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Updated October 26, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
Remote US Base at Core of Secret Operations
  UN to Establish Probes into Obama's Drone War
  British Court Considers Inquiry into UK Involvement in CIA Drone War
Afghan Mosque Suicide Bomb Attack Kills 42
  Another Afghan Cop Kills Two US Soldiers
Britain Nixes US Request to Use Bases to Hit Iran
  Iran's Middle Class Squeezed by Sanctions
Israel's Netanyahu, Lieberman Merge Parties
  Netanyahu-Lieberman Pact Turns Israeli Politics Upside-Down
  Israeli Officials Warned to Be Silent on Issue of US-Iran Talks
  Gaza Ceasefire Holds as Israel Continues to Deny Deal
  Israeli Officials Hint at Role in Attacking Sudan Factory
5 Killed by Syria Car Bomb as Cease-Fire Begins
  Russia: US Coordinating Arms to Syrian Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Blame Hezbollah for Failures Along Lebanon Border
Anti-US Rebels Bring Calm to Restive N. Yemen
Obama Moves to Make the War on Terror Permanent  by Glenn Greenwald
How I Tried to Bomb Iran Into the Stone Age: Part II  by Michael Peck
Why Is Dan Senor Considered a Serious Foreign Policy Thinker?  by Marc Tracy
A Failed Forumla for Worldwide War  by Nick Turse
Giving 'Peace' a Chance  by Mollie Wilson O'Reilly
We Need to Know the Truth About UK Drones Policy  by Clive Stafford Smith

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Egypt: Suspect in US Consulate Attack Is Libyan
Panetta Tells of Monitoring Situation in Benghazi
Egypt's Forgotten Minorities Fear for Future
A Soviet Missile Base in Germany That Spy Planes Never Saw
Clinton Set on Leaving State Department
UK Spymaster Diary Reveals Transatlantic Tension
Syrian Rebels Gain Ground in Aleppo on Eve of Truce
Bleary-Eyed Syrian Troops Fight a Building at a Time
US Urges Lebanon Stability Amid Escalating Tensions
Shas Hopes to Gain More Votes After Likud Merger
Israeli Interior Minister Vows to Arrest All Sudanese
Netanyahu's Bombshell Marks Lieberman as His Heir Apparent... for Now
Yachimovich, Livni to Discuss Joining Forces
Gaza Militant Dies of Wounds as Truce Holds
Hezbollah Would Target Jerusalem: Israeli Military
Al-Qaeda Group Urges Jihad After Gaza Leaders Slain
Report: Israel Sells Drones to Azerbaijan
Iran's Army Plans Military Exercise Near Border With Iraq
World's Spare Oil Capacity Grows as Iran Sanctions Bite
Middle East
2 Yemeni Senior Security Officers Assassinated
Iraq Looks to Reinstate Disbanded Army Officers
Inside Turkey's Kurdish Insurgency: No Sex, No Swearing, No Quran
Bahrain Acquits Officer on Charges of Torturing a Journalist
Russian Opposition Says Activist Kidnapped, as Putin Government Steps Up Pressure
New Georgian Prime Minister Vows to Fix Ties With Russia
Ukraine Under Fire in Russian Activist's Abduction
Putin: 'if Pussy Riot Had Not Broken the Law, They Would Be at Home Doing Their Housework'
Malala Yousafzai: Girls Who Risk Their Lives Defying the Taliban
Nine Killed as Pakistan Continues Khyber Offensive
The Other Children of Pakistan's War
Two Pakistani Taliban Held in Karachi
Royal Marine and British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Polish Helicopter Attacked in Afghanistan
Afghanistan May Never Be 'Viable State' Warn British MPs
Afghanistan, NATO Given Fazlullah Dossier
In Myanmar's Volatile West, Sectarian Violence Worsens
Ethnic Clashes in Myanmar Kill 56 and Destroy 2,000 Homes
As Transition Nears, China Names New Military Leaders
China Blocks Web Access to NY Times After Jiabao Article
North Korea Naval Boat Violated Disputed Border: South
Tokyo Governor to Run for PM: Bashes 'Shameful' Antiwar Constitution
2004 Massacre of Thai Muslims Remembered
Panetta: US Lacked Early Info on Benghazi
Bani Walid Residents at Risk of Revenge Attacks: HRW
Sudan Calls on UNSC to Condemn 'Israeli Attack'
Israel Keeps Silent on Mysterious Sudan Airstrike
Hamas 'Harshly Condemns' Attack on Sudan Arms Factory
Six Civilians Killed in Somalia Fighting: Witnesses
AU Troops Arrerst 72 'Suspects' in Somali Offensive
Algeria Accepts 'Last-Resort' Mali Invasion
Islamists Ban Traditional Storytellers in Mali
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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