting Continues
For Turkey, Lure of Tie to Europe Is Fading
In Turkey to Strengthen Ties, Biden Refuses to Ignore a Host's Economic Boast
Middle East
British Embassy in Bahrain Hit by Mystery Blast
Saudi Dissidents Turn to YouTube to Air Their Frustrations
Afghanistan Says It Will Need Outside Aid Until 2025
West's Afghan Resolve Tested by Economy, Crises
ISAF Says Drone Lost Over Afghanistan Late Last Week
Protesters at Afghanistan Conference Demand Faster Troop Withdrawal
Planning Afghanistan's Future Beyond 2014
Afghanistan's Women Languishing in Prisons 10 Years After Fall of Taliban
Afghans Need Decade of Help, Karzai Says Before Bonn
West Should Do More on Human Rights in Afghanistan, Groups Say
Pakistani Cable TV Blocks BBC Over NATO Airstrike Coverage
Imran Khan Declares Assets Before Media
Lawmaker Urges Tying Pakistan Aid to Cooperation
Seven Killed in Kazakhstan Clash
UN-Backed Cambodian Tribunal to Question Khmer Rouge Leaders for First Time Over Atrocities
Libya Says Will Secure Tunisia Border After Clashes
New Defense Minister Says Rebuilding the Nation's Military a Top Priority
Police: 6 Die When Town Attacked in North Nigeria
Dread Permeates Congo Ahead of Election Results, Kabila in Lead With 49 Percent
Sudan 'Takes Rebel Border Camp' in South Kordofan
Somali Governor: Al-Shabab Was Defeated by Drone Strikes
Election Cyber Attack Cited on Russia Media
Russia to Discuss Missile Shield With Iran, China
Spanish Police Foil Possible Galicia Separatist Bomb Plot
Croatian Opposition Ousts Government
Jewish Groups Demand Obama Move Against Jewish US Ambassador to Belgium
DEA Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels
Mexico Drug War Refugees Escape to More Bloodshed
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