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Updated February 23, 2012 - 11:19 PM EST

Obama Lawyer: No-Trial Execution at Pres. Whim

US, Euro Officials Dismiss Iran-Qaeda 'Connection'
  Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei: We Will Never Seek Nuclear Weapons
  Ex-IAEA Chief Urges Talks to Defuse Threat of Attack on Iran
  Israeli FM: Our Decision to Attack Iran None of US, Russia's Business
Coordinated Bombs Kill 97 Across Iraq
US Restarted Pak Drone Strikes Despite Objections
  State Dept.: Pakistani Taliban 'Not Welcome' at Truce Talks
Afghan Soldier Kills 2 US Troops at Quran Protest
  9 Killed as Contractors, Police Attack Afghan Protest
Syrian Opposition Body Demands Foreign Invasion
US Troops Fighting Militants in 4 African Countries
Israel Approves 695 New Housing Units in West Bank
  Adnan Hunger Strike Ends, But Not Detention Without Charge
Mayor Defends Spying on Non-NYC Muslims
Overspending on National Security Threatens National Security  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Problem With Political Bloviating on China  by Daniel Larison
Israeli Iran Attack? What Goes Around Comes Around  by Muhammad Sahimi & Richard Silverstein
Real Cowards Go to Tehran  by Pepe Escobar
Mr. President, Talk Sense to Netanyahu  Veterans for Peace
US Embargo on Cuba: A Half-Century of Failure  Tampa Bay Times

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Panetta and Other Pentagon Officials Are Mad About Metaphors

TSA 'Loot' a Source of Revenue for States

US, French Journalists Killed in Syria

California Serial Killer Suspect Changed After Iraq, Woman Says

High-Value Guantanamo Bay Detainee Majid Khan, in First, Reaches Plea Deal

3 Georgian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Malaria Cases Up Among Soldiers in Afghanistan

NATO Speedup of Transfer to Afghan Forces Highlights Problems

Key Pakistan 'Memogate' Player Mansoor Ijaz Testifies


Iraq Aims for Options in Case Hormuz Is Closed

US Haditha Marine Frank Wuterich Discharged


UK to Double Military Aid to Somali Warlord Government

Somalia Al-Shabab Militant Base of Baidoa Captured

Sudan Newspaper Suspended After 'Spy' Report

Dawn Explosions, Gunshots Rock Nigeria's Kano City

Kenyan Govt. Opens New Refugee Camp

United States

Newark Mayor: NYPD Muslim Files 'Deeply Offensive'

NYPD Built Secret Files on New Jersey, Long Island Mosques

Serbia-Kosovo Talks Delayed When Kosovar Negotiators Never Show Up
Lithuanian Archive Releases Names of KGB Collaborators in Transparency Drive

Abkhazia Leader Ankvab Escapes Deadly Ambush

ACTA: EU Court to Rule on Internet Regulation

Estonians Held on Allegations of Spying for Russia

London Practices for Underground Terror Attack


Iraq Insurgents Reject Sending Arms, Fighters to Syria

Insurgent Group Chief Arrested on Syria-Iraq Border

Russia, Iran: Resolve Syria Crisis Without 'External Interference'

Homs: 'We Live in Fear of a Massacre'

Chávez Appears to Use Venezuelan Fuel to Help Syrian Leader


Russia Says US Might Use Kyrgyz Airbase in Iran Strike

Russia: Israeli Strike on Iran Would Be 'Catastrophic'

Israelis Seem Resigned to a Strike on Iran

An Inside Look at Iranians' Views of the West

India Plays Down Evidence of Iran Link to Bomb Attack on Israelis

Middle East

Yemen's Hadi 'Elected' in Single-Candidate Vote

Saudi Shi'ites Denounce Violence Against Protesters

Sen. McCain Urges Libyan Militias to Join National Army

Hamas Irons Out Dispute Over Palestinian Unity


Gunmen Kill 5 Taxi Drivers in Northern Mexico

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