As Israeli bombs fall on Gaza, the "news" from Gaza is filtered through the mainstream media – which is America's version of the Occupied Territories.

Israeli spokesmen are all over CNN, NBC, and ABC: coverage in this country is completely one-sided. Just as Israel is blockading Gaza, so the American media is blockading the real news from Gaza, where children are dying in Israel's "war on terrorism."

Where can you get the real news from Gaza?

Right here.

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Updated November 16, 2012 - 11:28 PM EST
Petraeus: Attack Was al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorism
Israeli Officials Talk Long War in Gaza
  Teacher, Children Among Slain as Gaza Toll Rises
  Israeli Offensive in Gaza: Netanyahu's Extremely Risky Gamble
  Egypt Torn Between Allies in Gaza and Treaty With Israel
Israel Killed Hamas Chief Amid Pending Truce
  Assassinating the Chance for Calm
New US Gen. in Afghanistan Wants War Past 2014
  Blast in Afghanistan Kills 17 En Route to Wedding
  Broadwell Defended Petraeus’ Village Destruction Program
Syria Rebels Ask Donors for Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  Pentagon Revises Estimate: Taking Syria's Arms Requires 75,000 Troops
  Tribes of Syria and Iraq Drawn Into Uprising
Sen. Paul Filibusters Military Bill Over Summary Detention
Iran to Soon Finish Installing Additional Fordow Centrifuges
Dismissing Concerns, US Hikes Anti-Terror Aid to Cambodia
America's Profligate Nation-Building Abroad Continues  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Killing Iranian Children  by Jacob G. Hornberger
11 Years After 9/11, Can We Be Americans Again?  by Nat Hentoff
A New War Prayer  by Jerrod Laber
The Petraeus Legacy: A Paramilitary CIA?  by Jeremy Scahill
France and the Syrian Tar Baby  by Paul R. Pillar

More Viewpoints

for Ballots

by Yousef Munayyer
Holder Defends Keeping Petraeus Inquiry From White House Until After Election
Nobel Winners Salute GI Charged in WikiLeaks Case
US Drops Case Against KBR Over Iraq Security Costs
TSA Puts Controversial Scanners in Storage
EU Group Endorses Training Mission for Mali
Libya Could Open Petrol Stations in France
Benghazi Attack
Tunisian Man Imprisoned for Role in US Embassy Attack Dies After Hunger Strike
Lawmakers See Benghazi Attack Video
Sen. Rand Paul Explains Missing Closed Door Benghazi Briefing: Not Interested in Propaganda, This Needs to Be Done in Public
David Petraeus: I Didn't Quit Over Libya
CIA Deputy: Rice Got Initial Intelligence Assessment on Libya That Later Was Found Inaccurate
The Fall of David Petraeus
E-Mails to Jill Kelley, General Raised Stalking Fears
Who Is the Real Jill Kelley?
Paula Broadwell's Drive and Resilience Hit Obstacles
When a CIA Director Had Scores of Affairs
Panetta Orders Pentagon Investigation of Legal, Ethical Issues Among Military Leaders
US, Afghanistan Start Talks on Status of US Troops
Afghans of Two Minds Over German Withdrawal
9 More Killed in Karachi
2 Cops Shot Dead in Karachi
Pakistan May Release Mullah Baradar if Peace Efforts Advance
A Pakistani Lawyer Takes on the Army and Pays in Bruises
Pakistan Hangs Soldier in First Execution in Four Years
US, Thailand Ink Defense Agreement Focused on Security, Stability
Okinawa Legislators Protest US Military Incidents
US or China? Clinton Says Australia Needn't Choose
A Look at China's New Leaders in Apex Ruling Body
Indonesia and Israel to Ally on Cyber-War?
Nigerian Military Kills Ex-General
Gunmen Kill Six in Northern Nigeria's Kaduna State
DR Congo
Congo: 44 Killed in Fighting Between M23 and Army
UN Report Finds Evidence of Arbitrary Killings in Eastern DR Congo, Prompts Calls for Action
Two Kosovo Albanian Security Officers Held Over War Crimes
Spain Warned Amid Gibraltar Row
Germany Expanding Compensation for Nazi Victims
Greek Protesters Hurl Coffee at German Diplomat
Gaza: A People Under Siege
Air Force Hits 70 Gaza Strip Targets in an Hour
Ya'alon: Israel Will Keep Attacking Gaza
Gaza Parents of Baby Killed in Israeli Strike Ask Why
In Gaza, Quiet Pierced by Air Strikes, Ambulance Sirens
Gaza Conflict Seen Evoking Arab Anger, Not War
Hamas, Emboldened, Tests Its Arab Alliances
Barak: Most Hamas Fajr Missiles Destroyed
In Israeli Border Town, Rubble and Blood
Gaza Cyber-Struggle Takes Missile War to Second Battlefield
Anonymous Attacks Israeli Websites to Show Gaza Support in Conflict
UK Blames Hamas for Gaza Escalation, Urges End to Rocket Fire
Egypt Asks US to Stop Israel's Gaza Offensive
Egyptian Prime Minister to Visit Gaza Friday
Turkey Recognizes New Syrian Rebel Group as Legitimate Leader of Syria
France to Push for Arming Syria's Opposition Coalition
Rebels Capture Ras Al Ayn, 1st Town to Fall in Syria's Kurdish Region
Syria Opposition in London Talks With UK
UK Charges 2nd Man With Taking Hostages in Syria
Iran Condemns Israel's Assault on Gaza
Is Iran Resorting to an Insurance Scam to Keep Oil Exports Flowing?
Nashville Police Provides Training for Iraqi Police Officers
Kurdistan Alliance: We Have the Right to Form a Military Force in Kirkuk
Middle East
Jordan Vows 'Iron Fist' Response to Unrest
High Yields Are Last Hope for Battered Bahrain Stocks
Yemeni Official: Yemen Plays Vital Role in Combating Piracy
Uruguay Lawmakers Consider Legalization of Marijuana With Goal of Outselling Pot Dealers
Press Groups Demand Investigation Into Shooting Death of Mexican Freelance Journalist
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