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Updated December 18, 2012 - 11:25 PM EST
Wave of Bombings Batters Iraq, 92 Killed
  Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Coma After Stroke
  Iraq and US, Bonded by Years of Bloodshed, Find Complex Relationship
Israel Plans Another 6,000 Settlement Homes
  Ceasefire Means Nothing to Gaza Fishers
  Poll: Hamas' Haniyeh Would Beat Abbas in Election
NBC News Team Freed From Captors in Syria
  40 Rebels Killed in Failed Aleppo Car Bombing
  Russia on UN Troops for Syria: No Peace to Keep
  Syrian Christians Fear the End of Fighting More Than War Itself
  Rebels Seize Damascus Refugee Camp as Palestinians Flee Fighting
Hagel Has Consistently Opposed Sanctions
  Hagel, Kerry, and Obama’s Second Term
Unexploded Ordnance Kills 10 Afghan Children
21 Killed, Scores Wounded in Pakistan Car Bombing
US's China Containment Policy Breeds Resentment, Distrust
Somali Militants Publicly Rebuke American Member
Press Freedom Group Launched to Block US Govt. Attacks
Recognizing Disaster: Please, Mr. President, Don't Intervene in Syria  by Chris Preble
Kristol Launches the Neocon Campaign to Stop Hagel  by Jim Lobe
Is Congress's Magnitsky Bill a New Blacklist?  by Edward Lozansky, Vladimir Sobell, Stephen F. Cohen
Syria: The Descent Into Holy War  by Patrick Cockburn
Zero Dark Thirty Raises Dark Memories  by Michelle Dean
The Road to Guantánamo and Back  by Frida Berrigan

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Bin Laden Film Leak Was Referred to Justice; Leaker Top Obama Official
White House Googles Kerry's Record on Iran
Foreign Holdings of US Debt Hit Record $5.48 Trillion in Oct.; China's Holdings Rise
CIA Officially Denies That It Is Trying to Erase a Letter From the Russian Alphabet
NATO: Somali Pirates Seized No Ships for 6 Months
UN Sending Chemical Weapons Kits to Syria
Syria 'Genuinely Worried' Extremist Groups Could Get Hold of Chemical Weapons
Syria Warns Palestinians Not to Aid Rebels
Italian Worker and 2 Others Are Kidnapped in Syria, Italy Says
UN Calls on Israel Not to Build New Settlements in East Jerusalem
US Condemns East Jerusalem Building Plan
Pope Sees Abbas, Vatican Hopes Palestinian UN Statehood Vote Helps Bring Peace
Iran Says It Got 2 More US Drones in Past Missions
Iran Indicts 18 US Officials Over Crimes: Judiciary Spokesman
Iran Deports 80 Pakistanis
Son's Release Puts Iran's Last Founding Father Back in the Big Time
US: Lebanon Former Information Minister 'Global Terrorist'
Palestinians Flood Into Lebanon After Damascus Fighting
Middle East
Iraq Bloodbath: 92 Killed, 227 Wounded
Bahrain Breaks Up Protests, Arrests Campaigner: Activists
Angry Crowd Hurls Stones at Tunisian Leaders
Senior Al Qaeda Man Reported Arrested in Algeria
Mexico's New Government Offers Blistering Critique of Predecessor's Security Strategy
Car Bomb at US Compound in Kabul Kills 2 Afghans
UN Makes It Easier for Blacklisted Taliban to Travel for Peace Talks
Pakistan, Afghanistan Reach Deal on Mullah Baradar's Release
A Pristine Afghan Prison Faces a Murky Future
Pentagon to Reimburse Pakistan $688 Million
Karzai Welcomes Hungarian Aid as He Waits for the Big Thaw
Astronomer Says Malfunctioning North Korea Satellite Could Stay in Orbit for Years
South Korea Vote Will Change Policy Toward North
More War Than Peace in Myanmar
Egypt Opposition to Protest Against 'Invalid Constitution'
Egypt's Newly Sworn-in Prosecutor General Submits Resignation in Wake of Judicial Firestorm
UAE's Sheikh Abdullah Urges Egypt to Probe 'Plot' Claims
Benghazi Rocked by Second Night of Attacks
Libya in Need of Complete Rebuilding
Six Hyundai Workers Kidnapped in Southern Nigeria
Mali: Northern Communities Struggle to Sustain Livelihoods
Ethiopian Muslim Activists Deny Terror Charges
Russia Abstains From Vote on Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal
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