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Updated July 9, 2012 - 11:14 PM EDT
35 Killed, Including 7 NATO Troops, in Afghanistan
  Obama Pushes to Keep Aid Level High in Afghanistan Through 2017
  Video: US Attack Helicopter Kills Farmers While Pilot Sings
Assad Accuses US of 'Destabilizing' Syria
  Syria Holds Military Drill to Simulate Defending Against Invasion
Pro-NATO Bloc Claims Early Lead in Libya Vote
  Libya Sees a Violent Return to Democracy
Egypt President Defies Junta, Recalls Parliament
US Cell Phone Companies See Surveillance Requests Soar
Thousands Rally in Pakistan Against US Supply Deal
Yemen: Saleh-Allied Troops Destroyed Oil Pipeline
Mysterious Fatal Crash Offers Look at US Commandos in Mali
Why No One Notices Our MAD Planet  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
Russians Strongly Oppose Military Intervention in Syria  by Mark Adomanis
West Speaks With a Forked Tongue on the Arab Spring  by Haroon Siddiqui
Poisoning Arafat  by Uri Avnery
The Arms Race That Won't Happen  by Steve Chapman
Debating Amnesty About Syria and Double Standards  by Joe Emersberger

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Abbas Invites Swiss Experts to Take Arafat Probe Samples
International Group Urges Sanctions on Russians
German Firms Ship Dual-Use Goods to Iran
Japanese-American Pilgrimage to Internment Camp at Tulelake
DEA Agents Killed Pilot of Drug Flight in Honduras
Trio Urges Taliban to Enter Dialogue
Kabul, a City Stretched Beyond Its Limits
Infographic: Afghanistan Aid Pledges
Thirsty Nimruz Residents Call for More Water
Clinton: US, Pakistan Ties Still Raise Tough Questions
Karachi Violence Claimed 1,257 Lives in 6 Months
India Provides Pakistan 'New Proofs' on Mumbai Attacks
Tokyo Makes Bid to Buy Disputed Islands
Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh Take the Stage in North Korea in Performance for Leader Kim

52 Killed in Nigeria Raids and Reprisals

DR Congo Rebels Seize Strategic Town of Rutshuru
Sudan Opposition Politician Kamel Omar Arrested
Northern Mali: A Dying Land
In Niger Refugee Camp, Anger Deepens Against Mali's Al-Qaeda-Linked Islamists
Scuffle Between Chavez Backers, Foes Stirs Fears of Potentially Violent Campaign in Venezuela
US Military
Sikorsky, US Sign $7.3 Billion Black Hawk Order
Navy Awards $212 Million Landing Craft Contract to Textron
Election Results in Libya Break an Islamist Wave
Libya's Jibril Calls for Grand Coalition
EU: 'Significance of Libyan Elections Can't Be Overstated'
Obama, Clinton Vow US Support for Libya After National Elections
Four Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded in Latest Violence; Kurds Defy Baghdad on Oil Exportation
Iraq VP Death Squad Trial Delayed Pending Ruling
Kurdistan National Security Council Formed
Civilian Killed, Another Wounded in Baquba
Palestinians Claim Jewish Settlers Attacked Villagers, Killed Livestock
Netanyahu Orders Expedited Construction of Israel-Egypt Border Fence
Israelis Protest Military Draft Exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox
Middle East
Syria's Assad Rejects Egypt, Libya Comparisons
Prominent Shi'ite Cleric Arrested in Saudi
Yemen: 4 Killed When Clashes Between Protesters, Army Break Out at Secessionist March
Turkish Soldier Killed and One More Wounded in Eastern Bomb Blast
Egypt Seizes 68 Migrants Trying to Enter Israel
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