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Updated February 14, 2012 - 11:11 PM EST
Obama Proposes $2.4 Billion in Aid to Pakistan
  NATO: We Found Dead Children After Airstrike
  Pakistan: US Balochistan Hearing ‘Meddling’
Israel Blames Iran for Attacks on Diplomats
  Israeli Attack on Iran: Easier Said Than Done
Western Libya Militias Form Alliance to Pressure NTC
Defector: Assad Using Nerve Gas, Russians Helping
US May Boost Military Aid to Proxies in Somalia
10 Iraqis Killed in Series of Small Attacks
UN Slams Planned Kosovo Vote, Germany Warns Serbs
On to Tehran – or Is It Damascus?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Bush's Torture Program Began 10 Years Ago  by Andy Worthington
It's Time for America to Put an End to This Shameful Scandal  by Kate Allen
Israel and Proxy Terrorism  by Robert Wright
The Dilemmas of Jewish Power  by Roger Cohen
Why Israel Is Rattling Sabers  by Yousef Munayyer

More Viewpoints

Pentagon Wants $3 Billion for the War in Iraq That We Thought Was Over

Guatemala President Weighs Drug Legalization

US Cuts Military Aid to Colombia by 15%

German Soldiers Preserved in World War I Shelter Discovered After Nearly 100 Years

Two Would-Be Child Suicide Bombers Captured in Kandahar

Taliban to Release Video of Aid Workers Abducted in Pakistan


Turkish Planes Shell Kurdish Cities Again

Exxon Mobil Blocked From Bids for Iraqi Oil
Middle East

US 'Used NGOs to Create Chaos in Egypt': Minister

East Jerusalem's Hospitals Are Good, but Access to Them Is Limited

Five Killed in Clashes in Southeast Libya

Voting for Sole Candidate Is a Religious Duty, Say Yemeni Clerics

Tunisia: Armed Cell Is Tied to al-Qaeda, Official Says, as 12 Members Are Held

Uganda: LRA Hostages Go Hungry as Militants Flee

African Villagers Embrace US Role in Hunt for Lord's Resistance Army Leader

Nigeria's Sect Boko Haram Says Killed 12 Soldiers

Nigeria Security Forces Stop Bomb Attempt

United States

Expanded Role Proposed for Elite Military Forces

Budget Request Includes Funds for 10 New Ships

Trial of Infiltrated Midwest Militia Members Begins


Iran: Nuclear Facilities Immune to Cyber Attacks

Briton to Be Extradited to the US Within Days Over 'Sales to Iran'
Report: Mossad Chief's Secret US Visit Meant to Gauge American Response to Israeli Attack on Iran

Azerbaijan in Row With Iran Over 'Israeli Spies'

Iranians Get Back Internet Email Access


Protesters March Toward Bahrain Capital, Block Road

With Bahrain Home to 5th Fleet, US 'Faces Dilemma' Over Crackdown on Protests

Suppressing the Narrative in Bahrain


Arab League Calls for Joint Mission With UN in Syria

China Avoids Clear Support for UN Peacekeepers in Syria

Sadrists Deny Sending Fighters to Syria

Russia Changes Tack on Syrian Intervention


Report: Russian Sub Had Nukes During December Fire

US Uses Russian Icebreaker to Get Fuel Supplies to Antarctic Base

China's Xi Jinping in Closely Watched Visit to the US


US State Dept. to 'Strengthen Haiti Judiciary'

Brazil Editor Killed in Rough Border Town, Just Days After Other Journalist Gunned Down
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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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