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Updated October 13, 2012 - 11:26 PM EDT
UK Defense Chiefs Look to Speed Afghan Pullout
  Officials: Four Afghan Civilians Among 14 Killed in NATO Airstrike
Syria Rebels Claim 133 Killed Soldiers in 48 Hours
  Russia: Syria Jet Carrying Perfectly Legal Radar Parts
  State Dept: Russia 'Morally Bankrupt' for Syrian Plane Shipment
  Netanyahu Agreed to Return Golan Heights to Syria for Peace Deal
UK Arms Missing After Libya Consulate Attack
  US: Loss of CIA Base in Benghazi a Significant Setback
110 Hurt as Cairo Islamists, Secularists Clash
  No Foreign Bases in Egypt, Army Insists
In Honduras, Deaths Make US Rethink Drug War
UN Security Council Seeks Mali Invasion Plan
Israel Sets Up 'Jewish Terror' Police Unit for West Bank
Romney on the Middle East: Obama, but Worse  by Adil E. Shamoo
China Bashing: A US Political Tradition  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Obama, Romney: Ignore Afghanistan War at Your Own Peril  by Mujib Mashal
Will NATO Intervene in Syria?  by Doug Bandow
When Officers Become Criminals  by Philip Giraldi
America's Extradition Problem  by Andy Worthington

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2012 Nobel Peace Prize Is Awarded to European Union
New Front in Campaign as GOP Seizes on Libya Actions
Clinton: 'Perfect Security' Not Possible for Diplomats
New US Rules for Cyber War: Panetta
Anonymous Distances Itself From WikiLeaks
Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan Observes Day of Prayer
Taliban's 'Radio Mullah' Sent Hit Squad After Pakistani Schoolgirl
Pakistani Police Make Arrests in Shooting
Conversations With Malala Yousafzai, the Girl Who Stood Up to the Taliban
Pakistani Teenager in Hiding After Blasphemy Accusation, Police Say
Laptop Footage Triggered Arrest of Helmand Marines
South Korean Official Says North's Missile Program Could Be 'Existential Threat'
China and Japan Say They Held Talks Over Islands Dispute
French President Outlines New Approach to Africa
Two Blasts in Kenyan Capital, Policeman Wounded
France 'Uncovers Biggest Bomb Plot in Years'
UK Fishermen 'Attacked by French' Call for Navy's Help
Mexican Mayor Says Boy Shot by US Agent 7 Times
US-Bolivia Relations 'Like a Turd': Leader
Colombia Armed Forces' Crucial Role in Peace Talks
El Salvador Gang MS-13 Targeted by US Treasury
The War at Home
Three Journalists Subpoenaed by Defense in CIA Leak Case
3 Portland Activists Indefinitely Detained for Refusing to Speak at Grand Jury Hearing
Shot Fired Through Window at Obama Campaign Office in Denver; No Injuries Reported
Russia Protests Treatment of Russians Held in Texas
44 Oakland Cops Face Discipline for Occupy Misconduct
On Edge in Turkey as Syria War Inches Closer
Syria Army Takes Pounding as Turkey Tensions Rise
War Intensifies Across Syria, Refugee Crisis Deepens
Wave Upon Wave of Wounded Strain Doctors at Hospital in Syria's Largest City of Aleppo
Turkey Scrambles Jets as Fighting on Border With Syria Escalates
Political Chaos in Libya Hampers US Probe of Benghazi Attacks
In Requests for Security in Libya, Focus Was on Tripoli
Fighters in Libya's Bani Walid Pledge to Fight Off Gadhafi Loyalists
Lapid, Shas Lock Horns Over 'Hate Speech'
Iron Dome Can Handle Hamas's Improvised Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers, Expert Says
Gaza Rocket Explodes in Israeli City: Police
IEA: Iran's Oil Exports Fell, May Slip Further
Iran Invited to Invest in Gas Pipeline
What Is Happening in Syria Will Inspire Change in Iraq: Fugitive VP Hashimi
Iraq Agrees on $1 Billion Deal to Buy Czech-Made Military Airplanes
Middle East
Clinton: 'US Must Ignore Arab Spring Violence to Boost Democracies'
Yemen Says 'Terrorists' Killed US Embassy Worker
Bahrain Police Fire Tear Gas at Shi'ites
Jordan's King Abdullah Swears in Caretaker Government
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