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Updated July 27, 2012 - 11:27 PM EDT
Assad Grants Autonomy to Syria's Kurd Region
  Turkey Says It 'Will Not Tolerate' a Kurdish Sanctuary in Syria
  Syrians Flee as Fighting Escalates in Aleppo
  Russia: Calls for Assad to Step Down Are Prolonging the Conflict
  Top Syrian Defector Vies To Be Opposition's Leader
More Clashes as al-Qaeda's Iraq Surge Escalates
  Iraqi Militants Bring Down Helicopter in Clash That Leaves 19 Killed
US Paints Iranian Naval Defenses as Threat
  Amid Threats to Iran, US Air Force Says Bunker-Busters Ready To Go
  Israel, Iran Trade Accusations Over Bulgaria Bombing
Pakistan Closes NATO Supply Route Again
  Afghanistan: Example of How Not to Give Aid
Pentagon: US Mulls Attacks Against Mali
Ecuador: No Decision on Assange Until After Olympics
Spies in North Dakota Sky Signal a New Age of Surveillance
UN Helicopters, Troops Attack Rebel Camp in East Congo
The Nature of the US Military Presence in Africa  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
The Torture Victim the US Is Desperate to Gag  by Andy Worthington
House Adopts 2013 Pentagon Budget Increase  by Renee Parsons
War, Syrian-Style? Has Assad Ordered Mass Rapes?  by Russ Baker
Slouching Towards Nuremberg?  by Morris Berman
Mitt Romney Still Fighting Cold War  by Trudy Rubin

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Serial Innumeracy on Homeland Security
by John Mueller & Mark G. Stewart
'Enough Blood': Milosevic Allies Take Power in Serbia
Raul Castro: Cuba Willing to Sit Down With US
Cyberattacks Are Up, National Security Chief Says
UK Operated US Drones Over Libya
Militant N. Irish Groups Merge to Reclaim IRA Banner
Appeals Court Allows No-Fly Challenge to Proceed
Turkey Reportedly Mobilizes Tanks and Missiles to Border With Kurdish Syria
Palestinians in Syria Get Pulled Into Civil War
Jordan Says Syrian Army Shot Dead 3-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Boy on the Border
Defected Assad Confidant Visiting Turkey
Syria's Christians Cautious in Conflict
Don't Repeat in Syria the Mistakes of Bosnia, Says UN Chief
Iran Offers Syria 'Experience and Capabilities'
Turks Turn to Twitter as Erdogan Muzzles Traditional Media
US, Lockheed Martin Reach Deal on Israeli F-35 Fighter Jets
US Defense Secretary to Visit Israel for Talks on Iran, Syria
Video: Israeli Officer Headbutts Palestinian Teen
Iraqi Militants Bring Down Copter in Clash That Leaves 19 Killed
Iraqiya MP Denies Talks About Replacing Its Leader Allawi
UN Refugee Agency Calls for Patience in Iraqi Camp Dispute
Mutlaq: Meeting With Maliki Was Friendly and Positive
Shifting Egypt's Stance, Mursi Meets Hamas PM
Salafists Threaten Walkout Over Sharia Law Clause in Egypt's Constitution
Yemen May Shift Capital to Aden, Noting Sanaa Not Very Nice
Yemen's al-Qaeda Demands Release of Detainees to Free Saudi Diplomat
Middle East
Dubai Police Chief: 'Muslim Brothers Plotting Overthrow of Gulf States'
Tunisia Police Fire Warning Shots, Tear Gas at Protesters
Venezuela Set to Pull Out of Human Rights Convention and OAS Rights Bodies, Official Says
Mexico: Most Attacks on Journalists Unpunished
Pakistani Taliban Warns of Myanmar Attack to Avenge Muslim Killings
Pakistan Recounts How Doctor Helped US in bin Laden Operation
Woman Among Seven Killed in Karachi
Quiet Duo Forged Road Deal for US and Pakistan
British MPs Urge US to Stop Drone Strikes Against Pakistan
Pakistani Taliban Condemns Bajaur Blast
Pakistan's Militant War Leaves Millions Mentally Scarred
Bomb Kills Two Soldiers in Afghanistan
Karzai Warns of Corruption Crackdown
Army Assault, Muslim Militant Ambushes in Southern Philippines Leave 16 Dead
Dozens of US F-16s Cleared to Fly Again After Crash Off Japan
Sri Lanka Sets Roadmap to Probe Alleged War Crimes
Some Rue Neglect at South Korean 'Enemy Cemetery,' but Anger at North Seen as Blocking Renovation
UK Troops in Somalia 'Aiding Africa Union Force'
Drone Operations Over Somalia Pose Danger to Air Traffic
Mali Agrees to Accept Help From Foreign Troops in Bid to Oust Northern Rebels, Strengthen Army
Wave of Violent Repression Plagues Capital of Mali
Kenyan Witnesses in ICC Cases Threatened: Official
The War at Home
Congress Questions Army Role in Denying Life-Saving Software to Troops
Romney Looks to Boost Foreign Policy Credentials
Theater Security: What Will Be Done?
US Still Bringing Home WWII Dead
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