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Updated July 31, 2012 - 11:13 PM EDT
US Marines' New Battalions Eyed as World Police
Report: US Projects in Afghanistan Wasteful
Panetta: Iran Sanctions Not Working, But They Stay
  Iran Diplomacy Runs Into Sanctions-Happy US Congress
Both Rebels, Regime Claim Progress in Syria's Aleppo

Al-Qaeda Turns Tide for Rebels in Battle for Eastern Syria

  Iran Warns Turkey Not to Invade Syria
Pakistan to US: If We're Allies, Stop Attacking Us

Iraq Attacks Kill 29, Bombs Focus on Baghdad

  Audit: State Dept.'s Iraq Police Scheme a Total Flop
Is Mitt Being Neoconned Into War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Drug-War Regime Change in Venezuela?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Consign Bush's 'Torture Memos' to History  by Morris D. Davis
The Mouse That Roared  by Philip Giraldi
WikiLeaks and the War on Drugs  by Blanche Petrich Moreno
Germany's Risky Weapons Exports  by U. Demmer, R. Neukirch, H. Stark

More Viewpoints

Budget Officials: Navy's 30-Year Shipbuilding Plan Underfunded by $94 Billion

M1 Abrams Tank Builder Pushes Congress to Keep Contract Going

Iranian Soldiers Blamed for Israeli Diplomat Attack in India

Photoshopping a War Photo

Anti-Leak Measure Targets Background Briefings


Afghan Forces' Deaths Outstrip NATO's 5-1

Afghanistan Veterans With Genital Wounds Receive Little Help From Pentagon

Haqqani Network Threatens US-Pakistani Ties


Palestinian Killed, Two Wounded in Israeli Shelling in E. Jerusalem

Israeli MPs Urge Romney to Support Clemency for Jonathan Pollard

Romney Gaffe on Palestinian 'Thrift'

In Israel, Romney Wows Crowds but Puzzles With Grasp of Palestinian Relationship
Behind Dispute Over Military Service, Two Very Different Views of Israel

Israel Charges Golan Druze With Spying for Syria


Kurdish Forces Deployed in Northern Iraq

Fugitive Iraq VP Granted Resident Permit in Turkey; 5 Killed in Attacks

Slovakia Mulls Possible Trial of Nazi-Era Suspect

Military Drafted in to Fill Empty Seats at London Olympics

Punk Band Members Plead Not Guilty Over Moscow Protest

Russia to Get Stronger Nuclear Navy, Putin Says

US Defense Chief: Syria Military Must Remain Intact When Assad Goes
Syrian Rebels Seize Rural Territory While Assad Forces Focus on Major Cities

Refugees Escape Syria to a Barren Plain of Sweat and Grit

UN Says 200,000 Have Fled Aleppo Battle

Syria's Top Diplomat in London Defects

UN Mission Chief's Convoy Attacked in Rebel-Held Area in Syria

Israel's Barak Plays Down Syrian Chemical Arms Risk

Middle East-North Africa

America's Uneasy Gulf Allies Adding to Arsenals

Detained Shi'ite Cleric 'Mentally Ill': Saudi Minister

Yemeni Lawmaker Escapes Assassination Attempt

Moroccan King Vows to Press Ahead With Reforms


Two Dead in Nigerian Suicide Attacks


Australia and New Zealand Restore Full Ties With Fiji

North Korea Dismisses South's Talk of Reform

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Balkans Redux

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Four More Years of Warrantless Surveillance

Ivan Eland
The Drug War Expands to Africa

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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