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Updated December 28, 2012 - 11:29 PM EST
Senate Renews FISA Warrantless Wiretapping
  Senate Rejects Fourth Amendment Protection for Emails, Texts
Israel Politics Head Right as Jewish Home Surges
  Naftali Bennett: The David Duke of Israel
  Foreign Delegation Enters Gaza With Medicine, Textbooks
  Fistfights in Israeli High Court as Arab MP's Election Ban Challenged
Syrian Conflict Threatens to Fracture Iraq
  Iraq's Sunni Protests Grow, Basra Tribal Leaders Send Delegations
Gen. Schwarzkopf Dies at Age 78
  General Norman Schwarzkopf, RIP
22 Pakistani Soldiers Captured in Militant Raid
Betrayed While They Sleep, Afghan Police Dying in Numbers
Iran Hints at IAEA Access to Military Base if War Threats Stop
CIA Emerging From Shadows After Libya, Pakistan Incidents
Obama's Gift to al-Qaeda, Support for Tyranny, and FBI Monitoring of Dissent  by Glenn Greenwald
US Complicity in Israel's Deadly Actions in Gaza  by Josh Ruebner
Should We Bomb Iran to Save Money?  by John Allen Gay

Why the War Party Fears Hagel  by Pat Buchanan

More Than Just About Hagel  by Trita Parsi
America's Failing Drone War in Yemen  by Micah Zenko

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Falklands Invasion 'Surprised' Thatcher
Secret UK Files Lift Lid on Thatcher-Reagan Contacts
Nigeria Detains 2 Journalists Over Abuse Story
Japan's TEPCO Sued by US Sailors Over Radiation
China Tightening Controls on Internet
Al-Qaeda Group: France Endangers Hostages by Intervening in Mali
Battle for Aleppo Shows Weaknesses of Both Sides
Russia Hosts Senior Syrian Envoy for Talks on Reviving Kofi Annan Peace Plan
Israel Builds New Fence Along Syria Border
Syria Envoy Calls for Political Change to End Conflict
Fleeing Civil War, Syria's Kurds Enter Another Geo-Political Minefield
Middle East
Iraq Violence Leaves 2 Killed, Including an Egyptian
Iran President Sacks Cabinet's Sole Woman
UAE Military Officers 'Disclosed Defense Information to Taxi Driver'
Australian Troops Begin Afghanistan Withdrawal
In Afghanistan, Behind Withdrawing Foreign Forces, Security Forces Bicker
US Drone Strikes Down Slightly in Pakistan
Benazir Bhutto's Son Launches Political Career in Pakistan
Photos Show State of Readiness at North Korea Nuke Test Site, but Also Water Seepage
Thai 'Yellow Shirt' Leaders Charged for 2008 Rally
Vietnamese Police Arrest Dissident Lawyer in Government Crackdown on Dissent
Japan Might Revise Apology on Wartime Sex Slaves
Azeri Leader Pardons 87 Prisoners, Including Iran TV Reporter
Unprecedented East Jerusalem Building in Pipeline
Missile Defense During Gaza Op Cost $27 Million
New Israeli Right-Wing Leader Worries Netanyahu
Poll: Latest Gaza Op Not Israeli Victory
New Palestinian Rift Erupts After Fatah Cancels Gaza Event
Sephardi Candidate Lashes Liberman, Calls Likud-Beytenu a Party for 'White People'
Israel's AG Intensifies Indictment Against Lieberman Over Ambassador Affair
Egypt Opposition Leaders Face 'Incitement' Probe
Cabinet Resignations Deal Setback for Egypt's Morsi
Egypt Fears Run on Its Banks as It Imposes Limit on Amount People Can Withdraw
Central African Republic
US Govt Personnel Leaving Central African Republic
France Says Will Not Intervene in Central African Republic's Conflict
Central African Republic President Wants International Help Against Rebels
South Sudan Accuses Sudan of Air Attack, Killing 5
Tymoshenko Daughter Urges Sanctions
Colombian Authorities Say Sister of Northern Valley Drug Cartel's Founder Slain by Gunmen
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