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Updated April 9, 2012 - 10:15 PM EDT
US: 'Last Chance' for Iran to Shut Nuclear Program
  Officials: Israel 'Glad' to See Iran Rejecting US Demands
Syrian Rebels: Annan's Peace Plan 'Doomed'
  Annan Slams 'Surge of Violence and Atrocities' in Syria
Israeli Troops Practice for Occupation of Lebanon
  Israel Bars Entry to Poet Who Wrote Against Attacking Iran
Afghans, US Sign Deal on Night Raids
Yemen Air Force, US Drone Kill 24 Suspects
Car Bomb Near Nigeria Churches Kills 38
In Hiding, Mali President Issues Resignation
Rendition Ordeal Raises New Questions About Secret Trials
How the Politics of Intervention Encourage Bad Foreign Policy  by Conor Friedersdorf
Israelis Can Be Angry With Gunter Grass, but They Must Listen to Him  by Gideon Levy
False Prophets of Nuclear Proliferation  by Zachary Keck
Joining the Whistleblowers' Club  by Peter Van Buren and Tom Engelhardt
Obama Turns Super-Hawk  by Danny Schechter
'Civil Liberties? They're Safe.' And if You Believe That…  by John Naughton

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Lib Dems Prepared to 'Kill' UK Online Surveillance Plans
'Expect More Online Attacks,' Anonymous Hackers Say
Anonymous Says Hacks Tunisia Prime Minister's Emails
Russian Opposition Holds First Red Square Protest
One Killed in Kosovo Blast
Baghdad Fell ... and Nine Years Later It's Still Falling
Abbas to Netanyahu: Respond Favorably to Our Peace Plan or We Return to UN
Israel Signals Willingness to Accept Western Plans for Next Round of Iran Nuclear Talks
In an Israeli Lab, the World's Smallest Drone, Funded by the US
Israel Asks Obama to Release Convicted Spy Pollard
Monti Wants Italy-Israel Jet Deal Done Soon
Turkey Warns of 'Steps' if Syria Mayhem Doesn't End
A Syrian Rebel Commander Bemoans Lack of International Aid
US Policy on Iraq Questioned as Influence Wanes, Maliki Consolidates Power
Kurdish Leader Warns of Maliki Dictatorship, Again
South Ossetia Holds Runoff Presidential Vote
India, Pakistan Agree to Normalize Relations
Pakistan: 14 'Terrorists' Killed in Orakzai Agency
South Korea Suspects That North May Test Nuclear Device as Well as Rocket
Lack of Female Lawyers in Eastern Afghanistan
Mubarak Aide Presidency Bid an 'Insult': Islamist Rival
Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Says He Is Running to Cement the Group's Rise in Egypt
Egyptian Presidential Candidate Carries Banner of the Old Order
New Blast Hits Egypt Gas Pipeline Serving Jordan, Israel
Egypt's Islamist Candidate Says IMF Deal Unlikely
Middle East
Yemen's Sanaa Airport Re-Opens After Pro-Saleh Protest
Bahrain Refuses to Send Hunger Striker to Denmark
US, Libya Probe Oil Firms
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Rapidly Ending the War in Afghanistan Solves Many Problems

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The Islamophobia Excuse

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The Passion of Bradley Manning

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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

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Is Iran a Threat?

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Was Elliott Abrams Hitler's Senior Advisor?

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