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Updated January 18, 2012 - 11:27 PM EST
Compromise 'Unlikely' as SOPA Protests Grow

Afghan Governor: NATO Kills 5 Civilians in Northeast

Iranian Lawmaker: Obama Proposed Direct Talks

  IDF: Nuclear Iran Would Hinder Israeli Aggression
  US Pressures South Korea to Cut Iran Oil Imports
Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Keeps Arms, Despite 'Withdrawal'
  Sunni Cabinet Members Suspended; 14 Iraqis Killed
Turkey: Israeli Drone Data Given to Kurds
  Turkey Detains 31 in Kurdish Militant Probe, Citing 'Terror'
  Perry: Expel 'Terrorist-Run' Turkey From NATO
Pakistan Tells US Envoy to Stay Away
34 Reported Killed, Syria Violence Seen Rising Again
US Pushes Yemen Not to Delay Presidential Election
Defense: No Evidence of Mubarak Tyranny
Sinking the Petrodollar in the Persian Gulf  by Pepe Escobar & Tom Engelhardt
Privatizing the War on Terror: America's Military Contractors  by John W. Whitehead
The Marine Urination Video Doesn't Show the Real War Crime  by Ross Caputi
On Rationality and Foreign Policy  by Mark Adomanis
Killing Dissent With War  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Five Reasons US Must Avoid War With Iran  by L. Bruce Laingen & John Limbert

More Viewpoints

Are US Weapons of War Trademarked? Video Game Company Files Lawsuit to Find Out

Paul Promises Deep Cuts in Military Spending

Afghan Pilot Said He Wanted to 'Kill Americans,' Probe of Kabul Shootings Finds

Coalition Limits Details on Troops Killed by Afghan Soldiers, Police

Anti-Taliban Afghan Tribal Leader Killed in Mosque

Afghan Polio Cases Rise, Govt. Appeals to Militants

Five Reasons Why the Army Won't Take Over Pakistan

Gunmen Kill American-Funded Journalist in Pakistani Mosque


Iraq Violence Up Sharply

More Than Half of Baghdad Blast Barriers Removed

Iraq Demands Former UK Soldier Return Piece of Saddam Hussein's Buttock

Nigeria Strike a Flashback to the Military Era

Mali Says Former Libyan Fighters Help Tuareg Attack

47 Reported Killed in S. Sudan Tribal Violence

Rights Group: Ethiopia Forcibly Resettled 70,000


French Judge Wants to Investigate Torture Claims at Guantánamo

European Court: Britain Can't Deport Terror Convict to Jordan

London Police Clear Decade-Old Antiwar Encampment

Boston, Belfast Spar Over Fate of Secret IRA Tapes

US Gun Industry Appeals New Rifle Reporting Rules for Mexico Border States

In Haiti, Former Dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Is Thriving

American Censorship
Sounds of the Sea: Listening Online to the Ocean Floor, and the Navy Is Not Happy

Homeland Security Hired Contractor to Monitor Websites

DoD: Transcript of Public Guantanamo Hearing 'Top Secret'


Syria Rejects Qatar Call for Arab Military Intervention

Syrian Official Defects, Says Regime Will Fight at All Costs

Syrian 'Chemical, Biological' Weapons Concern Israel

Russia Digs in Heels on Syria Resolution


US Drone That Crashed in Iran Goes Miniature

Oil Climbs Past $100 in Europe on Saudi Minister's Comments About Embargo on Iran Crude
Middle East
Bedouin Leaders Threaten Armed Rebellion Against Egyptian Government

Former CIA Official: Al-Qaeda in Yemen Still Nimble


Jordan's King to Meet Obama to Advance Mideast Peace Talks

European Envoys: Blacklist Israeli Settlers

Gaza Shi'ites Claim Hamas Persecution


Tokyo Looking to Buy Okinawa's Support for Relocated Marine Base

Chinese Dissident to Stand Trial for Poem

Observers Criticize Kazakhstan Election

US Senators See 'No Clash' With China in Asia, but Back Allies Against It

Philippines Seeks Lifting of Myanmar Sanctions

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The Myth of Military Budget Cuts

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