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Updated December 31, 2012 - 11:27 PM EST
'Fiscal Cliff' Still Leaves Pentagon Sitting Pretty
Obama Reauthorizes Warrantless Wiretapping
2012 Was Deadliest Year for Afghan Military
  Afghans Angry at GIs Who Left at Night Leaving Rent Unpaid
Pakistan Militants Kill 41 in Execution, Attack
Blasts Aimed at Iraqi Shi'ites, Police Kill 23
Judge Rebuffs Feds' Secret Arguments on No-Fly List
Obama Touts Hagel, Says No Decision on DefSec
Obama Blames 'Sloppiness' for Benghazi Attack
Yemeni al-Qaeda Offers Bounty for US Ambassador, Soldiers
London-Based Group: 23 Children Die as Syria Hits Homs
The War Party and the Israel Lobby Wish for War With Iran in 2013  by Muhammad Sahimi
The Settlement That Broke the Two-State Solution  by Larry Derfner
Senate to Intel Agencies: We Don't Need to Know How Often You Spy on Americans  by Adam Serwer
They Oughta Do Something  by Paul R. Pillar
The Preemptive War on Hagel  by Elizabeth Drew
Israel Lobby Should Not Have Veto Over US President's Cabinet  by Michael Brun

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Secret Human Testing Revealed in Declassified US Army Docs; Lawsuit Follows
Declassified CIA Documents Shed Light on Secret Navy Mission in Cold War
Pentagon Spending on Prescription Drugs Soars
US Drug Legislation to Slow Mexico Violence?
Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot
Central African Republic
Central African Republic President Promises Coalition With Rebels
Rebels Say Aim Is Not to Join Government
African Union Head Visits Central African Republic
Sudanese Police Block Protest at Human Rights Commission
To Save Wildlife, and Tourism, Kenyans Take Up Arms
Body of Missing Georgian Soldier Found in Afghanistan
US Family Pleads for Couple Missing in Afghanistan
Blast Outside Cinema House Injures One in Peshawar
UN Peacekeepers Leave East Timor 13 Years After It Voted for Independence From Indonesia
Scuffles Erupt at Hong Kong Pro-Govt. Rally
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland: Bomb Under Policeman's Car
Chavez Suffers New Post-Surgery Complications
President's Brother Speaks Out on Colombia Talks
Barred Arab Candidate Can Run in Election: Israel Court
Settlers Fire Back: IDF Is PM's Pawn
Israel Indicts Ex-Minister Lieberman
Israel President Slams PM, Former FM for Stance Against Abbas
Likud-Beiteinu: Peres 'Disconnected' From Israeli Public on Palestinian Issue
Court to Rule on Legality of Egyptian Parliament
Egypt to Resume Talks With IMF in January
Jordan Says Can Handle Any Syrian Chemical Threat
Jordan Rejects 'Saddam Hussein' Candidates
Middle East
Russia Sends Landing Ships to Syria
One Killed in Iraq Protests
Five to Die for Murder of Saudi Diplomat First Blamed on Iran
Libya Church Blast Kills Two Egyptians
Bahrain Policemen Jailed Over Detainee's Torture, Death
Turkey Talking to Jailed Kurdish Leader
Bishop Attacked in Lebanon's Tripoli
Qatari Poet Granted Appeal of Life Sentence
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