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Updated May 10, 2012 - 11:28 PM EDT

Syria Suicide Bombers Kill 70, Wound 372

  Sen. Kerry Argues Arming the Syrian Opposition
  Roadside Bomb Targets Syrian Military, UN Observers
Poll: US Opposition to Afghan War Hits New High
  French President-Elect to Announce 2012 Afghanistan Withdrawal
US Drones, Air Strikes Kill 17 in Southern Yemen
FBI: Fake Plot Proves Need for Warrantless Spying

'Vomiting and Screaming': Trashed Waterboard Tapes

Obama Sends US Special Ops Back into Yemen
Philippines: US to Protect Our Claims in S. China Sea
Turkey Will Ignore Interpol's Iraq VP Extradition Order
Bad for America, Bad for Israel, Bad for the World  by Rep. Ron Paul
Michael Oren Pinkwashes the Truth About Israel  by Aeyal Gross
The Chen Affair: American Imperialism Wrapped in Humanitarianism  by Bruce Ramsey
We the People: Stop the War in Afghanistan  by Joe Parko
Uncle Sam the Snooper  The Washington Times
Is the US an Accidental Empire?  The Globalist

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US Air Force Drones May Conduct 'Incidental' Domestic Surveillance

State Dept. to Congress: More Cash for Arab Countries

US Military Snipers Make a Lot More Kills

Most Europeans Oppose Iran Oil Sanctions: Poll

Soldier Gets 6 Yrs. in Prison for Rape of S. Korean Teen


As US-Taliban Talks Stall, Hope for Political Solution Dims

UN Official Says Afghan Security Has Overshadowed Humanitarian Needs, Poor Could Get Poorer

Panel Cuts Foreign Aid, Military Aid to Pakistan

Winter Killed at Least 100 Afghan Refugee Children, Study Estimates

Parents of Captured Soldier Say US Tried to Trade With Taliban

Al-Qaeda Leader: Avenge Afghan Quran Burning

Over 100 Afghan Girls' Schools Shut Down, Taliban Blamed


Iraq's Forgotten Refugees Fear Syrians Take Their Aid

Large Military Force Arrives in Kirkuk for Cabinet Meeting

Ayalon: Compromise on Iran's Civilian Program 'Worse Than No Deal'

Shaul Mofaz Broadens Israel Coalition's Views on Iran

After Surprise Unity Deal, Knesset Approves Mofaz as Netanyahu's Deputy

Report: Turkey Completes Probe of 2010 Gaza Flotilla Raid


US Blacklists Sons of Mexico Drug Lord

Twelve Decapitated Near Guadalajara, Drug Gang Suspected

Middle East-North Africa

Libya Govt. Starts to Get Tough on Road to Democracy

In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive

'Bomb Plot' Reveals Saudi Intelligence Network, Inroads

Egypt: Low Court Orders Suspension of Presidential Elections, Ruling Likely to Be Overturned

Clinton Urges Bahrain to Do More on Human Rights


South Sudan Accuses Khartoum of More Border Attacks

Sudan 'Blocks Aid' to Civilians in Rebel-Held Blue Nile

British Navy 'Forced to Drop Year-Round Somalia Piracy Patrols'

UN Chief Urges Immediate Restoration of Government in Guinea-Bissau Which Was Ousted in Coup

Protesters in Moscow Try New Tactics to Avoid Arrests

Dmitry Medvedev Back as PM to Complete Russia Job Swap

Yulia Tymoshenko Ends Hunger Strike After Hospital Move

Vienna Buries Remains of Nazi Victims

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