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Updated September 13, 2012 - 11:18 PM EDT
Obama's Drones, Marines Never Left Libya
  Obama Sends Drones, Marines, Warships to Libya
  Al-Qaeda Groups Believed to Be Behind Libya Consulate Attack
Obama: Egypt is Neither an Enemy Nor an Ally
  Anti-US Protests Spread Across Middle East
California Man Confirms Role in Anti-Islam Film
  Mystery Man Behind the Anti-Muslim Film
  Actors Speak Out About Mystery Man Behind Controversial Film
IAEA Board Approves Measure Admonishing Iran
  Netanyahu, Iran, and Letterman: The Curious US-Israel Dispute
  Netanyahu Risks Overplaying Hand Over Iran
  Israel's Opposition Leader Says PM Netanyahu 'Meddling' in US Vote
Judge Rules Against NDAA Indefinite Detention
House Votes to Renew FISA Surveillance Law
War a Lose-Lose for Syria's Christian Minority
Iraqis Still Pay the Price After Being Falsely Blamed for 9/11
9/11 Fever May Be Fading, But Afghan Quagmire Lives On
Settlers Vandalize WB Mosque in Latest 'Price Tag' Strike
America Is in Search of a New Enemy  by Rami G. Khouri
Iran Attack Could Spark Caucasus War and Economic Trouble  by Robert Bruce Ware
A Pointless Blacklisting  by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn
Who's Got the Nukes?  by William Greider
What 9/11 Should Teach Us  by Malou Innocent
Iran: The Hawks' Fantasyland  by Bruce Fein

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US Judge's Ruling Protects Reporters, Activists in Their Middle East Work
Guantanamo Judge: No TV Broadcast of Cole Trial
Video: Al-Qaeda Claims US to Target American Muslims
Pentagon a Big Winner in Spending Talks
Netanyahu's Comments Cause Stir in Israel
Blast in Northern Syria Targets Troops
Hariri Urges More Assertive French Role in Syria Crisis
Syrians Join Relief Efforts for Countrymen in Jordan
Raid on Baghdad Nightclubs Raises Fears of Islamic State
Four Iraqis Killed Wednesday
William Hague Pledges the UK Will Support Iraq
Middle East
Libya's Parliament Elects New Prime Minister
US Presses Lebanon to Prevent Iran, Syria Sanctions Evasions
Erdogan Tells Media Not to Cover Kurdish Conflict
No Peace Unless Govt. Talks With Taliban: Women's Association
Afghans Seek Shelter in Dubai Ahead of Pullout
In Pictures: Rebuilding Afghanistan's Air Force
71-Year-Old US Aid Worker Kidnapped in Pakistan Appeals to Israel in New Al-Qaeda Video
Turkmen Navy Backs Eastward Stance
Is North Korea Experimenting With Change?
Remains of US Lt. Colonel Missing in Laos Since 1968 Identified
Kenya Parliament: Army Can Be Used to Crush Feud
Kenya MP Charged With Inciting Violence
Somalia's New President Survives Shabab Assassination Bid
South Africa Army Put on 'High Alert' for Malema Rally

Mass Refugee Exodus Overwhelms Uganda

DR Congo M23 Rebels 'Executing Escapee Recruits'
The Dictator Who Turned His Wrath on Death Row
Attack on US Embassy in Libya
Obama Vows Justice for Killed US Envoy
Hawkish Senators: Pulling Libya Aid Would 'Dishonor' Slain
US Ambassadors Killed in the Line of Duty
Libyan Security Officers Killed in Attack on US Consulate
Two of the Americans Killed in Libya Said Shot During Evacuation Bid
Libya Doctor: US Ambassador Died of Asphyxia
Libya Leader Apologizes for Attack on US Consulate
Libyan Ambassador Blames Ex-Gadhafi Forces for Consulate Attacks
Ambassador's Body Briefly Lost in Benghazi Chaos
US Envoy's Killing Causes Global Fallout
In Rare Show of Solidarity, Cuba Condemns Deadly Attack on US Diplomats in Libya
Top US Military Officer Calls Pastor Over Film
Anti-Film Protests Continue
US Embassy Protests Continue in Egypt
Egyptian Rioters Were Wearing Guy Fawkes Masks
US Embassies in Algeria, Tunisia Warn of Protests
Gazans Protest Anti-Islam Movie
Arab, Regional Media Outraged by Prophet Film
Tunisian Police Fire Tear Gas at Anti-US Protest
Afghanistan Bans YouTube to Block Anti-Muslim Film
Google Blocks YouTube Clip Only in Egypt and Libya
Russia PM Medvedev Backs Pussy Riot Release
Dutch Anti-Europe, Anti-Islam Party of Geert Wilders Slammed in National Elections
European Commission: Separate Scotland Forced to Reapply for EU Membership
Supporters Throw Stones in Venezuela Pre-Election Clash
Cuba Says It's Ready to Negotiate Gross Fate
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