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Updated December 11, 2011 - 11:28 PM EST
Pakistan Takes Control of Key Airbase From US
  Pakistani Taliban in Peace Talks With Islamabad
  Pakistan's NATO Blockade Enters Third Week
What Happened at Iranian Nuclear Facility?
  Congress Presses Forward on New Iran Sanctions
  Capture of US Drone Provides Respite for Iran
What Legacy for Iraq War?
  Civilian Killings Killed Effort to Extend US Troop Presence in Iraq
Gunmen Try to Assassinate Head of Libyan Army
  Libya Ready to Forgive Gadhafi Fighters: NTC Chief
57 Die as Syrian Opposition Warns of 'Massacre'
50,000 Protest Election Fraud in Moscow
Troops' Afghan Stay May Go Past 2014, US Envoy Says
Feeble Pushback From the Pro-Iran-War Crowd  by Paul R. Pillar
Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect  by Rep. Ron Paul
Politifact and the Scam of Neutral Expertise  by Glenn Greenwald
Do the Republicans Ever Learn?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
AIPAC Economic Warfare Also Targets US  by Grant Smith
George F. Kennan's Lament  by Todd S. Purdum

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Nobel Peace Prize Shared by Yemeni, Liberian Women
Top US General Warns of Civil Unrest in EU
Army Slashing 8,700 Jobs as Budget Cuts Begin
Defense Bill Conferees Aim to Wrap Up by Monday
Palestinians Dismayed as Gingrich Call Them 'Invented' People
Sen. Casey: Apple App a Threat to National Security
West Warns Syria Against Storming Homs
YouTube Video Shows Syrian Boy, 10, Slain in Home by Sniper
Syria Faces Pressure Over Monitors as Toll Climbs
Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter in Libya
Hamas Accuses Israel of Planning for War After Air Strikes Kill Three
Palestinian Protester Dies After Hit by Gas Canister in Demonstration
Video: Officer Aims Cocked Rifle at Palestinian Boy
Palestinians Dismayed as Gingrich Call Them 'Invented' People
IDF Strikes Gaza Target Following Barrage of Rockets Into Israel
IDF Probes Palestinian Protester's Death
Report: Hamas Sets Up Rocket Production Line in Sinai
Israel's Nobel Prize Winner: Scientists Must Watch Over Politicians
Gilad Shalit to Activists: Your Struggle Helped Bring Me Home
Basra Sues to Terminate Baghdad-Brokered Oil Contract
Kirkuk Governor: We Have No Desire or Plan to Bring in International Forces
Internal Refugees Remain Major Problem for Iraq
Iraq Gets Ready for Life After America
Once Bustling US Base in Basra Now a Ghost Town
Yemen Government Sworn in as Saleh Prepares to Leave for US
Yemen Fighting Challenges New Unity Government
Al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters Attack Yemen Army Barracks, 2 Soldiers and 11 Militants Killed
Security Council, US Condemn Attack on UNIFIL
Jumblatt Advises Hezbollah to Distance Itself From Damascus
Turkish Court Frees 22 After Protest
Turkish President Shuns Event Attended by Israel's Defense Minister
US Senator Kerry Meets With Egypt's Brotherhood and Military Chief in Visit
Salafis in Egypt Have More Than Just Religious Appeal
Competition May Determine Future of Egypt's Tahrir Square
Middle East
Pro-Government Bahrain Marchers Target Opposition Group Offices
Competition May Determine Future of Egypt's Tahrir Square
Archbishop: Fate of Christians Is Arab Spring 'Litmus Test'
Cuba's Ladies in White Dissidents Honor Late Leader on Human Rights Day, Amid Counterprotest
Cuban Exiles Hold Fireworks Show About 12 Miles Off Havana, Raul Castro's Government Indignant
Cubans in Havana Watch Fireworks From Exile Flotilla
After 5 Years, Mexico's Drug War Still Rages
El Salvador Marks 30-Year Anniversary of One of 12-Year Civil War's Worst Massacres
Argentine Grandmothers Seek Babies Stolen During 'Dirty War'
Weekend Reviews
Slaves to Democracy
Arrows of the Night: The Man Behind the Iraq War
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Young Adult
Pakistan Not in Position to Continue Participation in Terror War: Imran
Sharif Vows to Unveil Benazir Bhutto's Killers
Pakistan Memogate Scandal Case in Supreme Court: Haqqani Files Appeal Against Objections
Three Militants Die in Kurram Clashes
ANP Man Shot Dead in Korangi
Three Rangers Killed in Karachi Blast
Child Dies, 3 Injured in Landmine Blast
Two Shrines Destroyed in Landikotal, Pakistan
Two Injured in Blast Near Karachi University
New Afghan Group Claims Shrine Attack Part of Campaign
Five Afghans Killed in Three Blasts Across Country
Taliban Tortured Lost UK Soldier
US Diplomat: Bombing at Afghan Shiite Shrine in Kabul Not Likely to Spark Sectarian War
Maoist Rebels Kidnap 7 Workers in Eastern India
Filipino Militants Free US Teen After 5 Months
Christmas Display Near DMZ Sparks Fear of Reprisal From North Korea
US Govt Response Muted as American Is Sentenced in Thailand for Defaming Monarchy
US Ambassador to China Calls on Beijing to Improve Its Human Rights Record
Renegade Ex-Rebels Believed to Be Behind Failed Assassination Attempt on Head of Libyan Army
Two Hurt in Gunfight Near Tripoli Airport
Tripoli Airport Closed After Rogue Militia Attacks Garrison
Libyan Doctor Who Secretly Tracked the War Dead Is Helping Search for the Many Missing
Libya Leaders Send UN New Appeal for Funds
DR Congo
Gunfire in Congo After Kabila Wins Disputed Poll
Congo Police Sweep Capital Day After Poll Results
DR Congo Police Chief: Four Dead in Poll Unrest
Congo Protest Leads to Over 100 Arrests After Trouble in London
US Eases Sanctions on Sudanese Oil Industry
Ivory Coast Braces for Parliamentary Elections
Mugabe Insists on Re-Election Bid in Zimbabwe
Russian Election Protesters Rally in 60 Cities
Russian TV, Changing Its Strategy, Shows Protests
Russia's Stunning Protests End With Hint of Change
Russian Spy Targeted MPs and Whitehall Officials
'War on Terror'
Al-Awlaki's Father Denies Endorsing Terror
Carlos the Jackal Plays to Gallery, but This Time His Courtroom Audience Has Not Turned Up
US Military
Pentagon Program to Limit the Threat of Roadside Bombs Faces Budget Cut
First Combat Deaths Recorded in 'Double V' Hull Stryker
Lockheed in $4 Billion US F-35 Fighter Deal
Americans Still Dying
Father of Two, Idaho Falls (ID) Soldier Killed by IED on Last Tour of Duty
Michigan Family Reeling From Marine's Death in Afghanistan
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