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Updated July 23, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Trades ‘Diplomacy’ for Syria Regime Change
  Netanyahu: Israel 'Ready to Act' Against Syria
  Fighting in Aleppo as Local Leaders Back Syria's Rebels
  Secession Looming? Syrian Kurds Spurn Both Rebels and Regime
  Turkey Sends Surface-to-Air Missiles to Syrian Border
Iraq Attacks Leave 107 Killed, 216 Wounded
  Kadima Party Set to Split, Faction in Talks to Join Govt.
Afghan Cop Kills 3 US Workers, 5 Troops Killed Elsewhere
  Tensions Soar on Afghan-Pakistan Border After Pakistani Shelling
  Gen. Allen Hypes Minor Drawdown of US Troops From Afghanistan
China Announces 'Military Garrison' for South China Sea
Reporters Alarmed Over Pentagon 'Monitoring'
McChrystal Is Wrong: No Need for Draft in the Age of the Drone  by Alexander Cockburn
Why the Buenos Aires Bombing Is a False Indicator on Bulgaria  by Gareth Porter
Blair, War, Olympic Deals, and a Glimpse of Another Britain  by John Pilger
Alexander Cockburn and the Radical Power of the Word  by John Nichols
Grant Asylum to Assange  by Mairead Maguire
When Human-Rights Legislation Goes Wrong  by Mark Adomanis

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War Is Still a Racket
by Christopher J. Coyne
High Anxiety on the Hill About Civilian Drone Use
Chertoff: Heated Political Rhetoric Threatens Public Safety
Shipload of US Ospreys Arrives in Japan Despite Protests From Residents
Somali Militants Execute 3 Said to Inform CIA, MI6
Colorado Governor Sees Shooter as a 'Terrorist'
Israel Military Says Shots Fired Toward Soldiers From Egypt; No Injuries Reported
Egypt President: 1952 Coup Fell Short on Democracy
Muslim Brotherhood Denounced at Cairo Funeral for Egypt's Longtime Spy Chief Omar Suleiman
Political Wrangling Leaves Gaza Patients Stranded
Gaza to Soon Get Electricity and Gas From Egypt, Hamas Official Says
'PA to Seek Non-Member State Status at UN'
Arab League Backs Bid for UN Nod to Palestine
Eight Children Among 16 Killed in Hangu, Dir Blasts
Shootings Suspend Pakistan Vaccination Program
'Sticky Bombs,' Like Those Used in Iraq, Now Appearing in Afghanistan
Aid With Strings for Afghanistan
Key Afghans Tied to Mass Killings in '90s Civil War
Lost Boys of Bagram Still Live in Prison's Shadow
Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine State 'Abused'
Rohingya: The World's Most Forgotten People
US Military
Army Destroyed Report That Favored Software That Detected Buried Bombs
Weak California Economy Boosts Military Recruiting
Marine Corps Creates Law Enforcement Battalions
US Navy: 2 Dead From Oman Helicopter Crash
US F-16 Crashes in Pacific Off Japan; Pilot Rescued
Israel Complains to UN After Syrian Troops Enter Golan Demilitarized Zone
Syrian Forces Bombard Damascus, Fight Rages in Aleppo
Israel Official: Syria Protecting Chemical Arsenal
Assad Regime Retakes Control of Damascus Suburbs
Syrian Army Retakes Border Post With Iraq
Israel Leader Ready to Act to Secure Syria Arsenal
Fleeing Syrian Kurds Seek Refuge With Iraqi Brethren
Yemeni Diplomat Killed in Syria
Syrians Hold on to Optimism at a Tent City in Turkey
Iraq Attacks Leave 41 Killed, 154 Wounded
Al-Qaeda: We're Returning to Old Iraq Strongholds
Middle East
Senior Yemen Army Officer Survives Roadside Bomb: Govt.
Kidnapped Libya Olympic Committee Chief Released
Facebook Disables Iranian Press TV Account
Veteran Envoy to Give Saudi Intelligence Diplomatic Savvy
Turkey Helicopter Crashes in Kurd Region; 4 Killed
Bomb Near North Nigeria Beer Garden Kills Boy, Wounds 10 Other People
Madagascar Army Says Camp Mutiny Put Down, Rebel Leader Killed
Chavez Refuses to Stop Seizing Venezuela's Airwaves During Campaign
Colombian Rebels Blow Up Cano-Limon Oil Pipeline
Top Cuba Dissident Oswaldo Paya 'Killed in Car Crash'
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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