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Updated July 30, 2012 - 11:27 PM EDT
Turkey Threatens To Attack Syria's Kurdish Region
  Syrian Rebels Send Mixed Messages on Aleppo Fighting
  Chinese Warship Crosses Suez, Possibly Bound for Syria

Netanyahu Denies Getting US Iran Attack Plans

  Romney in Israel: Endorses Iran War, Alienates Palestinians
  Panetta: US, Israel United in Favor of More Iran Sanctions
Pakistan Again Calls for US to End Drone Strikes
  US Kills Seven in North Waziristan Drone Strike
  NATO Bashes Pakistan for Complaining About Cross-Border Attacks
US Is the Driving Force Behind the Fighting in Somalia
Iraq: 13 Killed in Attacks Mostly Targeting Security Personnel
Manning's Lawyers Seek to Show Torturous Conditions
NSA Chief Tells Hackers He Doesn't Create Dossiers on All Americans
How 'Confirmation Bias' Can Lead to War  by Robert Wright
Soft Necks Will Not Be Slaughtered  by Kathy Kelly and Hakim
Israel Obstructs the Peace, and Is Paid Handsomely for It  by Jonathan Cook
Syrian War of Lies and Hypocrisy  by Robert Fisk
Talking Zionism  by Uri Avnery
Extradition Gives America Jurisdiction Over the Globe  by Wendy McElroy

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Panetta Kicks Off Middle East Tour, Touting Israel-US Defense Ties
McCain's Trip to Publicize Military Spending Cuts Drawing Scrutiny
Syrian Refugees Stung by Hostile Reception in Iraq
Egypt's Islamists Tread Lightly, but Skeptics Squirm
V-22 Class-A Mishaps
Marines Aim to Counter Teachers' Opposition to Recruiting Students
Afghan District Governor, Son Killed in Attack
Afghanistan War: 2 NATO Troops Killed
Disarming Afghan IEDs: Big Job, Too Few Trained
Georgian Soldier, Wounded in Afghanistan in January, Dies
NATO Supplies Remain Suspended
Afghans in Pakistan Face a Perilous Future
Bangladesh: Assam Ethnic Unrest Toll Rises to 50
Thousands in Hong Kong Protest China Patriotism Classes
Congo's Kabila: Rwanda's Rebel Backing No Secret
Mali's Interim President Says He 'Trusts' Army With His Security, His 1st Speech Since Return
Sudan: Bleak Prospects for Sudan's Talks on S. Kordofan and Blue Nile
In Cyprus, a New Generation Inherits a Conflict
Colombian FARC Rebels Release Two Abducted Pilots
Major Mexican Newspaper Suffers Third Attack So Far This Month, 15 Injured
Bolivia Polls Natives on Jungle Highway
Panetta: Aleppo Assault 'Nail in Assad's Coffin'
Syria Says It Recaptures Aleppo District After Battle
Aleppo to Be Syria Army's 'Graveyard': Rebel Chief
Syria Rebels Say World Must Intervene to Stop Aleppo Massacre
Syria Lashes Out at Saudi, Qatar, Turkey
Toppling Assad a 'Naive Illusion,' Iran Tells Rebels
3 Syrians Injured by Landmine on Lebanon-Syria Border
12,000 Syrian Refugees in Algeria: Official Source
Syria's FM, Visiting Tehran, Says Israel Is Leading 'The Plot to Bring Down Assad'
Romney Says Iran 'Can't Be Trusted'
Iran Young, Urbanized, and Educated: Census
Romney Declares Jerusalem to Be Israel's Capital
Chief Palestinian Negotiator Blasts Romney Over Speech
Gunmen of Former Regime Loyalist Seize, Then Abandon, Security Building in Yemen
Parcel Bomb Kills Yemen Tribal Chief's Son
Convoy of Libyan General Comes Under Fire, Latest Attack on Former Officials in East
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