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Updated December 27, 2012 - 11:02 PM EST
Yemeni Drone Victims Side With al-Qaeda
22 Pakistani Soldiers Captured in Militant Raid
Egypt's Sabahi vs. Islamists and Free Markets
GAO: $5.6 Billion Afghan Withdrawal Plan Flawed
  Three Afghans Killed, Seven Injured in Suicide Attack on Key US Base
  Hard Feelings on Both Sides as US Winds Down Its Afghan Role
Syrian Military Police Chief Defects to Rebels
  Caught Between al-Qaeda and Iran, US Struggles Over Syria Conflict
2012 in Review: A Year in Digital Freedom
Israel Relaxes Gaza Gravel Ban
Protests Grow: Tens of Thousands Block Main Iraqi Highway
We've Reached the 'Tipping Point' With Clichés  by Robert Fisk
The Wall Street Journal Goes to War Against Chuck Hagel  by Jacob Heilbrunn
About Obama More Than Hagel  by Scott McConnell
Four More Years: The Asia Pivot  by Conn Hallinan

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UK Families of Iraq War Dead Dismayed as Chilcot Inquiry Hit by Further Delays
What Is the Expiration Date of a Landmine?
Bolivia Cuts Coca Plantings by Licensing Growers
Hawkish Abe Elected Japan's Next Premier
US Military's Alcohol-Soaked Culture Taking Toll on Servicemembers
Barghouti: If Occupation Continues, There Will Be Intifada
Barghouti Predicts He'll Be President of Palestine, Says Right of Return Is 'Sacred'
Netanyahu Mum on Reports of Secret Jordan Visit
Bennett Pushes Netanyahu Rightward
Prosecution Set to File Harsher Charges Against Lieberman
Are the Palestinians Ready to Share a State With Jordan?
Iran Rejects Interference Accusation by Gulf Arabs
Iran Ex-President's Family Sues Radical Critic
Two Killed as Protests Continue in Iraq
Kurdish MP: National Alliance Has Not Responded to Our Message Yet
Middle East
Iran Rejects Interference Accusation by Gulf Arabs
Libyan 'al-Qaeda Member' Killed by Algerian Army
Demonstrators Force Shutdown of Libya's Zueitina Oil Terminal
Turkish Ex-President's Son Wants Autopsy Report Made Public
United Arab Emirates 'Arrests Members of Terror Cell'
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Signs Constitution, Reaches Out to Critics
Morsi Admits Mistakes in Drafting Egypt's Constitution
Egypt's Upper House Convenes, in First Act of State Under New Constitution
Prince Harry Celebrates Christmas in Afghanistan With Troops
Chinese Scholars Push for Mild Political Reform
Kidnapped Australian Held by Philippine Islamist Seen in Video
Bangladesh Reels From Political Bickering
Central African Republic Protest Prompts France Action
Sudan's Bashir Says Ready to Meet Kiir to Try to Get Oil Flowing
Liberia Seeks to Extradite Alleged Mercenaries to Ivory Coast Following Cross-Border Raids
Svoboda: The Rise of Ukraine's Ultra-Nationalists
9 Slain in Mexican Town as Cartels Clash in Western State of Sinaloa
Shining Path Rebel Leader Denies Capture, Claims He Turned Himself Over to Authorities
Cuba Has Much to Lose as Ally Chavez Fights Cancer
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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