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Updated January 29, 2012 - 11:13 PM EST
Pentagon Requests Mightier Bomb to Attack Iran
  Iran Finalizes Bill for Immediate Ban on Oil Exports to Europe
  Israel Warns Time Is Running Out Before It Launches Strike on Iran
Pakistani PM: Drone Attacks Feed Insurgency
  Doctor Who Led US to bin Laden Was CIA Agent, Says US
Arab League Suspends Monitoring in Syria
  Syrian Rebels Say They Hold Iranians Hostage
US Lawmakers' Meeting Sets Back Obama's Afghan Agenda
  France Announcement on Afghan Pullout Shows Alliance Divisions
Uprisings and Militias Heighten Concerns of Libyan Civil War
Why OWS Should Lead the 'No Iran War!' Resistance  by Joe Scarry
Do Israeli Leaders Really Think Iran Is an Existential Threat?  by Robert Wright
Water for All: The Case for a One-State Solution  by Ramzi El Houry
Not a Peep About the President's Praise for War  by Laura Flanders
In Honduras, a Mess Made in the US  by Dana Frank
Bert Sacks: A Hero in Our Time  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Sen. Franken and Conservatives Join Forces to Fight Detainee Language
Gingrich Gets Behind Israel, but Fails to Impress Florida's Jewish Voters
Twitter's New Censorship Plan Rouses Global Furor
Russian Liberals Weigh Alliance With Nationalists
Army Chief Lays Out Army Cuts in Europe
Taliban Have Begun Talks With US, Former Taliban Aides Say
Can NATO Force Weather France's Faster Exit?
British Troops Will Leave When Afghans Are Ready to Take Over, Says Cameron
Afghanistan Women: 'Give Us a Seat at the Peace Table'
Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai Thanks UK for 'Sacrifice'
UK's Sandy Gall: 'I Fear Afghanistan Will Become Like Vietnam'
Emboldened Taliban Try to Sell Softer Image
Two Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Kurram Roadside Blast
Five Injured as Karachi Shop Attacked With Grenade
Bomber Killed, Cop Martyred in Di Khan Attack
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Making First Campaign Tour
Shift to Democracy Not Over, More Reform Ahead: Minister
Kazakh Opposition Activists Hold Rare Rally, Prompting Their Leaders to Be Jailed
From Self-Immolations to Mass Protests: China Crackdowns Breed Heightened Violence in Tibet
Naga Rebel Guns Down 4 During Voting at Polling Station in Northeast India, Police Say
Cambodian Ruling Party Poised to Sweep Senate Elections; Few Can Vote, Body Has Little Power
Nigeria Army Says Kills 11 Boko Haram Insurgents
Shootout at Police Station in North Nigeria City Already Under Attack by Sect Kills Officer
Libya Prisoners Make New Torture Allegations
Thousands of Tunisians Denounce Islamist Extremism
African Union Opens Chinese-Funded HQ in Ethiopia
Sudan Says to Release Ships Seized From South Sudan
Tribal Clashes Kill at Least 7 in Kenya
Somalia Journalist Shot Dead in Capital
Senegal Opposition Urges More Resistance After Riots
Britain Could Not Reclaim the Falklands if Argentina Invades, Warns General Michael Jackson
UK Riots: Paratroopers Are Trained in Riot Control
Light to Be Shed on Mystery of MI6 Spy Gareth Williams' Death
Weekend Reviews
The United States of Fear
Filmmakers Catch Human View of Palestinian Village in 5 Broken Cameras
Documentary Makes the Case Against Torture by Interviewing the Tortured
The Influence of the Inquisition
Sundance Documentary Examines Rape in US Military
A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli's Investigation Into CIA Scientist's Murder, at the Crossroads of Mind Control and Assassination
Israeli Soldiers Drive Tractor Over Worker's Legs to Stop Palestinians From Building a House on Their (Occupied) Lands
Palestinians: Shell Hits Home Near Gaza
Abbas Blames Peace Talks' Failure on Israeli Intransigence
Turkey May Provide Hamas With $300 Million in Annual Aid
17 Bodies Reported Dumped in Syrian City
Demonstrations Erupt in Syria's 2nd City, 10 Killed
Fresh Blast Targets Oil Pipeline in Eastern Syria
Syrian Envoy to Egypt Accuses Gulf-Backed Opposition Activists of Storming Cairo Embassy
Syrian Singer Rallies Assad Forces
Iran Oil Chief: Sanctions to Hit EU Buyback Firms
Yemen President in US for Treatment
Yemeni Troops Kill Four Rebels in Zinjibar
Gunmen Kill Senior Police Officer in Southeastern Yemen
Former 'Sons of Iraq' Targeted by Insurgents After US Pullout
NGO: 36 Mass Graves Found in Iraqi Province
Lobbyists Drop Egypt's Government as Client
Defense Lawyer Wants Reform Leader Mohamed ElBaradei to Testify in Mubarak Trial
'Egypt's Mubarak Asked World Leaders to Save Him From Execution'
The Oil Off Cuba: Washington and Havana Dance at Arms Length Over Spill Prevention
US Military
Rotational Forces: New Way of Doing Business in Europe
Pentagon Call for US Base Closures a Political Move, Lawmakers Say
Army Reviews Psychiatric Team That Reversed PTSD Diagnoses of Soldiers
U-2 Spy Plane to Linger Overhead a Bit Longer
Scientists Focus on Heavy Metals in Ill Combat Vets
Americans Still Dying
Woodbridge (NJ) Marine Killed in Helicopter Crash Was to Return Home in a Few Weeks
Soldier From Hopewell (VA) Leaves Behind Wife, Two Children
Marine From Temecula (CA) Killed in Combat Had a Two-Year-Old Daughter
Imperial (PA) Civilian Contractor Killed in Helicopter Crash
Southern Illinois Marine Dies After Becoming Ill in Afghanistan
Marine Captain (WA) Killed in Chopper Crash Was Naval Academy Grad
Glendale (AZ) Marine Corporal to Be Buried in Dallas
Centerville (IA) Marine Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Family Remembers Fallen Crystal Lake (IL) Marine Helicopter Pilot
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