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Updated May 20, 2012 - 11:19 PM EDT
Obama: Iran's Nuclear Program a 'Grave Concern'
  Panetta: Military Option For Iran 'Not Being Weighed'
NATO Sees Afghan Failure, Haggles Over the Bill
  New, More Extreme Insurgent Group Rises in Afghanistan
  Suicide Bomber Attacks Checkpoint in Eastern Afghanistan, Killing 13
  Cell Doors 'Incapable of Locking' at Giant Afghan Jail
NATO Struggles To Sustain Itself
  Obama to Unveil Modest Initiatives for NATO
Did Chicago Police Plant Evidence in NATO 'Plot'?
'Lockerbie Bomber' Megrahi Has Died in Libya
Assad Blames Foreign Terrorists After Bombing
US Drone in Yemen Kills 2 After Clashes Kill 34
Claims of Obama's 'Secret Deal' With Russia Draw Dems' Ire
Why Americans Are Less Hawkish Than Their Leaders  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Why Don't 'High-Value' Gitmo Detainees Get a Trial?  by Andy Worthington
What Are the Purposes of a Foreign Policy?  by Robert A. Taft
The Case Against 'Indefinite Detention'  by Rep. Adam Smith & Rep. Justin Amash
Applying the Six-Day War to Iran  by Ray McGovern
To Talk or Not to Talk  by Peter Jenkins

More Viewpoints

Anti-NATO Demonstrators Descend on Chicago Mayor's Home
Congressmen Seek to Lift Domestic Propaganda Ban
UK May Keep Troops in Afghanistan Post-2014 to 'Fight Terrorism'
Egypt Army Beat, Tortured Protesters: Rights Group
Saudi Gulf Union Plan Stumbles as Wary Leaders Seek Detail
Syrian Opposition: Israel Is Assad's Biggest Ally
Crackdown on Students Stokes Fury Within Syria
Beirut Divisions Over Syria Emerge in Graffiti
March 14 Officials Slam Syria's UN Envoy Over Lebanon Claims
Officials Call for Boosting Security Measures in North Lebanon
Qatar and UAE Call on Their Citizens to Leave Lebanon for Security Reasons
Jewish Settlers 'Uproot Trees Near Hebron'
Israel's Southern Border Fence Progressing
South Africa to Ban Labeling Product Made in Palestine as 'Made in Israel'
Denmark FM: Products From Settlements Should Be Labelled
Israel: After 4 Months, Largest UAV Remains Grounded
Six Killed in Iraq Violence
Iraqis Protest Turkish Interference
Maliki, in Charm Offensive, Invites Scholars to Baghdad
Middle East
Turkish Civilian Killed in Attack by Kurdish Rebels
Sunni Bahrainis Stage Rally in Support of Saudi Union
Cradle of Libyan Revolution Votes for Local Council
Tunisians Wounded in Revolt Say They Are Forgotten
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Backs €1 Bn Fund for 'Arab Democracies'
Officials Say 5 Killed, 6 Injured in Blasts in Somali Capital Mogadishu
Mauritius, Somalia in Deal to Prosecute Pirates
India-Italy Ties Turn Sour Over Naval Guards Case
UK MoD Faces Criticism Over Redundancies
Seven Charged in Major Roundup of Irish Militant Suspects
Young Mexicans March Against Old Ruling Party, Despite Lead in Polls
Mexico Detains 4th Mexican Army Officer for Questioning, Following Drug Allegations
New Hints at Looser Travel Rules Stir Hope in Cuba
Haiti Police: 2 Americans Among 50 People Detained in Pro-Army March
Brazil President to Receive Apologies for Abuses She Suffered During Dictatorship
NATO Summit
Echoes of Eurozone Crisis at NATO Meeting
Arrested Protester Charges Mistreatment After Police Raid Apartment
NATO Summit Demonstrations Peaceful Despite Terrorist Charges
Panetta Refuses Paying Pakistan $5k Per Container Headed to Afghanistan
NATO Chief Urges Pakistan to Help Stabilize Afghanistan
Two Shot Dead in Balochistan
Three Tortured Bodies Recovered in Peshawar
Four Dead as Violence Continues in Karachi
Railway Track Blown Up in Quetta
Blind Chinese Activist Chen Lands in US
Beijing Rejects US Report on Chinese Military
Chinese Security Chief Seems to Keep Grip on Power
Surprise! China's Stealth Jets Are 2 Years Ahead of Schedule
Sri Lanka
Clinton Urges Sri Lanka to Prosecute War Criminals
Sri Lanka Military Parade Marks War Anniversary
Sri Lanka President Rejects Calls to Demilitarize Former Northern War Zone
Suspected Rebels Explode Grenades at 2 Police Stations in Indian-Controlled Kashmir, 14 Hurt
Thousands Mark 'Red Shirt' Crackdown in Bangkok
US Military
Earmark Puts $17,000 Drip Pans on Army Helicopters
Mids Describe Smooth Transition From 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
House Votes to Keep Military Enlistment Age Cap
Corps Interested in Bullet-Stopping Shields
50 Years After Start of Vietnam War, US Presses to Recover Remains
Americans Still Dying
Rolla (MO) Soldier Was Set to Be New Father Next Month
Wichita (KS) Soldier on 4th Combat Tour Dies in Afghanistan
Kentucky Mourns Loss of Jeffersonville Soldier in Afghanistan
Memorial Held for Clarksville (TN) Paratrooper Killed by Roadside Bomb
Friends, Family Remember Army Master Sgt From Arkansas
Lucerne Valley (CA) Soldier Described as Being 'One of the Best Kids in Town'
Houston (TX) Sailor Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Bahrain
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