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Updated July 19, 2012 - 11:25 PM EDT
Syria Rebels Seize Iraq Border, Kill 22 Guards
  Assad Said to Have Fled Damascus Amid ‘Information Blackout’
  Syria Shells Damascus in Response to Rebel Suicide Bombing
  Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria
  Russia Accuses West of Inciting Syrian Rebels
  Syria Rebels Take Responsibility for Attack, Say Not a Suicide Bomb
House OKs Massive $606 Billion Pentagon Bill
  Obama Administration Sued for Assassinating US Citizens
  Lockheed, Cheney Lobby Against Puny Cuts in Defense Budgets

Netanyahu Refuses Explicit Iran Attack Threat

  Israel Accuses Iran in Bulgaria Bus Bomb That Kills 6
Pentagon Resumes Arms Shipments to Yemen
Taliban Blows Up 22 NATO Trucks in Afghanistan
Somali Pres. Gave Pirate Diplomatic Passport to Block Arrest
Eleven Killed in Northern Iraq Attacks
Pro-West Libya Bloc a Long Way From Forming a Govt.
CNN Expert's Civilian Drone Death Numbers Don't Add Up  by Chris Woods
News Flash: Pentagon Spends Like Drunken Sailors  by Kelley Vlahos
As Defense Cuts Loom, Industry Forces Rev Up the Propaganda Machine  by Robert Greenwald
The Damascus Suicide Bombing  by Glenn Greenwald
The Domino Delusion  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Flawed Analysis of Drone-Strike Data Is Misleading Americans  by Conor Friedersdorf

More Viewpoints

US Lawmakers Slam Afghan War as Defense Funding Debate Begins

Backlog of VA Disability Claims Growing

WikiLeaks Claims New Funding Channel in France

WikiLeaks Says It Is Running Out of Money

Lawmaker: Report on Fort Hood Attack Faults FBI

House Weighs Millions Military Spends on Sports Sponsorships


NATO Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan; 2 Injured

British Soldiers Swap Afghanistan for Olympic Duty

Pakistan Spy Chief to Discuss Drones in US

Vehicle Hits Mine in Pakistan, Killing 14 Shi'ites


Israeli Soldiers Confiscate Water Storage Tanks in West Bank

Obama Phones Netanyahu, Vows to Aid in Probe of Attack

Israel Gas Fields Pose Naval Security Challenge


Cambodia, Thailand Pull Troops From Temple Flashpoint

Kim Given New Title; North Korea Introduces Army Chief

Grim Search for the Missing in Sri Lanka

Philippines to Acquire 10 New Attack Helicopters


Bulgaria: No Mossad Warning on Attack

Hungary Nazi War Crimes Suspect Laszlo Csatary Detained

Rebels Say Bombing That Killed Top Syrian Officials Signals New Push to Topple Assad

Syrian Rebellion at Critical Moment

A Look at the 3 Syrian Officials Killed in Bombing

Middle East-N. Africa-Sahel

Iran Says US Can't Clear Gulf of Mines

Yemen Army Officer, 2 Al-Qaeda Militants Killed

Yemen President Warns Iran to Stop Meddling, Says He Has Evidence of Spy Ring

Turkish Civilians Attack US Soldiers in Southwestern Turkey

Amid Islamist Rise, Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood Pledges Caution

Egypt's President Meets Palestinian Counterpart

ICC to Conduct Preliminary Inquiry Into Mali Conflict

United States

Defense Contractors Speak Out Against Budget Cuts

McCain Defends Clinton Aide Against Accusations of Muslim Conspiracy
Gitmo War Court in Secret Session in USS Cole Trial; Accused Not Present
Judge: Man Who Stripped Nude at Airport in TSA Protest Not Guilty
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