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Updated October 11, 2012 - 11:02 PM EDT
Turkey Warns It May 'Respond With Greater Force'
  Iraqi PM Warns Turkey Not to Try to Drag NATO into Syria Conflict
  Turkish Warplanes Force Syrian Passenger Plane to Land
  Sen. Rand Paul to Mitt Romney: You're Wrong on Syria
State Dept. Defends Itself on Benghazi Attack
  Commander: Security 'Weak' Before Attack on Benghazi Consulate
NYPD on Alert Over Response to Iran Sanctions
  Romney: There Are Boundaries That the Iranians Must Not Cross
  Obama Announces Yet More Iran Sanctions
US Embassy Security Chief Slain in Yemen
Russia to Cancel US Nuke Security Aid
US Drone Strike Kills 18 in Pakistan's Orakzai
UN Defends Canceling Afghan Visit Over Safety
New Poll Finds Shifts in US Toward Middle East
Negotiator: Israel Could Use Elections to Attack Palestinians
Sectarian Clashes Kill 21 in Central, Northern Nigeria
The Glaring Contradiction in Anti-Iran Policy  by Sheldon Richman
What if There's Real Change in the Middle East?  by Stephen M. Walt
Afghanistan: Killing the Kids That Don't Need to Die  by Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
Romney vs. Reagan
 by Malou Innocent & Doug Bandow
Four More Years of War  by Matt Welch
Creating New Enemies Where There Were None  by Leah Bolger

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Romney Will Stop Mentioning Ex-Navy SEAL Killed in Libya in Speeches
Who's Advising Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy?
NATO Names Allen as Supreme Commander
Danish Former Jihadist Claims to Have Aided US Attack on Anwar Al-Awlaki
Agent Orange on Okinawa: The Smoking Gun
Khamenei Warns of Government Divisions
Ahmadinejad Acknowledges Threat of Attack, Promises 'Crushing' Response
Iranian Leader Vows to Overcome 'Barbaric' Sanctions
Iran's Spy Agency Takes to the Web, Appealing for Tips and Slamming America
Iran Steps Up Expulsion of Afghan Refugees
Iraq Officially Retreats From Ambitious Oil Plans
Russia Warms Up to Iraq With Arms Deal
Six Killed in Northern Iraq Violence
Iraq Stops Paying Salary of Convicted Fugitive VP
Armed Network Captured, Car-Bomb-Making Workshop Seized in South Fallujah
HRW Urges Immediate Moratorium on Iraq Executions
Palestinians Claim Settlers Uprooted West Bank Olive Trees at Start of Harvest
Election Fever Focuses on the Possible Comeback Kids: Olmert, Livni, and Deri
Patriot Missile Battery Deployed in Israel's Carmel Region
Maliki: We Have Agreed With the Russians to Reject Military Interference in Syria
Suspects Probed Over Kidnap of UK Photographer in Syria
Court Frees Mubarak Loyalists Tried for Organizing 'Camel Battle' Attack on Protesters
Unknown Fates for Hundreds of Egyptians Missing Since Revolution
Egypt Releases First Incomplete Draft of New Constitution for Public Debate Amid Criticism
Gadhafi's Son 'Would Be Hanged in Libya,' Defense Tells ICC
US Counterintelligence Chief Discusses Killing of US Ambassador With Top Officials
Middle East
Former Detainee Says Abuse Rife at Beirut Police Station
Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan Bullet Surgery 'Successful'
Delay in Plans to Transfer Pakistani Girl Shot by Taliban to UAE
Pakistani Teen Peace Campaigner: Reward Offered for Arrest of Attackers
Obama Nominates Top Marine as Afghan Commander
Indonesia Warns of Threat Before Bali Anniversary
Nigeria's Port Harcourt University Shut After Lynchings
Mali Extremists Abusing Rights, Targeting Children, Women: UN
European Defense Firms BAE-EADS Merger Talks Collapse
EU Urges Serbia to Mend Kosovo Ties, Criticizes Turkey
Pussy Riot Member Freed; Two Others Remain in Custody
Albania Ex-Prisoners Stage Fire Protests Over Payments
Abu Qatada: Evidence Extremely Thin, Says UK Appeal Judge
Mexico Says Drug Lord Taken Down by Accident
Guatemalan President Pledges Not to Use Army to Quell Protests, Blockades, Land Seizures
Canadian Military Officer Pleads Guilty to All Charges in Navy Spy Case
Children of Jailed Ex-Peru President Fujimori Ask for His Release on Humanitarian Grounds
The War at Home
Court Poses Hurdle to WikiLeaks Case File Access
Anti-Islam Filmmaker Denies Violations
Passenger Clad in Body Armor Arrested for Transporting Smoke Bomb
Iraq Vet Turned Peace Activist Taking Message on Road Through Maine
Guardsmen's Suit Accusing Iraq War Contractor KBR of Concealing Toxic Danger Begins
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