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Updated May 18, 2012 - 11:02 PM EDT
House OKs Indefinite Detention of Suspects
  Roll Call Vote on Final Approval of NDAA
Israeli Leaders Harden Stance, Plan Iran Attack
  US Envoy to Israel: US Has Ready Plans to Strike Iran
  Russia's Medvedev: Attack on Syria or Iran Could Spark Nuclear War
  House Bill Shifting Red Line for War on Iran Passes Overwhelmingly
  GOP Blocks Iran Sanctions Bill, Insisting on Including Threat of War
House Rejects Effort to End Afghan War
  Obama Asking for Help Funding Afghan Army
  US Redefines Afghan Success Before Conference
US Finally Confirms Ground Campaign in Yemen
  South Yemen Sees Secession as Route to Defeating al-Qaeda
  US Drone Kills Three as Yemeni Offensive Continues
Israeli Troops Attack Gaza Farmers, Wound 8
Mladic Genocide Trial Suspended Indefinitely
US May Not Apologize for Killing Pakistani Soldiers
Hondurans Attack Govt Buildings, Demand US Leave
Syrian Opposition Still Unorganized, Faces More Infighting
How Many Innocent Civilians Did NATO Kill in Libya?
US Charity Secretly Funds Israeli Nukes  by Grant Smith
Walk to the NATO Summit: Striding Toward Peace  by Buddy Bell
Is US Going Above and Beyond for Israel?  by Walter Pincus
Dangerous Legislation  by Rep. Ron Paul
Who Needs War for Oil?  by Robert P. Murphy
Afghanistan's Chicago Resistance  by Malalai Joya

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Roll Call Vote on Anti-Iran Bill
Roll Call Vote on Afghan Withdrawal
US Bill Against Pakistan Aid Defeated
House to Consider Proposal to Bar Indefinite Detention After Arrests on US Soil
Defense Budget Debate Touches on Afghanistan, NASCAR
No Credible Threat to NATO Summit: FBI
Georgian Power Struggle Becomes DC Lobbying Battle
OPEC Sees Sanctions Taking Toll on Iran Oil Production
Antiwar Protesters March at Obama Chicago HQ
11 Killed as Taliban Strike Governor's Office
Attacks by Taliban Rise in Surge Areas
Helmand Deaths Prompt UK Security Rethink
Afghan Interior Minister Cites Lack of Police Discipline as a Major Challenge
As NATO Prepares to Meet, Taliban Attack Reminder of Volatility in Afghanistan
Lessons in a Catalog of Afghan War Wounds May Be Lost
A Stars and Stripes Reporter Recounts the Terror of an IED
US Commandoes Rehearsed Abbottabad Raid at 'Camp Alpha' in Bagram
Activist Chen Guangcheng Says Passport Application Done
US Suspends Sanctions on Investment in Myanmar
Jailed Sri Lanka Leader Sarath Fonseka 'To Be Freed'
UN Probes Possible North Korea Arms Trade With Syria, Myanmar
US Justice Dept Urges Terror Label for Nigerian Militants
Bombs Target Nigerian Primary Schools
Port Harcourt Blast: Nigerian 'Robbers' Killed
Somaliland Court Sentences 17 to Death for Attack on Military Base
Anti-American Rhetoric Subsides in Russia
Turks Say Israeli Plane Violated Northern Cyprus Airspace
Turkey Asks Israel to Explain Airspace 'Violation'
Israel Grooms Ties With EU Member Czech Republic
Syrian Opposition Leader to Resign
Syria's Assad: Nations That Sow Chaos Will Suffer
Israel Becomes a Target in Egypt's Presidential Vote
Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate an Underdog in Egypt
Interactive: Egypt Election Countdown
Iraq's Row With Turkey Continues; 1 Killed, 23 Wounded in Attacks
Iraqi National Alliance Meets Without Maliki
25th Anniversary of the USS Stark Attack
Middle East
Yemeni Army Pushing Into Al-Qaeda Stronghold
Al-Qaeda Urges Saudis to Oust Ruling Family
Libyan Women Hope for Gains in Elections
One Child Killed in Fighting in Northern Lebanon
Kurdish MPs Demand Probe Into American Intelligence in Kurdish Village Bombardment
Probe Underway in Remote Area of Honduras After Gunfight Involving US Drug Agents
Cuban President's Daughter Gets US Visa
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