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Updated April 22, 2012 - 11:22 PM EDT
Iran Cleric Praises Atom Talks, Signals Shift
Turkey and Iraq in War of Words
  Is Iraqi Kurdistan Close to Secession?
Congress to Boost Aid to Israel Missile Defense
UN Votes to Boost Syria Mission to 300 Observers
Britain's MI5 Aided Gadhafi, Betrayed Dissidents
China Warns US of 'Confrontation' Over South China Seas
Reports: NATO Missile Defense Overpriced, Underpowered
This Is Politics Not Sport. If Drivers Can't See That, They Are the Pits  by Robert Fisk
Benny Morris and 'Palestinian Rejectionism'  by Daniel Levy
The TSA's Mission Creep Is Making the US a Police State  by Jennifer Abel
Why the Right Hated the Iran Talks  by Robert Dreyfuss
Afghan Screams Aren’t Heard  by Kathy Kelly and Hakim
Ten Rules of the 'War on Terrorism'  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Accused WikiLeaks Source Gets Stage Treatment
Three Killed in South Libya Clashes
In Bahrain, More Clashes, and Death of a Protester
Iran's Parchin Complex: Why Are Nuclear Inspectors So Focused on It?
Radical Left at Crossroads in Latin America
USAF Comptroller: $1 Billion IT System a Bust
Obama Urges Sudan Talks After Heglig 'Withdrawal'
South Sudan Says Troops Bombed During Flashpoint Pullout
South Sudan, Reeling From Sudan Counterattack, Says It Will Withdraw From Heglig
South Sudan's Oil Facility 'Bombed by Sudan'
Loyalist Soldiers Move Into Mali's Rebel-Held North
UN Food Agency Resumes Airlifts of Emergency Food to Mali
UN Threatens Sanctions Against Coup Leaders in Guinea-Bissau if Government Isn't Restored
Uganda Kony-Hunting Soldiers Face Jungle Threats
Army Probes Drug Use by Soldiers in Afghanistan
Afghan Official Says 10 Tons of Explosives Smuggled From Pakistan Seized, Attack Foiled
Afghans Put Faith in Elite Military Unit
Denmark Takes the Lead on Afghanistan Coalition
China/Tibet/North Korea
China and North Korea Hold Highest-Level Talks Since Rocket
China's Bo Backed, Then Blocked Murder Probe Against His Wife: Sources
US Website Covering China's Bo Xilai Scandal Hacked
China Frees Vietnamese Fishermen Held on Paracel Islands
Two Tibetans 'Die After Self-Immolation in China'
Japan to Write Off $3.7bn Myanmar Debt
Collision with US Special Ops Craft Kills Fisherman in Southern Philippines
Pakistan Blocks Head of Airline From Leaving the Country as Probe Begins Into Deadly Crash
Americans Still Dying
Providence (RI) Marine Leaves Behind Wife and One-Year-Old Son
Deployed Just 2 Weeks, Texas Soldier With Ties to Connecticut Dies in Attack
Navy Seabee From Virginia Dies at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti
Family Remembers Fallen Sulphur Springs (TX) Army Ranger
Friends, Family Say Goodbye to Ohio Guardsman Killed by Suicide Bomber
US Marine From Saipan Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Iran's Parchin Complex: Why Are Nuclear Inspectors So Focused on It?
Ex-National Security Adviser: No Apologies to Israel Over Iran
Asian, African Refiners Extend Oil Deals With Iran for 2012
Homs Residents Press UN Observers for Foreign Troops
'Armed Terrorist' Group Blows Up Pipeline in Syria
Syrian Opposition Leader, Talking to Israel Radio, Says Syrians Want Peace With Israel
Israel Claims 'Concrete Evidence' Terrorists Are Planning Terror Attack in Sinai
Netanyahu Coalition Could Fall Apart if West Bank Neighborhood Is Dismantled, Says Vice PM
EU in Jerusalem Condemns Eviction of Arab Family
Egypt Court 'Cannot Rule on Poll Ban for Ex-Regime Leaders'
Egypt's Military Ruler Speaks Out After Tens of Thousands Protest for Civilian Rule
New Brotherhood Candidate Pitched in to Egypt Race
Sinai Bedouin Factions Demand Egypt Amend Peace Accord With Israel
Yemeni Troops Battle al-Qaeda Militants in South of the Country; 19 People Killed
French Red Cross Official Kidnapped in Yemen
Middle East
Iraq: 13 Iraqis Killed, 40 Wounded in Random Violence
Eight Turkish Officers Arrested in 1997 Coup Probe
Lebanon PM: Cabinet to Stay in Office Till 2013 Polls
Germany Says NATO to Deploy 700 Additional Troops to Kosovo Ahead of Serbia Election
Army to Transfer Bamberg Airfield to Germans Two Years Earlier Than Planned
Jailed Ukrainian Ex-Prime Minister Tymoshenko Moved to Hospital, Possibly Against Her Will
Belarus Leader Says Will Jail Freed Foe if He 'Blabbers'
Weekend Reviews
A Compelling Case for Iraq War Crimes Tribunal
The Crisis of Zionism: Undeterred by Unavoidable Realities
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