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Updated September 28, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran Same as 'Nuclear Qaeda'
  Abbas Condemns 'Racist' Israeli 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Palestine
Military Report: Afghan Surge Complete Failure
  Troops Wary of Attacks as Panetta Says Afghan Ops 'Back to Normal'
US Troops Deployed in Iraq Again
  Detainees Take Over Iraqi Prison, 200 Escape
  Torture and Extra-Judicial Killings Rampant in Iraq, Says Iraqi Official
US Still Can't Get Its Facts Straight on Benghazi
  Some Administration Officials Were Concerned About Blaming Video
  Living in Hiding From Libyan Militias
Syria Rebel Faction Claims 300 Killed Wednesday
Panetta Would Take 'Whatever the Hell Deal' to Avoid Cuts
War Between Japan and China Looms Amid US Meddling
Pakistan FM: We Agree With Drone Strike Aims, Not Methods
West to Mali: Hold Elections First, Then We'll Invade
The Clinton-Rice Credibility Gap  by Patrick J. Buchanan
'Our (New) Terrorists' the MEK: Have We Seen This Movie Before?  by Coleen Rowley
US Investigates Possible WikiLeaks Leaker for 'Communicating With the Enemy'  by Glenn Greenwald
Turkey's Syrian Dilemma  by Philip Giraldi
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Iran and the Bomb  by Christian Stork
Americans Take Anti-Drone Stance Directly to Pakistan  by Medea Benjamin

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Veterans for Peace Meets With Ahmadinejad
Man Behind Anti-Islam Film, Arrested
Sergeant's Unexpected Suicide Rattles His MP Unit
NDAA Plaintiffs Fear US Citizens Already in Military Detention
Megaupload Spying Case Brings New Zealand Apology
Radical Islamists Unite Under Fresh Name
UK Determined to See Assange Extradited, Hague Tells Ecuador
Ecuador Says Ready to Shelter Assange
Bradley Manning Claims Speedy Trial Violation in WikiLeaks Case
Security Fears Hobble Libya Attack Inquiry
Congressional Pressure Grows for Obama on Libya Consulate Attack
From Video to Terrorist Attack: A Definitive Timeline of Administration Statements on the Libya Attack
Libyan Leader Says at Least 10 Militias Disbanded
US Temporarily Reduces Staff in Libyan Embassy
Advisers, Afghan Troops Tread Warily at Outposts
US Deaths in Afghanistan: Twice as Many in Obama's 4 Years Than in Bush's 8 Years
As NATO Troops Pull Out, Kabul Has the Task of Rebuilding Society
The End of the 'Poo Pond' Is Nigh
Despite Deadly Risks, Afghan Girls Take Brave First Step
25 Japanese Soldiers Sent to Iraq Commited Suicide Over Six Years
Dalai Lama: Hope for New China Approach to Tibet
Sri Lanka: Displaced Tamil Families 'Left in Jungle'
As Spain Sinks, Many in Catalonia Want Out
Catalonia Plans Vote on Self-Determination but Spain Warns It Will Use Courts to Stop It
Russia 'Consecrates' North Pole to Reassert Ownership
Trident Plan Is a 'Fallacy', Labour MP Says
Mexico Catches Zetas Drug Capo 'El Taliban'
The War at Home
ABC News Tracks Stolen iPad to Florida Home of TSA Officer
NY Transit Authority Amends Rules After Pro-Israel Ads Draw Controversy
Israeli Report Says Sanctions Hitting Iran Hard
Israeli Foreign Ministry Calls for More Sanctions on Iran
Iran Says It Reserves Right to Retaliate if Attacked
Iran: 'Terrorist Sect' Attacked Diplomat in New York
US Navy Tests Mine-Seeking Sub During Gulf Drills
Half of Israelis Fear War With Iran Would Endanger Jewish State's Existence
Barak: We Can Rely Only on Ourselves
Israelis Fight Over Neighborhood's Soul
Full Text of Netanyahu's Speech to the UN General Assembly
Text of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Speech to UN
Rebels in 'Decisive' Aleppo Offensive
One of Syria's Richest Men to Help Fund a Rebel Army
Syria Refugees to Reach 700,000 by Year's End
Text Message Warning to Syrian Rebels
Erdogan Slams Russia, China, Iran Over Syria
Christians Flee Town After Militant Threats
Many Egyptians Fear Mursi May Be an Autocratic Leader Who Replaced Another
24 Killed in Attacks and Jailbreak
50% of Kurds Have Left Iraqi Town Since 2003 Due to Attacks
Middle East
Turkey: New PKK Talks Possible
2 Killed in Clash in Tense Saudi Region
Yemen Should Repeal Saleh Immunity, Open Inquiry: HRW
US Africa Command Chief in Mauritania to Discuss Mali Military Intervention
South Sudan and Sudan Agree on Oil but Not Border
Critics Say Kenya's Proposed Terror Law Can Be Used by State to Fight Political Opponents
Mugabe Hints at March Election for Zimbabwe
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The Lonely Quest to Enforce War Powers

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In Death Ground

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Tel Aviv 'Race Riots' Reveal Much About Israel

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Is Iran a Threat?

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