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Updated December 1, 2012 - 11:27 PM EST
Israel's Revenge: Thousands of New Settlements
  Panetta: US, Israel Relationship Stronger Than Ever
  Like It or Not, the State of Palestine Is Semi-Officially on the Map
20 Lebanese Fighting With Rebels in Syria Killed
  Video Said to Show Syrian Rebel Executing Unarmed Prisoners
  Syrian Refugees Attacked by 'Armed Groups,' UN Says
Senate Unanimously Votes More Iran Sanctions
  On Barak’s Way Out, Statements on Iran He Knows to Be Misleading
  Iran May Quit Anti-Nuclear Arms Pact if Attacked: Envoy
Senate Passes Indefinite Detention Limitations
  Psychiatrist: WikiLeaks Suspect Manning Mistreated by Military
Kurd-Iraq Talks Collapse Amid Fear of Civil War
  Six Killed in Iraq; 20 Police Recruits Kidnapped
Protests Continue in Cairo as Opposition Opposes Edict
The Strong and the Sweet in Palestine's Successful UN Bid  by Uri Avnery
AP's Dangerous Iran Hoax Demands an Accounting and Explanation  by Glenn Greenwald
Lindsay Graham Wants the Govt. To Be Able to Lock You Up Forever Without a Trial  by Adam Serwer
Blanking Bradley Manning: NYT and AP Launch Operation Amnesia  by Chris Floyd
CIA Should Not Be Paramilitary Force  by Roy A. Harrell Jr.
The Long Pursuit of Accountability for Bush's Torture Program  by Andy Worthington

More Viewpoints

CIA's Benghazi Role
by Philip Giraldi
Archive Sheds Light on Dark British Past of Torture Use
Secret Files Show Kenya Massacre Cover-Up
US Drone Crashes Mount at Civilian Airports Overseas
US Soldier in WikiLeaks Case Plays Down Suicide Comment
AIPAC Calls for Review of US-Palestinian Ties
News of Israel Settlements Is Bad Timing for Obama
The War at Home
Senators Brush Off White House Defense Bill Veto Threat
Canadian 'Eco-Terrorist' Surrenders in US
US Army Cutting Civilian Jobs in Europe
VA Claims-Processing Delays Hit 20-Year High
Homeland Security Adds Underwater Drones to Arsenal With Robots Based on Fish
Afghan Clerics Want Power to Issue Legally Binding Fatwas
Kabul Bank Bailout: The Bust That Nearly Took Down Afghanistan
Afghan Currency Dealer Held Over Taliban Deals
Pakistan Agrees to Release More Taliban
Eight More Fall Prey to Karachi Violence
US Military Institutes 'Buddy Program' for Troops in Japan
Chen Guangcheng's Nephew Found Guilty of Assault in China; US Protests 39-month sentence
In Egypt, Anger Grows Among Liberals Over Islamist-Backed Constitution
Egypt's ElBaradei Tweet Slams 'Coup Against Democracy'
Military Action Against al-Qaeda-Linked Extremists in Mali Unlikely for Months
In Northern Mali, Music Silenced as Islamists Drive Out Artists
Vladimir Putin Plays Down Health Rumors
Macedonia: Drink, TV Fuel Attack on US Embassy
1 Suspected Colombian Guerrilla Killed, 7 Captured in Shootout With Panama Police on Border
Mexican Prosecutors Asks Nicaragua to Extradite Fake Journalists in Money-Smuggling Case
US Shifting From Punitive to Wait-and-See Response to Palestinian UN Bid
Poll: Livni Strongest Against Netanyahu
Canada Recalls Diplomats From Israel, West Bank
US Condemns Israel's Settlement Expansion Plan in Jerusalem, West Bank
Palestinian Envoy: New Israeli Settlements Are a Provocation After UN Vote on Palestine State
Likud Slams New 'Extreme Left' Labor List
51% of Israelis: Peace With Palestinians Unlikely
Map: How Europe Voted on Palestine at the UN in 2011 and Now
Envoy Warns That Syria Will Become a Failed State Unless There Is a Political Solution
Deploying Missiles in Turkey Could Take Several Weeks: NATO
Airport Road Reopens but Internet Still Cut
War Rips Apart Families, Neighbors in Syria as Political, Sectarian Loyalties Take Over
Bomb Explosion Rips Through Press TV Vehicles in Syria
UN Teams Find Desperate Conditions in Syria's Homs
'Friends of Syria' Meet in Tokyo
Austrian Soldiers Wounded in Syria Taken to Israel
Thousands Rally in Southern Yemen to Demand Self-Rule, Autonomy From Northern Govt.
12 Injured in Explosion at Arms Depot in Yemeni Capital
Middle East
8 PKK Militants Killed in SE Turkey
Algeria's Ruling Party Consolidates Its Grip on Power in Local Vote in North African Nation
Kuwait Election Boycott Shifts Drama to Streets
Lebanon's Palestinians Celebrate UN Victory
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Justin Raimondo
Jeffrey Goldberg: Prison Guard of American Journalism

Philip Giraldi
Netanyahu's War Crime

Ivan Eland
Forget Benghazi and Focus on What Matters

Kelley B. Vlahos
Homeland's Crazy, Sexy, Muslim-Baiting Appeal

Nebojsa Malic
Injustice for All, Again

Ran HaCohen
Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

David R. Henderson
Is Iran a Threat?

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