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Updated September 14, 2012 - 11:04 PM EDT
Obama's Drones, Marines Never Left Libya
Obama: Egypt Is Neither an Enemy Nor an Ally
  Demonstrations Against US Continue to Worsen Over Film
  Pakistan, Other Countries Block Controversial YouTube Video
US Consulate Attack: Libyan-Qaeda Inside Job?
  Revealed: Inside Story of US Envoy's Assassination
  California Fraudster Behind Mohammed Video
Shi'ite Militia Threatens US Interests in Iraq
  Iraq Stops Registering Turkish Firms Amid Row Over Hashemi
Report: Strike on Iran Would Spark Wider War
  IAEA Board Approves Measure Admonishing Iran
  Barak Denies Opposing Iran War
  Netanyahu Vows to Keep Pressing US to Move Against Iran
  US, Allies Set to Launch Largest-Ever Naval Exercises Off Iran Coast
'Al-Qaeda' Threat Shuts University of Texas
Judge Rules Against NDAA Indefinite Detention
Pakistan Parties Uniting Against Drones
How the Govt. Talks About Drone Program It Won't Admit To
Canada Blames US for Not Requesting Khadr's Return
Mr. Blowback Rising in Benghazi  by Pepe Escobar
Rule of Law Abandoned in Bradley Manning Prosecution  by Nathan Fuller
The Syrian Civil War's Global Implications  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Is It Time to Come Home?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Monopolizing War?  by Tom Engelhardt
What 'Undivided Jerusalem' Is Really About  by Yousef Munayyer

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UN Singles Out 16 Nations, Including Bahrain, for Govt. Reprisals Against Critics
Romney Team Sharpens Attack on Obama's Foreign Policy
Texas National Guard To Hunt for Halliburton's Missing Radioactive Device
Al-Qaeda Leader Urges Support for Ousting Syria's Assad
Syrian Army Kills 32 Armed Men in Central Homs
Rebel Advance in Aleppo as 11 More Dead
New Envoy to Syria Says Crisis Getting Worse
Russia Sees No Role for UN's Chapter VII on Syria
Syrian Rebel Leader Says Sunni Jihadists Threatening to Kill His Lebanese Shi'ite Hostages
US Says Iran 'Demolishing' Facility at Parchin Site
Rep. Rohrabacher Introduces Resolution to Divide Iran Along Ethnic Lines
Netanyahu and Obama 'Don't Like Each Other Very Much'
Barak Downplays Crisis Between US, Israel on Iranian Threat
Rita: An Israeli Star Singing Iranian Songs
Anti-American Protests Across Iraq; 6 Killed in Usual Violence
Iraq, Kurdistan End Oil Dispute, Exports Continue
British Foreign Minister in Baghdad on Thursday
Middle East
Turkish Artillery Renews Bombing Border Areas in Kurdistan Region
Yemen Sacks Ousted Security Chiefs
Egypt Coptic Church to Choose New Pope in December
In Largely Symbolic Move, US Sanctions Hezbollah's Nasrallah
Afghan Survivors of Ganjgal Battle Dispute Official Account of Medal-of-Honor Feats
Friends Mourn Four Young Skateboarders Killed in Afghan Suicide Blast
Key Terror Suspect Held in India
Hundreds of Tamil Refugees Sent Back to Sri Lanka to Face Torture
Vietnam Prime Minister Targets Anti-Government Blogs
Secretive Past Disappearances of Chinese Leaders
Khmer Rouge Leader Ieng Thirith Unfit for Trial
Red Cross Says Northern Mali Situation 'Alarming'
Human Rights Watch: At Least 4 Politicians Involved in Kenya Clashes Which Killed 110
Attack on US Embassy in Libya
American Killed in Libya Was on Intel Mission to Track Weapons
Pentagon Briefing on Libya, Egypt Says Little
Congress Was Warned About Libya Last Month
4 Arrested Over Coordinated Attack Against US
Putin Condemns Killing of US Envoy in Libya, Warns of Chaos
A Look at Examples of Muslim Anger in Recent Years Over Perceived Affronts to Islam
Innocence of Muslims Cast Disavows Movie
Actress Says Was Duped, as Anti-Islam Film Details Emerge
Attorney General Cuts Mideast Trip Short to Manage Libya Probe
World Reaction
Israeli Arabs Protest Outside US Embassy in Tel Aviv
Israeli Arab Official Warns of 'Armageddon' Over Anti-Islam Film
Iraqi Shi'ites Hold Demos Against Anti-Islam Film
Egypt's Mursi Condemns Embassy Attack, Protesters Clash
US Embassy, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in Twitter Spat After Anti-Film Protests
Mideast Film Backlash Offers Glimpse Into Islamist Showdowns After Arab Spring
Hundreds Protest in Front of US Embassy in Kuwait – Kuwaiti Clergymen Ask MPs to Leave
Mursi Says Embassies in Egypt Will Be Protected
1 Killed in Clashes With Yemeni Forces at US Embassy in Sanaa
Yemen's President Apologizes to Obama for Embassy Attack
Bangladesh Muslims Protest, Blocked From March on US Embassy
Algeria, Morocco Slam Anti-Islam Film, Offer US Condolences
Afghanistan Tries to Block Video and Head Off Rioting
Canadian Embassy in Cairo Shut as a 'Precaution'
Australia Police Arrest Man on Terror Offenses
FARC Rebels Say Expectations High for Colombia Peace Talks
Jailing Made Colombian Relive Kidnapping Trauma
Thousands March Against Argentine Government
Mexico 'Gulf Cartel Boss' Jorge Eduardo Costilla Caught
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