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Updated February 19, 2012 - 11:18 PM EST
US Official: Signs Pointing to Israeli Strike on Iran
  Barak: World Must Impose 'Crippling' Sanctions on Iran
  IDF Claims to Uncover Iranian-Made Explosive Device in Gaza
  Amid Escalating Israel-Iran Tensions, a Glimmer of Hope?
Libya Sends Army to Stop Clashes in Southeast
  As Libya Celebrates, Evidence Grows of Its Disintegration
  Algeria Seizes Missiles Smuggled From Libya
Attack on Baghdad Police Academy Kills 19
  40 Killed Across Iraq, Police Recruits Main Target
Syrian Forces Open Fire on Funeral Protesters
  'US Thinks It Can Use al-Qaeda Temporarily in Syria'
Waiting for a Palestinian Gandhi? Meet Khader Adnan
  Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike Poses Challenge for Israel
  Turkey Will Not Allow NATO to Share Intelligence With Israel
British Muslims Recruited to Fight for 'al-Qaeda' in Somalia
US Counterterror Adviser Pledges Support for Yemen
Ron Paul: US 'Slipping Into a Fascist System'
Iran Nuclear Coverage Echoes Iraq War Media Frenzy  by Michael Calderone
Neocon Arguments for Iran War Are Tired Cliché  by MJ Rosenberg
Torture, Assassination, and the American Way of Life  by Jacob Hornberger
Iran: Outgunned in the Gulf  by Rex Wingerter
Univision Goes Neocon  by Charles Davis
The Pentagon's Sequester Gamble  by Benjamin H. Friedman

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A Criminal for Witnessing: US Activist's Deportation From Bahrain
WikiLeaks Banned From UN Conference on WikiLeaks
NYPD Monitored Muslim Students All Over Northeast
US Government: Scaring Web Businesses Into Moving Out of the US
Imposters Arise in Afghanistan's Struggle With Taliban
NATO Strike Was 'Not Coordinated With Afghans'
Afghan Leader Meets Taliban-Linked Cleric in Pakistan, on Trip to Seek Help With Peace Process
NATO Looking Into Reports of Chopper Crash in Afghanistan
Raisani Condemns US Resolution on Balochistan
US Embassy Distances Itself From Balochistan Resolution
Toll in Parachinar Blast Mounts to 36
Four Girls Come Under Attack in Faisalabad
Dera Bugti Blast Kills Two FC Men, Wounds 9
China Ambivalently Affirms Dalai Lama's Popularity
Groups Report Another Tibetan Self-Immolation
India Allows Request to Charge US Citizen in 2008 Attacks
Sun and Sin: Thailand Questions Open-Door Policy After Iranians Arrested in Botched Bomb Plot
Mali: UN Warning Over Refugees Fleeing Tuareg Rebellion
30 Kenyan Civilians Killed in Attacks by Somali al-Qaeda Group Since Kenya's Incursion
Senegal Military and Police Vote Early in Contentious Presidential Poll, Day After Protests
Year After It Changed Moroccan Politics, the Feb. 20 Democracy Movement Struggles for a Role
Tens of Thousands Rally in Support of Russia's Putin
Russia Police Death Toll Increases to 17 in Operation to Wipe Out Caucasus Militants
Latvians Reject Russian as an Official Language
UK Ministry of Defense Civil Servant Awarded £86,000 Bonus
Belgian Police Work to Unravel Mystery of Lord's Slaying: Was It In-Laws, Chechens or Both?
Americans Still Dying
Navy Corpsman From Arizona Killed During Training Exercise in Djibouti
North Arlington (NJ) Marine Remembered as 'The Best Brother Anybody Could Ask For'
Oceanside (CA) Soldier Dies in Bahrain Vehicle Accident
Iranian Warships Dock at Syrian Port After Crossing Suez Canal
UK FM: Attack on Iran Has 'Enormous Downsides'
Senior Iranian Official Says Stuxnet Virus Infected Around 16,000 Computers
China Envoy Meets Assad, Backs Syria Election Plan
For Russia and Syria, Bonds Are Old and Deep
In Damascus, Street Protests and Diplomacy
Anti-Assad Activists March in Snow in Syrian Capital
Computer Spyware Is Newest Weapon in Syrian Conflict
US Aid for Israeli Missile Program
IDF Strikes Gaza Targets Following Rocket Fire
Lawyer of Palestinian Prisoner on 63rd Day of Hunger Strike Files Supreme Court Appeal
Palestinian's Trial Shines Light on Justice System
Iraq Accuses Some Arab States of Helping Fund Terror
Iraq Government Seeks Alternatives to Strait of Hormuz
Iraqi PM Orders Security Review of Syrian Border
First Exiles to Leave Iraq's Camp Ashraf Slam New Site
Iranian Exiles Leave Longtime Iraq Home for Camp Near Baghdad in Hopes of Speeding Immigration
Egypt Trial on US Democracy Activists Set for February 26
Egypt Promises Fuel for Gaza Power Plant
Middle East
Canadian Acquitted in Bahrain Wants Help Leaving
Lebanese Soldier Succumbs to Wounds Sustained in Tripoli Fighting
Mexico's President to US: 'No More Weapons'
Colombia's Government Abandons 'Military Exclusion' Proposal Opposed by Human Rights Groups
Canada: Public Safety Minister Surprised by Content of Online Surveillance Bill
The War at Home
Fort Benning Troops Trained in 'Suicide First Aid'
Animal Rights Group Says Private Surveillance Drone Shot Down
More Charges for Megaupload in US Case
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