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Updated July 15, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Reports of Syrian Massacre Discredited
  Syria's Defected Baghdad Envoy Criticizes Iraq's Maliki
Military: Iran's Missiles Can't Reach US After All
  Experts: UK Spy Chief's Iran Warning Is an Exaggeration
General Hypes Threat of IEDs in US
  Whistleblower: NSA Gathering Info on 'Virtually Every Citizen'
  Hidden Scanners Will Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away
Afghan Commander Among 23 Dead in Bombing
'No War on Iran' Billboards Up in Oklahoma City
China's State News Agency Accuses US of 'Meddling'
Tiny 2-Foot Bomb Could Be 'Months' Away From Drone War
Excuses for Assassination Secrecy  by Glenn Greenwald
Covering Syria: The Information War  by Aisling Byrne
Spies Against Armageddon – and Towards a Moral Morass?  by Marsha B. Cohen
No War for Manila  by Doug Bandow
Drone Strikes Do Fuel Blowback in Yemen  by Nick Sibilla
Two Faces: Israel's Prime Ministers  by Uri Avnery

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Cuba Receives First US Shipment in 50 Years
One in 10 Prisoners Is a Former Soldier, New Research Reveals
Alaska's Kodiak Tribe Eyes Surplus Coast Guard Land
Clinton Calls for Full Civilian Rule in Egypt
Jordan Under Pressure to Appease Brotherhood
Letters of South Carolina Soldier Killed in Vietnam Come Home
Libya Militias 'Hold Thousands' as Deadline Passes
Libyan National Forces Alliance Leader Seeks Coalition After Landslide Poll Win
Libyan Officials Are Recounting Some Votes, Looking Into Appeals a Week After Nationwide Vote
Fighters in Misrata, Libya, Spoiling for a Fight Against Last Gadhafi Loyalists
Syria Says Suicide Bomber Kills 4 in Central Town
Tremseh Killings Targeted Rebels, UN Says
Red Cross Classifies Syrian Violence as 'Internal Armed Conflict'
Canada's Ambassador Expects China to Change Syria Stance
Report: Hezbollah Drone Crashes in South Lebanon
Three Lebanese Army Officers in Abdel-Wahed Case Detained Again
Israel 'Still Holds 5 Foreign Women Activists'
Israeli Man Sets Himself on Fire During Tel Aviv Social Protest
IDF Kills 'Terrorist' Trying to Breach Gaza Fence
Freed Israeli Soldier Gilad Schalit Remains a Mystery Despite Recent Celebrity Status
14 Iraqis Killed as Iraqis Mark 1958 Revolution
UN Secretary General Concerned About Political Tension in Iraq
Gunmen Kill Five in Iraqi Turkmen Town
The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16iq Block 52 Fighters
Iraqis Escape Country's Woes at Lake Resort
Fresh Wave of Protests in Bahrain After Authorities Move to Curb Opposition Rallies
Bahrain Expels US Filmmaker
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Police Kill Man Who Tried to Firebomb Police Station in Shiite Region
Saudi Religious Police Accused Over Fatal Accident
Saudi Arabia Condemns Russian Comments on Human Rights
Middle East
Turkish Police and Kurds Clash, Bomb Wounds 12
Red Cross Says French Staff Member Kidnapped in Yemen Freed After 84 Days
Scottish Police Arrest Suspected Basque Separatist in Edinburgh With Help From Spanish Cops
Cyprus Court Orders Terrorism Suspect Into Police Custody
Weekend Reviews
The Critique of Pure Kagan
Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan by Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Spies Against Armageddon – and Towards a Moral Morass?
Unabated Violence Leaves 14 Dead in Karachi
Two Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found in Balochistan
The Rise of Pakistan's Televangelists
Bomb Kills Lashkar Leader in Landikotal
Eight ANP Workers Among 10 Injured in Quetta Shooting
Imran to Take Peace Convoy to Waziristan in September
Pakistan: 2 Soldiers Killed in SWA
US Pledges $151m to Help Stem Afghanistan's Thriving Drug Production
Afghans Seeking Aid in Farah Province Guided Toward Self-Sufficiency
Philippines Urges China to Explain Stranded Frigate
South Korea Mulls Offer of Iranian Oil Tankers
North Korean Leader's Brother Told to Keep Mouth Shut
Indonesian Islamic Hardliners Vow Jihad for Rohingyas
Former Tamil Tiger Snipers Join Sri Lanka Shooting Team
GE First to Sign Myanmar Deals After US Eases Sanctions
North Mali 'Terrorist' Haven Threatens Africa, Say Leaders
AU Pushes Mali to Form New Government
Witnesses Say Radical Islamists in Northern Mali Briefly Detained and Whipped 90 Protesters
Sudan, South Sudan Presidents Hold One-on-One Meeting
International Criminal Counrt Issues Arrest Warrants for African Rebels
Russian Forces Say Kill 8 Militants in Caucasus
Russia's Lower House OKs Curbs on Internet, Media and Foreign Activists
Gang of Gunmen Go on Rape, Robbery, Beating Rampage at Church Youth Camp-Out Near Mexico City
Crowd Control Tactics of Peru's Police Unmatched in Lethality Among Region's Security Forces
Americans Still Dying
Austin (TX) Soldier Planned to Leave Army, Return to College
Columbia (MO) Soldier Was to Return Home in August
Newlywed Kinnelon (NJ) Paratrooper Killed in Afghanistan
Oviedo (FL) Army Captain Leaves Behind Wife, Two Children
Tampa (FL) Army Sergeant Killed by Afghan IED
Porterville (CA) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Family: Slain Brooksville (FL) Soldier Was 'Loving, Caring Person'
Family Remembers Spring Grove (PA) Grad Who Died in Afghanistan
Arkansas Soldier Makes Trip to Final Resting Place
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