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Updated August 7, 2012 - 11:13 PM EDT

Report: Romney Wants Petraeus for VP Slot

  Above the Law: Court Throws Out Warrantless Wiretap Suit
  Senators Waffle on Harsh Anti-Leak Bill
  Pentagon Drops Plan to Close Domestic Military Bases
Syria Prime Minister Riad Hijab Defects
  Iraq, Kurdistan Reach Deal on Syrian Border Security
NATO Kills Haqqani 'Leader' in Airstrike
Yemen Troops Could Lose Control of Yemen City
Israel: Sinai Attack Should Be 'Wake-Up Call' to Egypt
Boko Haram Denies Attacks on Women, Children
The Natural Map of the Middle East  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Choosing Between Two Evils in Syria  by Doug Bandow
Sikhs, Muslims, Drones, and Guilt by Association  by Deepa Kumar
Moving Toward War in Syria  by Rep. Ron Paul
Time to Cut Defense Spending  by Gene Jones
The Emerging 'Drone' Culture  by Eugene Robinson

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Sikh Temple Shooter Was Military Veteran Who Lived Nearby

Mosque in Missouri Burned to the Ground

Army General: Don't Replace Incompetent Commanders in Sex Assault Cases With Independent Body

Indian Fisherman Shot by US Navy Returns Home


Eleven Afghan Police Defect to Taliban in Helmand Province

NATO Tanker Driver Killed in Pakistan

Pakistan to Halt Much-Touted Mango Exports to US


Pipeline Blast Stops Iraq Oil Flow to Turkey

Al Qaeda Prisoners Try to Tunnel Out of Iraqi Jail

More Iraq Bloodshed: 17 Killed, 37 Wounded

Speaking Fee for Obama Aide Raises Iran Questions for White House

Iran Airs 'Confessions' in Killings of Nuclear Scientists

Philippine Troops Pursue Rebels, Dodge Sniper in South as Clashes Continue; 7 Dead in 3 Days

Two Airmen Missing From Vietnam War Identified

N. Korea Slams US-S. Korea Military Drill


Syria: MiG Fighter Jets Bomb Aleppo as Rebels Dig In

Syria's War Sends Eastern European Wives and Children Fleeing, Splitting Families
Middle East-North Africa

Red Cross Building Attacked in Misrata, Libya

Bahrain Police Charged With Torturing Protest Doctors


Hamas on Full Alert After Sinai Attack

Egypt's Brotherhood Says Mossad Behind Sinai Attack

Olympic Authorities Remember Israelis Killed During 1972 Munich Olympics

Mali Islamists Beat Journalist After Sharia Plan Thwarted

Saying Mali 'is Our Country,' Militias Train to Oust Islamists

Ivory Coast Violence: Abidjan Army Attack Kills Seven


Blast Kills Four in Russia's Volatile Chechnya

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The Bloodlust of Walter Russell Mead

Kelley B. Vlahos
Clive Stafford Smith: Menace to Drone Society

Philip Giraldi
Shame on All of Us

Ivan Eland
US Pivot to Asia Promises More of the Same

Nebojsa Malic
Balkans Redux

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

Ran HaCohen
Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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