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Updated August 2, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT

Obama OKs Covert Support for Syrian Rebels

  Kofi Annan Quits as Syria Peace Envoy
  UN Still Angling for Syria 'Safe Zone'
  Report: Turkey Gives Syria Rebels Anti-Plane Missiles
  US Okays Non-Profit for Arming Syrian Rebels
Attacks Leave 54 Killed, 74 Wounded Across Iraq
  July the Deadliest Month in Iraq in Two Years
Netanyahu: US Threats Toward Iran 'Not Enough'
Putin Urges NATO to Stay in Afghanistan
Old NATO Cluster Bomb Kills 2 Serbian Soldiers
Obama: No Mil. Contract Layoff Warnings Before Election
Rights Group: Bahrain Regime 'Weaponizing Tear Gas'
Mitt Romney's Anti-Nuclear Imperialism  by Tim Black
Romney, Netanyahu, and George Washington's Warning  by David Bromwich
Goodbye to Gore Vidal, America's Biographer and Champion  by Brian Doherty
New GOP Voices Changing the Party's Standard Rhetoric on War by Bruce Ramsey
No Military Intervention in Syria  by Phyllis Bennis
A Persian Gulf 'Hotline' Proposed  Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity

More Viewpoints

Iranian Dissidents Don't Want War
by Ramin Jahanbegloo & R.N. Khatami
Spain's Judge Garzon Says US Secretly Working to Have WikiLeaks Founder Tried There

Judge: Iran Should Pay for 9/11

Justice Department Shrugs Off Fast and Furious Report

Democrat Drafts Drone Privacy Bill

Buffalo Activists Push City to Be First in US to Prohibit Use of Drones


Afghan Militants' Mafia-Style Operation

Four NATO Troops, Seven Afghans Killed in Attacks

Pakistan Intel Chief Holds Talks With US Officials

US Warns of Lashkar-E-Taiba Threat, Asks Pakistan to Act

UN Chief Tells MeK Members in Iraq to Leave Camp, Prepare for Refugee Resettlement

UK Government Criticized for Keeping Iraq War Talks Secret

Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded


Somali Assembly Endorses Draft Constitution Amid Violence

Sudan Activists Say 12 Protesters Killed by Regime


'Low-Intensity' Blasts Hit Western India

US Model for a Future War Fans Tensions With China and Inside Pentagon

US Bid for Expanded Australian Base


Bulgaria Releases Computer Image of Suicide Bomb Suspect

Teddy Bear Drop Brings Down 2 Belarus Generals

German Town's Future Uncertain as US Withdraws Troops From Base

Russia: Both Sides in Syria Violate Human Rights

US Eases Arms Purchases for Syrian Rebels

'What Will Happen to Us?': Members of Assad-Loyal Tribes Fear Rebel Attacks

Assad Urges Syrian Troops to Fight 'Crucial' Battle

Syrian Rebels Execute Pro-Assad Militiamen in Aleppo

Syrian MP Killed Publicly by FSA Firing Squad

Syrian Refugees Grow Impatient With Exile Defectors, Say They Should Be in Syria for Fight

Czech Embassy to Help US Citizens in Syria

Lebanon Deports Syrians, Drawing Rights Group Criticism

Middle East-North Africa

Blast Rocks Benghazi Military Intelligence

Worrying Signs of Lawlessness in Libya

Libya Militia Interrogates Iran Red Crescent Team

Mursi's Pardon of 26 Islamists Suggests Where His Sympathies Still Lie

Militants Attack Yemeni Police, Killing Four

United States

Flight Diverted Over Unclaimed Camera

Bomb Threat Phoned Into San Antonio Airport Triggers Evacuation, Passengers Moved to Tarmac
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Balkans Redux

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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