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Updated March 18, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
GOP Shifts From McCain on Wars
  Obama Signs Order Allowing for Control Over All US Resources
  The NSA Is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center
US Navy Launches Huge Iran Surge
  How Mossad Justified Murder of Innocent Iranian Electrical Engineer
US-Afghan Divide Seen in Perceptions of Massacre
  At Least 70 US Soldiers Killed by Afghan Security Since 2007
  To the Chinese and the Indians, Go the Spoils of Afghanistan
  Report: US Sent Detainees to Banned Afghan Prisons
Saudis Send Military Equipment to Syria Rebels
  Twin Blasts Kill Dozens in Syrian Capital
WikiLeaks' Assange Plans to Run for Australian Parliament
UN-Backed Congolese Army Drive Could Displace 100,000
Terror, Trauma, and the Endless Afghan War  by Amy Goodman
Afghanistan Shooting Shows US Should Stop Treading Water  by Malou Innocent & Robert Naiman
Are Obama's Efforts to Justify Drone Warfare Aimed at Iran?  Der Spiegel
Obama's Iran Policy Commits Him to War  by Sheldon Richman
War, Pipelineistan-Style  by Pepe Escobar
The World Robert Kagan Made  by Kelley Vlahos

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After 50 Years, Algeria Still Waits for an Apology From France
Arrest of Clooney Over Sudan 'May Make Things Worse'
'System Is Blinking Red': Alarming Rhetoric in Push for Cybersecurity Bills
Schumer Bill Would Create 'Passenger Advocates' to Help With TSA Disputes
Navy Sailing Toward a 300-Ship Fleet
Iraq Tells Iran No Arms to Syria to Cross Its Territory
Iraq Backs Idea of Arab Peacekeepers: Deputy Minister
Syria Tells UN Envoy That Armed Opposition Groups Must Give Up Weapons First
Syria Training Hezbollah to Use Anti-Aircraft Guns
Lebanese Villagers Take Syrian Refugees Into Their Homes
Iran Intelligence Crisis Showed Difficulty of Assessing Nuclear Data
Iran: Israel 'A Barking Dog' That Will Not Dare Attack Islamic Republic Over Nuclear Program
Israelis Laugh About Iran Nukes, Government Threat
Fatah Accuses Iran of Trying to Block Palestinian Unity
Rights Groups Criticize Israeli Policy of Detaining Suspected Rock-Throwing Palestinian Kids
In Israel, Prospect of War With Iran Raises Questions About Home-Front Defense
Former PA PM Calls for Reconsidering One-State Solution
Arafat's Widow Considers Role in Politics to 'Continue Legacy'
Islamic Jihad Seeks 'Balance of Terror' With Israel
Iraq Militia Group Releases Captive American
Mass Graves Found in Evacuated Iranian Dissident Camp
Yemen's New President Is Facing Unrest in the South
With President Gone, Yemen Seeks to Remake Military
Profile: Ansar Al-Sharia in Yemen
Mauritania Arrests Ex-Libyan Intelligence Chief Abdullah Al-Senoussi, Sought by ICC
The Secrets of Saif Gadhafi's Jail: Chef, Satellite TV and a Basketball Court for Just One
Egypt's Islamist-Dominated Parliament to Play Pivotal Role in Drafting New Constitution
Bachmann, Rand Paul Press Clinton to Reject Military Aid to Egypt
Sinai Bedouin Lift Siege on Peacekeeper Camp
Fearing Militant Attacks, Turks Arrest Kurdish Activists
AU Somalia Force to Take Command of Kenyan Troops in Somalia
US Militant in Somalia Says His Comrades in an al-Qaeda Linked Militant Group Want to Kill Him
Ethiopia Stages Fresh Attacks Inside Eritrea
Boko Haram: Intermediary Pulls Out of Talks With Govt
Ivory Coast Launches Month of Post-Conflict 'Purification'
Guinea-Bissau Heads to Polls After President's Death in Office
Russian Police Detain Anti-Govt Protesters Denouncing Putin's Return to Presidency
Belarus Bomber Who Allegedly Killed 15 Executed According to Mother
Swedish Rescuers Find Wreckage of Norwegian Military Plane Missing Since Thursday
Weekend Reviews
A New History of the Philippine-American War
Can a Fiercely Antiwar, Anti-Political Novel Change the World?
Indicting Violence: a Pacifist Review of The Hunger Games
No Woman's Land Book Details Newswomen in Warzones
Teaching Palestine to Americans
Sgt. Robert Bales
Questions Abound 1 Week After US Soldier Kills Afghan Civilians
Wife of Accused Soldier Kept Blog on Anguish of Army Life
Army Capt.: Afghan Killing Suspect Has Saved Lives
US Massacre Suspect Had Received Anger Management Therapy
US Soldier Seen as 'Level-Headed' Before Massacre
Afghanistan Shooter Quoted in 2009 Army Article From Iraq?
Soldier Accused in Afghanistan Massacre Is Family Man, Reports Say
Gulf Widens Between US and a More Volatile Karzai
War Effort Hits New Low; Karzai at 'End of Rope'
Afghanistan Killings: Karzai Meets Village Elders as Anger Spreads
Body Cavity Searches Continue for Female Visitors to Afghan Prison Despite Aid Cutoff by US
Iranian Guard Commander Urges Afghans to Expel Americans by Force
'Now Stable Pakistan Can Reset Ties With US,' Says Gen. Dempsey
Eight 'Terrorists' Killed in Pakistan's Orakzai Agency
School Blown Up in Mardan
Three Alleged Bombers Killed in Zakhakhel
South Koreans Yield to Outside Pressure and US Veterans Are Denied Access to Return to Korea
South Korean Police Seek First Arrest Warrants for Foreigners in Naval Base Protests
Conflict Deepens Over Naval Base Construction in South Korea
China Exerts Rare Public Pressure on North Korea Over Missile Plan
North Korea to Invite Observers to Satellite Launch
Lieberman Refused to Have Luggage Checked at South Korea's Airport
Reasons for China Leadership Shakeup Still Uncertain
China Poised to Limit Use of Mental Hospitals to Curb Dissent
How to Kill China's 'Carrier-Killer' Missile: Jam, Spoof and Shoot
Thousands of Tibetans Join Funeral After Farmer Sets Self on Fire in Western China
India Links Delhi Attack on Israeli to Thai Plot
Italian Tourists Taken Hostage by Maoists in India: Report
Thai Police Say Suspected Insurgents Kill Student, Wound 2 in Attack Aimed at Army Bus
Tajik Web Users Rail Against Online Censorship
East Timor Votes for New President in Key Test of Young Nation's Political Stability
Colombian Soldiers Killed in FARC Attack
Colombia Rebels: Ready to Start Freeing 10 Hostages, but Waiting for Visits With Jailed Rebels
Falklands: Britain 'Would Lose' if Argentina Decides to Invade Now
Daughter of Chilean Diplomat Killed in Venezuela; 11 Police Officers Under Investigation
In Mexico, a Kidnapping Ignored as Gang Crimes Go Unpunished
El Salvador to Give Pensions to Ex-Rebel Fighters
Americans Still Dying
Hesperia (CA) Army Medic Dies of Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan in December
Volunteer Fireman From Hazel Green (WI) Dies in Afghanistan
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