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Updated August 5, 2012 - 11:19 PM EDT
Turkey: 115 Kurdish Rebels Killed in Offensive
16 Egyptian Police Killed in Sinai Border Attack
State Dept, Pentagon Plan for Post-Assad Syria
  Syria Rebels Face Growing List of Crimes
  Kidnapped Syrian TV Host 'Executed' by Rebels
  Syria Rebels Claim to Control 60% of Aleppo
  Turkey Providing Military Training to Syrian Rebels, Says FSA Fighter
  Syrian Rebels Say 48 'Pilgrim' Hostages Are Iranian Guards
Karzai OKs Impeachment of Two Key Ministers
  Afghan Officials Cite Revenge Killings in Latest Ethnic Violence
  NATO-Allied Police Commander Kills 17 Civilians
Gunman Kills 6 at Wisconsin Sikh Temple
Israel Bars Diplomatic Delegations From West Bank Meeting
Drone Attack, Suicide Blast Leave 48 Dead in Yemen
France Would Back African Intervention in Mali: Minister
After Defeat of Cybersecurity Bill, Obama Weighs Exec. Order
Ten Years of Torture: John Yoo's 'Torture Memos'  by Andy Worthington
Mitt Romney's Scary World  by Steve Chapman
Drone Warfare: a New Generation of Deadly Unmanned Weapons  by Rory Carroll
Raul's Proposal  by Paul R. Pillar
The Fate of Julian Assange  by Kevin Gosztola
Obama Does Syriana  by Pepe Escobar

More Viewpoints

China Says US Sending 'Wrong Signal' on South China Sea
US Drone Strike Kills Uzbek Militant Leader
Turkish Alawites Fear Spillover of Violence From Syria
Car Bomb Explodes in Tripoli, 1st Since Gadhafi's Fall
Fort Hood Shooter Fined for Refusing to Shave
Two New Zealand Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan, Six Wounded
Attempts to Censor and Intimidate Two Kabul News Media
Officials Try to Find Out if Boy, 11, Is Suicide Bomber
Market Bomb Kills 3 in Northwest Afghanistan
US Begins Packing Its Afghan War Gear for the Movers
Karzai: A 'Prisoner in His Palace'?
Pakistan Resumes NATO Supply Into Afghanistan
Police Arrest TTP Militants Planning Sectarian Attacks
Grandson of Truman Visits Hiroshima to Attend Memorial Service of A-Bomb Victims
Japan's Defense Minister Gets Osprey Ride
UN Calls for Credible Probe Into Myanmar Sectarian Unrest
Myanmar Journalists Rally to Demand Greater Press Freedom, End of Censorship
DR Congo
Half a Million Congolese Flee in Face of Rwanda-Backed Rebellion
Children, Women Newest Victims of Congo Rebellion
Clinton Encouraged by Progress in Somalia in Re-Establishing a Viable Central Government
Gunmen Kidnap 4 Foreigners on Ship Off Nigeria
Landlocked South Sudan Says It Has Reached a Deal With Sudan Over Oil Exportation
Brazil President Rousseff's Decades-Old Torture Detailed
US Security Dogs 'Soiled Colombia Hotel'
US Military
Senate Panel Jams Army Network
Giant Drone's Laser Cannon Nixed by Congress
Americans Still Dying
Lebanon (OH) Soldier Died Days Before Going Home on Leave
Newlywed Rochester (NY) Soldier Killed Fighting in Afghanistan
Slain Soldier (SC) Had Followed Father and Brother Into the Military
Father Says Florida Marine Was Due Home in a Month
Army Medic From Turlock (CA) Dies in Afghanistan
West Point Grad, Only Child of Redding (CA) Parents Killed by Roadside Bomb
Tampa (FL) Contractor Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Five Children, 13 Grandchildren
Palm Bay (FL) Soldier Lived Life to the Fullest, Twin Brother Says
Chuluota (FL) Soldier Dies in Combat Overseas
Holland (MI) Community Mourns Loss of Local Marine
Indiana Soldier Killed in Afghan Attack Is Laid to Rest
Rebels in Northern Syria Begin Erecting New State
'Battle for Aleppo Has Not Begun': Syrian Security
Blasts and Renewed Fighting Erupt in Syrian Capital
Rebels Hit Syrian State Media HQ in Aleppo
China Accuses West of Hindering Syria Peace Efforts, Repeats Call for Non-Military Solution
EU Urges Lebanon Not to Send Back Syrian Refugees
Concern Rises Among Palestinians for Their Relatives in Syria
Netanyahu: IDF Generals Only Worried About Covering Their Asses on Iran
Former Mossad Chief: Israel Should Not Strike Iran Without US Approval
Iran Tests Upgraded Version of Short-Range Missile, Says Can Hit Sea Targets
PA to Renew Statehood Bid at UN General Assembly
Palestinians to Host Non-Aligned Movement Delegation Ahead of New Statehood Bid
IDF Forces Shoot Syrian Trying to Cut Border Fence
Israel: 8 Combatants Suspected of Beating Comrade
Israel's Social Protest Join Forces With IDF Draft Movement
Iraqi Lawmaker Survives Assassination Attempt; 5 Killed in Other Attacks
In Iraq, Scenes of Hope and Fear Seven Months After US Troops' Departure
Mursi Keeps Brotherhood From Problem Posts
Riot Leaves an Egyptian Village Without Christians
Egypt's President Praises the Military and Asserts Image as a Cooperative Leader
Prank Egypt Television Show Exposes Depth of Israel Hostility
Middle East
Deaths in Clash After Saudi Rights Protest
Turkey Retires 40 'Coup Plot' Generals
Fourth Algerian Guard 'Dies After Border Clash'
Former Ukrainian President's Bodyguard Detained
Weekend Reviews
Drones Detach Us From Reallity of War
Nothing 'Orderly and Humane' About This Chapter of WWII History
For Real: Torture America-Style
Rights at Risk: the Limits of Liberty in Modern America by David K. Shipler
A Farewell to Arms: the Hemingway Library Edition
Review: The Flowers of War
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