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Updated January 30, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
Iran: IAEA Allowed to Inspect All Nuclear Sites
  Israeli Air Force Commander: Israel's Aerial Superiority Is in Danger
  Huge Israeli Drone That Can Reach Iran Crashes During Routine Flight
US Meets With Taliban as Karzai Wants Own Talks
  British General Calls Afghan Mission 'Amateurish'
Syrian Army Moves Against Contested Suburbs
  Russia Asserting Itself Against West, This Time Over Syria
  Iran Says Syria Must Hold Free Poll
US Drones Over Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq
  Iraq Aid Disaster: Pentagon Lost Billions, Kept Few Records
US Eyes More Meddling in Nigeria
US Says Pakistan Holds Doctor With Role in bin Laden Raid
Sanctions Can Only Deepen the Iran Crisis  by Patrick Cockburn
The Pentagon Pitches Its New Strategic Narrative  by Allen Ruff & Steve Horn
Iranian Aircraft Carriers in the Gulf of Mexico [Satire]  by Tom Engelhardt
The US Needs to Leave Iran Alone  by John Glaser
America Is Not a Military Unit  by Benjamin H. Friedman
The Hypocrisy of America's Cuba Policy  by Roland Martin

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Russia Slams Arab League for Ending Syria Mission
Egypt Military Seeks Advice on Ceding Power Early
NATO Allies Grapple With Shrinking Defense Budgets
Yemeni President Arrives in US for Medical Treatment
Police Get Help With Vets Who Are Ticking Bombs
Iran Parliament Postpones Debate on Bill Halting Oil Sales to EU
Iran to Unveil Naval Surveillance Aircraft
Iran Oil Official Says Crude Could Reach $120 to $150 Per Barrel, Downplays EU Embargo
Sunnis End Boycott of Iraqi Parliament, Still Won't Attend Cabinet Meetings
Al-Iraqiya Alliance's Leader, Iyad Allawi, Insists on His Recent Demands, Says His Life in Danger
Amnesty International Fears for 2 Detained Women Working for Iraqi Vice President
Netanyahu Pessimistic on Mideast Peace Prospects
Palestinian President Abbas Says Israel Spoiled Latest Round of Talks on Border, Security

Israel Shuts Charity, Sports Club for 'Hamas Ties'

Mashaal: Hamas Wants Close Ties With Jordan
Israeli Documentary on West Bank Legal System Wins Prestigious Sundance Prize
Israel to Clear Thousands of Mines in Desert
Saleh's Military Support Fading as Protests Spread to Previously Loyal Republican Guard
Yemeni FM Meets UN Permanent Members', GCC States' Ambassadors
Pakistan's PM: Political Crisis Has Eased
Gilani Hints at General Elections After Budget
Firing of TV Host a Victory for Pakistani Liberals
Afghan Peace Council Member Kidnapped by Taliban
China Paper Says Punish Philippines Over US Ties
Police Open Fire at Bangladesh Protesters, 3 Dead
Ex-Soldier Behind Papua New Guinea Mutiny Arrested
Torture 'Rampant' in Libyan Prisons
South Sudan: Ethnic Clashes Claim 74 Lives
Sudan Rebels Kidnap 70 Workers, Including Chinese Nationals
Sudan Rebels Say Holding 29 Chinese Workers
Gunmen Attack Police Station in Nigeria's Flashpoint Kano
We'll Attack Sokoto, Boko Haram Warns Sultan, Tambuwal, Others
Cars Circle Central Moscow in Anti-Putin Protest
Putin's Russia Tries to Sap Opposition
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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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